Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Week 12 Performance Summary

(I was out again for this one, so semi-regular It Takes Two coverman Donald has been promoted to the big leagues. So if there’s massive discrepancies between opinions here and the main recap that’s why, not the usual reason – that I wasn’t really paying attention)

Well, that was a little underwhelming, wasn’t it? We’ve sat through quite a few boring semis over the year (neva4get the Pixie hangover semi-final), but this is up there with the most snooze worthy. The highs aren’t particularly thrilling, and there are no train wrecks. So…good for last four? I guess? Also, a plea: unless we get a full Big Mo personal message (LAILA MORSE FOR STRICTLY 2020!), please stop the sentimental garbage, please!

Emma and Anton:

Cha Cha: Ooft, why did no-one tell Emma that she looks terrified? That’s not performance darling, that’s ‘oh god, what’s the next step?!’ It was all a wee bit placed and careful, and my god her expression was TERRIFYING. It was strewn with awkward moments (if you can’t do a straight high kick, don’t try hun).

Waltz: Anton’s zenith, though I kept expecting to hear ‘this is…M&S food!’ over the tannoy. Same terrifying expression, different dance. Good footwork most of the way through, nice and mellow and honestly a bit ‘will put you to sleep’. Mostly I’m annoyed that Anton said that he’s been waiting 15 years to dance that dance (?!) with a celeb – are you forgetting DERHAM, Anton? LESLEY?!

Kelvin and Oti:

Quickstep: Ok, first things first, Oti’s dress was a mess. It was aiming at elegant, landing on ‘my GCSE art project’. This was charming and light, but there WAS gapping, spatula hands and an unnecessary floor spin. Bonus points for Shirley’s one woman hen show, screaming ‘YOUR WOODPECKER WAS WONDERFUL’, atta girl. Anyway, it got 40 and joined the pantheon of ‘eh?’ 40’s.

Paso Doble: after all the build up, this was no DVO. Despite the nips being out (and what glorious tits they are), there was far too much bizarre hip action, and a multitude of balance issues. Also: if you can’t do a grande jeté, DON’T ATTEMPT IT. However, a LOVELY COUP DE PIQUE! (Shirley was on fire this week!).

Chris and Karen:

Oh Chris, two swings, two misses. In the:

Viennese Waltz: well. He tried. Big ole’ bonus points to La Ballas for this gem : ‘IT WENT ON FOR A WHILE!’ Other than that…yikes.

Rumba: My notes read ‘basically Goughy 2.0´. To quote Aretha Franklin: ‘Lovely gowns, nice gowns?’ Karen did look lovely, and good on her for trying to get a decent rumba out of Chris. I appreciate that he’s tried. However, how can you dance a rumba with NO discernable rumba beat?! Sheer madness. Tess honking ‘IT’S YOUR LAST DANCE (of the semi)’ was also hilarious.

Karim and Amy:

Argentine Tango: It was just a bit borin’, wasn’t it? There was no Vincent Simone fire or passion, WHERE WAS THE SEX? It literally looked like he was dancing with his teacher. What a colossal waste of ‘Libertango’, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Nice trousers, tho.

American Smooth: I just can’t deal with this. I can’t get over the hideous outfits/theming. Was there some decent dancing, yes, was it a wasted chance for some Fred n Ginge, yes, were the lifts horrific HELL YES.

All in all, probably my least favourite semi since Series 12 – and at least that had Caroline’s salsa. Who’s going home? It’s hard to see past Chris finally getting the chop, but who joins him is anyone’s guess. We’re about to find out if Emma has been Kelvin’s biggest threat all along, which…lol. Just, lol.

10 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Week 12 Performance Summary

  1. Agrippina

    Well, you can lol… but Emma hasn’t been in the dance off yet, despite some extremely uninspiring performances and poor scores. Somebody is voting for her, although I can’t work out who it is. I would only be surprised at this stage by a dance off featuring Kelvin – I’m going for Chris/Karim for my prediction.

    I largely agree with your summary, mind. A boring evening with disappointing showings from almost everyone. Everyone was overmarked, especially Kelvin. His quickstep wasn’t as good as Karim’s from earlier in the series and his paso had no flamenco steps that I could see. I think they’re just adding on extra points for his tits at this stage.

  2. thespb01

    I don’t want to be a pedant, but it’s Week 12, not Week 11. Great recap though – however, I thought this was the best week in a while (I’ve not been enjoying this series though, so it wasn’t a high bar to clear). Nothing felt contrived or manipulated for the first time in a while, and I thought the scores were generally fair (at least in comparison with previous weeks).

  3. Silvergirl

    Oh, yes to Laila Morse! The original Acid Drop, what fun! We need a poll for who should partner her. For the first time in a while, I’m sorry that Brenda isn’t still with us. Failing that, Johannes might spark her up.

  4. ChaChaChavvy

    One big question: red-crowned or lesser-spotted?

    This series has lacked dances that make me howl and Emma’s cha cha made me howl, so, in that sense, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed her waltz; a wave of straightforwardness in a sea of chucked kitchen sinks.

    Kelvin’s quickstep being the dance of the night was a pleasant surprise. Apart from the floor-spin, I loved it. It’s a shame he did the paso in a week when it didn’t get his full attention. I thought it was 60% excellent and 40% a bit too mincey and tentative. I always think a trad paso outfit looks sexier than that leg-hairs poking through your tights look.

    They should have given Chris a VW song with more potential for character and story; given him something he could get a handle on. The rumba was quite endearing but Karen was doing all the heavy lifting.

    The AT was all sorts of wrong on Karim, and those trousers did not help him sell it. I’m never keen on sugary American Smooths and I thought his foxtrot was danced better back in week 2.

    Apart from Kelvin, it was one of those nights that demonstrates the perils of too many weak-spot dances left till the end of the series.

  5. Neio

    Wow, Motsi was really doling out those 10s for no good reason wasn’t she?

    Karim lifting Amy in the AS took me back to Brendan and Lisa’s Snowdance. Soooo awkward. Didn’t like his Argentine Tango either – no passion or sensuality whatsoever.

    Enjoyed Kelvin’s Quickstep, but his Paso was a bit disappointing (though impressive tits to be sure).

    Gorka’s fixed, exaggerated “that was shit!” grin up in Claud 9 after Emma’s Cha Cha was priceless! She does look terrified, and her footwork was all over the shop. Decent Waltz though.

  6. Huriye

    Jeez! I think you should all lighten up!
    I didn’t watch the actual show, just the dances now on YouTube, and I enjoyed most of them. I would have a lot more respect for Karim if, instead of taking a cushy TV presenting job on CBeebies, he did the rounds of auditions to be a Dancer, for which he trained. Instead he gets another cushy job on Strictly and people get upset if you say he doesn’t deserve to win.
    Any road up, both his dances were unimpressive, and as for Amy….well! o_0
    Had I voted, it would’ve been for Kelvin and Emma. I enjoyed their performances ALOT! ❤
    I kept thinking of DJMikey during Kelvin's Paso with the mesh shirt, the choreo could've been a tad more interesting, but he danced well with good shaping. I dread to think how dull this series would've been minus Kelvin, so whoever benched him initially is clearly clueless. Quelle surprise!
    A pleasure to hear Gymnopedie No.1 though I do wish Anton would stop choreographing for himself primarily and look how Emma can shine when others choreograph for her, eg. at Blackpool or the Charleston. I don't know what it is about 6ft women with large busts that attracts mocking sarcasm, but Lisa Snowden got the same, and I disagreed with that too. Go Emma! ❤ (inspite of Anton)
    Karen did her usual Semi-Final ContempoRhumba barefoot, and really apart from a bit of walking, what dancing did Chris actually do? The scoring was extraordinary. If he doesn't go it's a travesty. Let this be a lesson to the production team about who to cast next year. The probable winner didn't even get the gig but was on stand-by.
    Finally, I have to say this hasn't been a vintage year for the Pros, either dancing or Choreo, and most definitely NOT for Vicky Gill.

  7. ItTakesTwo

    -Emma did better with her Cha Cha than expected, and her confidence has clearly grown. She’s very sweet! The waltz was gorgeous, and Anton’s speech afterwards was sincere and lovely. She also looked divine, she must be a dream for wardrobe!
    -Kelvin’s quickstep was fabulous, the dance of the night for me. The Paso disappointed slightly, but only because I had such high hopes. Still a very strong night for him and he definitely deserves a place in the final.
    – Karim’s AT left me cold, it lacked passion. His American Smooth was lovely though, lift aside. I also find him endearing and not arrogant at all, I don’t understand that criticism.
    – Chris has improved a lot, though he definitely struggled with both dances. His partnership with Karen has been a joy though.

  8. Kate

    At least the 4 dances were from the traditional selection, I think we can be thankful to see the back of all the couples choices. Although, perhaps, Chris and Emma (or more realistically Karen and Anton) were regretting that the Rumba and Cha Cha were on the cards.
    Enjoyed Kelvin and Karim.
    Don’t mind which of Chris and Emma go home.

  9. lucycorley

    Excellent summary, correct on all points except… Karim’s trousers. No. No. No. Absolutely not. Nein danke. Why did no one at any point mention (to Karim, Vicky, anyone) that they were atrocious? Anyway, that was the major talking point in my household this week.


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