Strictly Come Dancing – World Cup 2020


Yes after two months of voting you’ve shown that you can always capriciously change your mind and up-end things as here, in this, possibly the last Strictly World Cup (unless I get really bored one summer and lord knows I might), and you’ve given us a brand new freshly minted, first time winnah. Yes, per your votes, Danny Mac is now officially the best Strictly Come Dancing contestant in the history of Strictly Come Dancing, with previous champions Alesha and Kara both taking up the other two podium slots. Alesha-Kara-Jay-Danny, truly the Mount Rushmore of Strictly Contentestants. Also that one time Sophie Ellis Bextor won the World Cup Of Dahnce, that could be a thing right? She could…take admission tickets to the monument? Anyway, whatever, that’s that for another year of this, and as sure as day follows night, this year’s Pro Poll will be along soon. All…however many pros there have been at this point of it. 112?

20 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing – World Cup 2020

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Sometimes a global respiratory pandemic and the possibility of a no-Strictly year or a weird-Strictly year is God’s way of telling you that you aren’t meant to stop blogging. (Mrs Overall, Manchesterford, 2020)

      1. BeyonceCastle

        Well there could be a contemporary dance for movie week to Us reusing the red overalls from last year. Throw in a Zombie theme for Halloween, ex MrsAntNotDec make-up skills not required.
        Chuck in (P) PE with Joe flaming Wicks who can recycle his fancy dress, job’s a good ‘un.

  2. thefluffy1

    Jay? Bestest dancer ever ever? Really?

    Several ahead of him, but I am team ‘Rachel Stevens was robbed’ all the way, though I am also team ‘Sophie-Ellis Bextor was robbed’, especially since she is the only one of the whole 286 (not counting the Widdy Woman) who is still dancing for our pleasure on a weekly basis and still has the moves.

  3. Michelle Gillian Jones

    Glad I’m not the only one that struggled to pick 7. I think I managed 2 in one of the groups… And I’m still firmly in the Austin / Danny Mac wuz robbed groups

  4. Huriye

    Poor Anton 😦

    I have no idea who Chris Stark is, but I presume the paramour of Scott Mills (one of the worst contestants ever!)
    I caught this on Saturday morning making fun of Anton, and Stark is such a numb nut he calls him “Antoine” and says “fancy taking a French name” ! *roll eyes*

    Go to 15.30 mins here

  5. Matthew Thomas

    Bloody ‘Ell, Jeremy Vine, Widdy and Bloody Lulu in one group, at least it gives some lesser known ones a boost up in my rankings for that section.

  6. Ross Jones

    I’m unrepentant and unashamed of voting for Karim solely for his massive dick. ❤

    (I'm also probably going to be the only person to vote for Siobhan Hayes and her massively undermarked Waltz).

  7. Huriye

    As Monkseal is a key worker in hospital, I’m posting the goss from Loose Women just now, and Shirl, the Twirl, was on from her swanky pad in Sarf London, with her beau Dan hovering in the background in a white vest. Her Mum is stuck up Norf.
    I was dazzled by her teeth, which look like she’s spent thousands on Crowns and whitening, a la Ryan, they could be twins now.
    Plus she spoke to Strictly Moira in a Rainbow Wig, who apparently is now called “Sarah”, who says the show will definitely be going ahead this year in one form or another. So dust down your spreadsheets.

    1. Lou

      I spotted a headline saying it was going ahead and would be a tear jerker???? are they planning some key worker special or similar?

      1. ChaChaChavvy

        Well, Aljaz and Gorka having to wear full-body protective clothing would make me cry.

  8. Lal

    Aw. Whilst voting had a bit of a nostalgia-fest on Youtube, and yep, Georgias’ Charleston, Danny Macs’ American Smooth and Samba, and Debbie McGees’ Argentine Tango all still amazing, votes galore for them.

  9. Lal

    …two slabs of prime British beef, naked down to the waist, covered in oil, slamming their lithe sinuous bodies against one another in mortal combat, their pecs bouncing, their hips thrusting…

    How you do enjoy yourself, my darling. Even considered turning that facile pen of yours towards writing a book?

    (I dont know what will happen in the semi final when Debbie and Danny Mac mught meet. My divided loyalties!)

  10. Michelle Gillian Jones

    That was just plain mean, making me choose between Harry Judd and Danny Mac. Too cruel, Monkseal…

  11. Lal

    Well that’s a shocker, Mr McGuiness out before the final 4. I’d have thought his entertainingly mad fans more loyal than that. Oh well!


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