Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2017 – The Final

What it says on the header.

And so it ends, much like that court case, with Aliona vs Brendan. Or whoever actually choreographed that Charleston, Bill Deamer? Anyway, those are the two left, so HAVE AT IT. Also ponder over which beefcake should take the bronze position this year, before the Pro Poll starts next weekend and washes this all away like tears in the rain.


42 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2017 – The Final

  1. BeyonceCastle

    Based on personal number of views only…

    AS: Alison and Aljaz
    AT: Pamela and James (training footage)
    Cha cha: Judge and Oksana
    Charleston: Sophie and Brendan
    Foxtrot: Cherie and James
    Jive: Holly and Artem
    Paso: Ore and Jo
    QS: Chelsee and Pasha
    Rumba: Katie and Anton
    Salsa: Ed and Katya
    Samba: Jake and Janette
    Show dance: Jay and Aliona
    Tango: Pixie and Trent
    Viennese: Sunetra and Brendan
    Waltz: Anita and Gleb

    Only Soph’s Charleston stands a cat in hell’s
    I would predict a Danny/Gloti samba win
    But if he takes it with Misty Blue I won’t mind.

  2. Matthew

    I did a relatively quick list of my 128 dances to give my votes, but I didn’t watch til 5, and only know the more famous dances/what has been pointed out to me via the blog. I want a shock Rachel Stevens rumba win.

  3. BeyonceIsSulkingMontenegroJustGotKnockedOut

    When my eldest was little, she said somewhat wisely to my other half: “All the daddies love Rachel!”

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I am sure you could pull it off better than Tom Hiddleston šŸ˜‰ if we’re talking Leather Daddy. Bless him for trying though!

  4. Matthew

    Poor rumbas, always get a bad rap, far from my least favourite dance, (Hello there Cha Cha Cha) and the Argentine Tango’s overrated. I really can only think of three that I really love.

  5. Matthew

    Voted, for my ten pasos. Favourite’s probably Louise at the moment but being recent helps so that may be distorted but I love the MELODRAMA!

      1. Matthew

        Yup very dramatic, but does it have a massive rip-off skirt and Kevin Clifton living his Goth fantasy, no it does not.

  6. BeyonceCastleLikesTitusLemonading

    Mikey!!!!! Hello lovely, here is some gratuitous Glebtem…

    And here is some gratuitous Bruno!

    1. DJ Mikey Is Having A Reaction

      Turns out it’s easier to find pictures of Artem with Woobie-face, than it is to find pictures of him nearly naked.

      Gleb on the other hand…

      is not shy.

      Turns out Reality TV has value:

      James Hill of UK Apprentice has suddenly joined my Strictly dream cast – producers get on this – and my Spank Bank, I’ve already got this one covered.

      1. Matthew

        Well it would be novel for someone to do a wank video and THEN go into Strictly.

        PS. Still waiting for Gethin’s but realising it’s mainly girls who have been doing the leaking.

  7. Matthew

    Yes, I voted for the Snowdance in the poll, it’s ICONIC, youmtry and choreograph a dance that bad, go on i dares ya.

  8. Matthew

    Struggled a bit with my foxtrots, Georgia’s is still one of my favourites, if only those dancing furniture would FO immediately.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Waltzes and Foxtrots turned out to be really difficult, they just aren’t memorable. I had to re-watch a bunch on YT.

      It’s OK – I can alleviate the boredom with dream cast suggestions.

      Tomasz Schafernaker

      Ben Shephard

      Matthew Lewis

      James Hill

      Stuart Reardon

      But then I’d have to abandon any pretence of subtlety.

      1. Ross

        Matthew Lewis would finally be enough to stop me just voting for the “best older woman” from the start. šŸ’•

    1. BeyonceIsEnjoyingTheEyeCandy

      Tomasz out of that lot. Insert climbing pole jokes. Then Ben. Stuart looks like he’s been pruned. James, just can’t, no. Matthew – CARDIGAN.
      Thank you Mikey, sterling work as always x

      1. DJ Mikey

        I don’t climb poles – I slide down them.

        Ben could do with a little scruff, but that body is amazing. James is HOT, but I understand he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. I will help Matthew lose the Cardigan. Stuart does look pruned, but it’s impossible to find pics of him in his Rugby kit these days – I swear I tried.

  9. Matthew

    Catching up with the results, wished you all could see the epicness of Louise’s paso/waltz, also Kellie’s American Smooth as another underappreciated KC routine. Also, Harry’s tango was shit, great song tho. The quickstep results are pretty much spot on though.

    1. BeyonceCastleIsProcrastinating

      Agree with you on Kels American Smooth. Am guilty of voting for Harrys non tango, sorry.
      Louise just never did it for me that series. I liked her Charleston but the mimsy one size bigger than needed to be costumes put me off most of her routines and I spent most of the paso thinking she looked like Kristin Scott Thomas.

    2. DJ Mikey

      With the Paso, the American Smooth and the Quickstep – Louise got these big bombastic set pieces that she just didn’t have the presence to carry off. As a result they good on a technical level, but they punch and impact that they needed.

  10. Ross

    Well, Katie’s got a shot in the Tango and Viennese Waltz just because of the sheer “Oh my god…” reaction they (deservedly) got.

  11. Chris

    Whoever voted to only let through 6 salsas and 6 sambas, I hope you’re happy now that you’ve robbed such CLASSICS as Natalie Gumede’s vegetable salsa (and come to think of it, Natalie Lowe’s (and Ainsley’s) tomato salsa) and Penny Lancaster’s gaymazing samba (which admittedly only I stan for)

    And I’m a little sad that dances like Alesha’s tango and Colin’s rumba are being lost to the sands of time. Other than that, I’m happy, I promise.

    1. Chris

      Group F was an absolute killer – 10 of my all-time favourites were in that category alone šŸ˜¦ I had to sacrifice Alison Hammond as CATHY flying in on her sofa.

  12. Ross

    I’m constantly thankful for Katie Derham’s existence, who could have ever predicted an Anton Rumba making it this far? ā¤

  13. Penny

    Group F really was the Group of Death. I must have changed my mind six times.

    Also devastated by the loss of Colin’s rumba.

  14. DJ Mikey

    How did Anton and Katie’s Paso get into Round 2, but their Rumba didn’t?

    I think the world is broken again.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Also there’s new addition to my dream cast and despite what the picture will suggest, he didn’t get here via me lusting over him. The guys in states of undress pictures are just like my theme tune now…

      Austin Armacost – He’s everything I hate about vaguely attractive, queenie, gay men who think the sun shines out of their ass. He’s loathsome, he’s boring, his only value comes from his ability to fill out a pair of briefs nicely. He’s given me an appreciation for James Jordan, James Jordan actually told him he was a boring C U Next Tuesday, and that is unforgivable. But he could legitimately be a male PENDLEDRAMA, which almost makes for everything that I just said.

  15. DJ Mikey Is Distraught...

    Picking Danny’s Samba was easy, choosing between Harry’s Quickstep and Sophie’s Charleston was much, much, harder…

    And I’m not going to tell you which one I chose.

    To console myself I’m posting this – I don’t care if they’re irritating, they’re pretty to look at and that’s all that matters right now…

    1. Mushypea

      Don’t know what’s going on here now but anyhow… Been watching Strictly since its beginning and this is what I know – Danny’s Quickstep, AT, Salsa, Jive, Samba, American Smooth, Viennese Waltz and Cha Cha are the best I’ve ever seen, on every level. They make me want to get up and dance. Here’s someone who discovered the joy of dancing through Strictly and goodness did it ever show. He wasn’t a boy-band cutie with an established fan base and childhood experience of ballet and other dance forms. Nor did he ever learn ”how to ‘do’ Strictly” – as one winner confessed – and appear winsome in his interactions with his partner and Zoe. Danny found his inner dancer and through hard graft with a brilliant (and merciless) teacher was able to bring grace, fun, connection and heartfelt storytelling to the screen. Many viewers know who the best dancer was and I think, sadly, the winner may have known too.

    2. BeyonceCanSheWillSheKnowsSheCan

      Yay! I love DuncanFromBlueā„¢ even more than SimonWebby LeastWorstMemberOfBlueā„¢
      His new boyfriend is pretty hot too.
      I know he did DOI but I’d love to see him on Strictly.
      I also preferred Blue to most other Eurovision entries that year.
      Anyway any mention of DuncanFromBlue gives me the excuse to post this
      and then this
      One day Daniel Mays will be on Strictly and I will vote like I’ve never voted before (not cos I find him attractive particularly but because I want to see his freestyle).

  16. DJ Mikey Failed To Climax

    Final was a bit anti-climactic… Sophie’s Charleston was a no brainer, as was Harry’s Quickstep.


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