Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Week 11 Results Summary

Long people have dreamed of a celebrity who can escape the bottom two from the bottom of the leaderboard at Top 5. The last one to manage it was Matt Dawson, and his name liveth in infamy forever. Since that day, many have come, and many have tried but the closest we’ve come is when Katie Derham survived the dance-off against Anita because Gleb finally went 100% Gleb and did that salsa. Alex is no exception, as she hits the dance-off, and the bricks, in short order, in a nail-biting 2-2 decision, Craig & Motsi vs Bruno and Big Mummy Shirley on a casting vote. Perhaps more surprising is that it’s Chris who’s joining her there, his supposed PUBLIC VOTE JUGGERNAUT status evaporating as he finds himself in the Gemma Atkinson position of not being able to barge past either the tie just above him or the unpopular RINGAH sat at the head of the board. In fairness to him he seems as unbothered as it possible for a man to be by this turn of events.

Other than that we spend far too much time on the judges giving the celebs advice as to how to cope with Two Dance Week (be a ringer), Adele Dazeem and Beverley Knight both turn up to belt out songs from Rent and Cats respectively, and get our FULL dance card for the semis. And it’s

Chris – Viennese Waltz and rumba
Emma – Waltz and cha cha
Karim – American Smooth and Argentine Tango
Kelvin – Quickstep and paso doble

Would you look at that? No doubling up! Could they have scripted it better, no ma’am.

17 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Week 11 Results Summary

  1. Agrippina

    Hmm. They’re all getting dances that are probably going to suit them except Chris (both dances) and Emma (I’m sure she’ll do a lovely waltz but the Anton cha cha…). They’re not taking the chance that Chris might do a Hollins, are they?

  2. ChaChaChavvy

    Only Kelvin has the semi dances I thought he’d have. I thought Chris would have the AT instead of the rumba, given that he’d already had a decent stab at the tango and the paso – well, a stab anyway; Emma would do the AT and swerve any Latins of Death; and Karim, given that the AT and the rumba both look awkward when you’re dancing them with your mum, would go for the latter and use his training in contemporary.

  3. ItTakesTwo

    I think Alex had reached her limit, and at least she went out dancing to a song she specifically said she wanted to do on the show!
    Worried about Emma having the Cha Cha, though she should do a lovely waltz. I was hoping she would have AT, I think that would have been better as it’s very character driven.
    Chris has two dances that really won’t suit him either! Can’t imagine him nailing either dance.
    Karim and Kelvin definitely have the best draw for the semi final. If Karim is top of the leaderboard, think he will be safe, but if he isn’t then I could easily see him hitting the bottom two again.

  4. Toasted Toad

    Oh dear – Chris is toast. A rumba?. His only chance is going to be huge public vote, because absent a miracle, he is going to be bottom of the leaderboard next week. Emma might look awkward doing a cha cha. Kelvin and Karim should be okay – Karim will probably gift us with a paso containing somersaults and backflips.

  5. Ooooop!

    Much as I liked her, the right person went tonight. And at least she took it in the right way.

    But I’m still obsessed with Dianne’s hair. She cut it off a few weeks ago. There were newspaper articles, and everything. And now it’s longer than it was before. Extensions? A wig? Time traveller? I have to know.

  6. John

    Adele Dazeem lol – I was thinking that…

    Pleasant surprise for Bruno and Shirley to ‘last minute’ Chris. I like Alex but she never really excelled. Would love Chris to do a Hollins. Something about Anton and Emma’s relationship doesnt work for me. They seem to exist entirely separately to one another.

    1. Agrippina

      Chris and Karen now have the only believable relationship in the final four. Emma and Anton look like a couple who have decided to separate but haven’t told anyone yet because it’s nearly Christmas and they’ve already committed to a load of social engagements and their parents will just be so disappointed, but when they actually announce it in the new year, nobody will be remotely surprised. Amy is rather like Karim’s mum, not because she’s older than him but just because of the vibe she gives off – I find it difficult to pin her personality down somehow. And I’m not sure about Kelvin and Oti either. They don’t look like they’ve fallen out, exactly, but they also don’t look like they’re going to be round each other’s houses for Sunday dinner after the show is over. I think it’s because of Kelvin’s blandness but perhaps they do actually hate each other and he’s a better actor than I’ve given him credit for.

      1. Marcela

        I think what happens with Kelvin and Oti is that Oti, knowing Kelvin’s rather unpleasant side, is clearly putting up with him just because she knows he’ll give her the glitterball, that’s basically it. I can’t see any sort of friendship going on there at all.

    2. Ooooop!

      I’d agree that Alex never excelled, but what I would say about her is that she’s the person who improved the most over the course of the series.

      There’s not a huge deal to choose between her and Chris when it comes to the dancing, but he started off with the performance ability, whereas she was terrible at performing for the first few weeks. It wasn’t until Ghostbusters that she gave an honest-to-God performance, and she’s just got better every week.

      I agree she was the right person to go this week (more due to the choreography than the performances), but I think she’s the person that this series has most encapsulated what the series should be about.

  7. Georgina

    Putting on my tin hat, I’ll assert that Anita’s boot was due to her being given a salsa whilst Katie had ballroom, thus Len’s choice in any dance off being a foregone conclusion and thereby delivering Anton his final. (Yes, still bitter.) Seems to be the same thing this year–doesn’t matter if Emma’s cha cha is awful (it will be), her dance off choice will be the waltz, thereby ensuring she’ll win over both Chris’ rumba or Viennese.

    I know he’s not a great dancer, but I’m pulling for Chris to get through on the public vote. A 3-way luvvie final seems awfully dull. And a stage school ringer semifinal dance off massacre would be good fun.

    1. John

      Couldn’t agree more. Chris is set for skids row next week and only northern charm can save him. Secretly want Karim to knock Emma out.

      Also still not over Gleb and The Rani missing out on the final. Underplaced!

    2. ItTakesTwo

      Well personally I would love for Emma to get to the final, she’s lovely and she has really stepped up her game. Her Charleston was one of my favourites of the series! Karim vs Emma would undoubtedly mean she went home so I don’t want that! Plus the reaction from Anton haters to him being in the final would be amusing 😉

      As much as I like Chris, I think he would stick out like a sore thumb in the final. As people, I like Emma and Chris the most, but I think Kelvin deserves to win on dancing alone. Karim is very good but his dances often leave me cold, in a way that the dances from other ringers like Ashley and Faye didn’t.

  8. Clare R

    Am I right in thinking Karen has only ever done AT with Nicky Byrne? And was that when they were still all doing it for the semi finals?
    She must be avoiding it for some reason because rumba, really?? (But it still won’t be as bad as Emma’s chacha)


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