Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2017 – Preliminary Voting

It’s that time again!

So last weekend you all voted about which dances you like, and unsurprisingly rumba came dead last and a scary number of you think that there are 20 showdances worthy of consideration for the title of Best Dance Ever on Strictly (there aren’t, there really aren’t). But that aside I’ve taken the raw numbers, crunched them up like they’re Ricky Nipple’s abs, and spat them out again as follows.

12 dances : Quickstep
11 dances : American Smooth, Argentine Tango, Jive, Tango
10 dances : Paso Doble
9 dances : Viennese Waltz
8 dances : Charleston, Waltz
7 dances : Foxtrot
6 dances : Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Samba

So how do we proceed from here? Well starting tomorrow the polls will open for one dance a day, with the schedule as follows :

May 15th – Paso Doble
May 16th – Tango
May 17th – Quickstep
May 18th – Cha Cha
May 19th – American Smooth
May 20th – Argentine Tango
May 21st – Charleston
May 22nd – Salsa
May 23rd – Waltz
May 24th – Jive
May 25th – Showdance
May 26th – Viennese Waltz
May 27th – Foxtrot
May 28th – Rumba and Samba

In each case you’ll have a week to vote, and will be able to vote for as many dances within the genre as you can be bothered to click on. The top 12 quicksteps, 11 American Smooths, 11 Argentine Tangos, 11 jives, 11 tangos etc etc will progress, and then we’ll begin voting on the final 128 starting on June 4th. So this is the intense part. Get ready…


12 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2017 – Preliminary Voting

  1. BeyonceCastle

    Based on personal number of views only…

    AS: Alison and Aljaz
    AT: Pamela and James (training footage)
    Cha cha: Judge and Oksana
    Charleston: Sophie and Brendan
    Foxtrot: Cherie and James
    Jive: Holly and Artem
    Paso: Ore and Jo
    QS: Chelsee and Pasha
    Rumba: Katie and Anton
    Salsa: Ed and Katya
    Samba: Jake and Janette
    Show dance: Jay and Aliona
    Tango: Pixie and Trent
    Viennese: Sunetra and Brendan
    Waltz: Anita and Gleb

    Only Soph’s Charleston stands a cat in hell’s
    I would predict a Danny/Gloti samba win
    But if he takes it with Misty Blue I won’t mind.

  2. Matthew

    I did a relatively quick list of my 128 dances to give my votes, but I didn’t watch til 5, and only know the more famous dances/what has been pointed out to me via the blog. I want a shock Rachel Stevens rumba win.

  3. BeyonceIsSulkingMontenegroJustGotKnockedOut

    When my eldest was little, she said somewhat wisely to my other half: “All the daddies love Rachel!”

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I am sure you could pull it off better than Tom Hiddleston 😉 if we’re talking Leather Daddy. Bless him for trying though!

  4. Matthew

    Poor rumbas, always get a bad rap, far from my least favourite dance, (Hello there Cha Cha Cha) and the Argentine Tango’s overrated. I really can only think of three that I really love.

  5. Matthew

    Voted, for my ten pasos. Favourite’s probably Louise at the moment but being recent helps so that may be distorted but I love the MELODRAMA!

      1. Matthew

        Yup very dramatic, but does it have a massive rip-off skirt and Kevin Clifton living his Goth fantasy, no it does not.

  6. BeyonceCastleLikesTitusLemonading

    Mikey!!!!! Hello lovely, here is some gratuitous Glebtem…

    And here is some gratuitous Bruno!


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