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Perilously Close To A Market Research Post

So, this Spring, there will most likely be a clash in the reality tv schedules of blog schisming proportions. First of all there is the return of long-running blog favourite The Apprentice, then the HIGHLY EXCITING return of Andrew Lloyd Eyebags on ITV, hunting for Jesus. Then, on BBC 1, the potential launch of a new world-conquering reality franchise (or, as is looking increasingly likely, a new So You Think You Can Dance UK) in “The Voice”. And let’s face it, I’m not recapping them all. So here’s your opportunity to show me your focus group side and tell me what you’re most interested in reading about in my long-form, rambling, recaps this Easter. Some small points to consider, although I generally am not fussed particularly either way, honest :

a) If someone wins The Apprentice because they’ve got a magic nail file again, I will KICK OFF.
b) I can’t help but feeling that a large part of what made Andrew Lord Eyebags shows endearing is going to be lost in the translation to ITV (by which I mostly mean “Graham Norton”)
c) The Voice looks like it could be the most boring and self-righteous reality show of all time.
d) That could count either way in how much fun it’d be to recap to be honest.
e) I would rather slice open my eyeballs with lemon-drenched razors than try to get screencaps off ITV Player, so the Lord Eyebags Show MAY end up being text-only if I recap it.