The Strictly Come Dancing Quiz – A World Without Pasha


A nailbiter, a close-one, a photo finish, right down to the wire, that’s right, it’s time to reveal the winner of this year’s Strictly quiz, or at least the preliminary one before you all start blowing up my DMs and demanding recounts. Look, if this is wrong, my excuse is that “Kelvin” and “Karim” look VERY SIMILAR!

1. Claire Reay – 141
2. James Ross – 138
3. Juliet Standridge – 134
4. Matthew Thomas – 131 (26)
5 Chris Hare – 131 (21)
6 Julie Bennett – 128
7. Penny – 126
8. Ji Hee Hyun – 120
9. Mark Siddall – 115
10. Sue Howarth – 114 (29)
11. Sunshine Band – 114 (24)
12. Chris Brampton – 109
13. Kirstie Hepburn – 105
14. Steven Perkins – 103
15. Dorothy Boyle – 97
16. Hannah Sexton – 94
17. Donald Montgomery – 83
18. Sophie Michell – 79
19. Francis Lawson – 77
20. Fern Martin – 74
21. Sam Beesley – 67
22. senimaranalyse – 54
23 Felicity Conditions – 40

And a side congratulations to Penny for scoring highest on the elimination order question!

48 thoughts on “The Strictly Come Dancing Quiz – A World Without Pasha

  1. monkseal Post author

    Hanna Karttunen
    Hanna Haarala
    Katya Virshilas
    Paul Killick
    Katya Jones
    Karen Hauer
    Karen Hardy

      1. BeyonceCastleStansThisQuiz

        Nah Mikey, Gleb would be higher for either taking you out with his flying balls or landing on you whilst rampant crabbing. And Oti would be second only to Iveta surely? 😉

  2. Quedita

    Sorry to be a pest, but I don’t understand the first question: 1. As usual – tell me what determined the order of the pros in this year’s pro poll. The full order is given as the first comment below this blog post.

    I’m tempted to say “too much Johnnie Walker” if that’s someone’s best to worst list.

    1. thefluffy1

      It’s only the FIRST question you don’t understand?!

      I feel I’ve walked into my History GCSE smugly knowing EVERYTHING about Anne Boleyn but the examiners are more interested in Thomas Cromwell and all the other blokes who were busy sucking up to Henry viii and ‘advising’ him… Like, it’s kind of the same subject, but I just don’t know ANYTHING and don’t even understand most of the questions. The guessworks ones aren’t too bad, but the others… EEK! And like in teh inaginary History GCSE scenario, I am so deflated by what I don’t know that I don’t have the will to answer the ones I can have a good guess at.

      I can tell you an awful lot about the frocks though, with Sophie Ellis Bextor’s frocks being my soecialist subject (I don’t count Tess’s or Claud’s or the judges).

      Anyway, I’ve already opened the results envelope and know I’ve got a big fat FAIL 😦

      Monkseal you are both a genius and an evil bastard!

    2. monkseal Post author

      The pros are in a particular order – the answer to that question is what order that is. So they might be in alphabetical order, or in order by they first performed on Strictly, or where they were born north to south (as examples, it’s none of those, obviously). The list you’re working from is the one running from Hanna K to Iveta just above.

    3. BeyonceCastle

      It was how much the spelling of their names scored in Scrabble the first year. Chris is the Quiz Overlord, fo’ shizzle my quizzle. ❤

  3. Horses

    “43. Will RuPaul ever show up in person in the studio to support Michelle Visage?”


    1. Penny

      Drag Race viewing figures in the US are about half that of a Wednesday night mid-series episode of It Takes Two. There’s a decent chance that Michelle will be the most recognised face on RPDR:UK by the time it launches on the virtual space formerly known as BBC3.

  4. Penny

    I think I was the only entrant to get all three of the sequinses last year and it took me literally a month of pondering – I got the last question about an hour before the deadline. I think the year before last I actually downloaded my own spreadsheet from Wikipedia.

    1. Chris

      I shamefully neglected to keep a copy of last year’s quiz questions, but I think I solved them all too… on my way to apparently, er, winning, which I’ve only just now realised is something that happened. That’ll teach me for going cold Strictly turkey immediately after last year’s final.

  5. Penny

    Is there a subtle reason why Paul Killick gets a surname or is it a momentary lapse of judgement and I’m overthinking it? On the other hand I suspect that overthinking it might be the way to go.

    Given my track record with the predictions (previous predicted winners: Aston Merrygold, Vick Hope) I absolutely have to get the links otherwise I’m finishing dead last.

  6. Clare R

    Ok wow that second sequins 😂 hail to the person (people??) who got that right!
    Very sneaky with the multiple Rachels and Vincents too.. well done sir. I’m definitely one of the ones on a lowly 5 but I’m hopeful!

  7. Penny

    Oh god that’s annoying. I got so close in my thinking with all three of those I even worked out that one of them it was something to do with who they were married to but just couldn’t nail it. Never mind eh, all to play for with my uncanny prediction skills.

  8. camis71

    Was close in my thinking on the pro poll – knew it was ages of partners but foolishly went for average age! And similarly in the sequence, but thought it was who got a 1 in week 1, a 2 in week 2 etc! So went for someone who got a 10 in week 10! Ah well, aiming for bottom of the leaderboard again.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Points gained from the elimination order question alone are used to break ties, so I’ve included them where they’ve done that.

  9. Clare R

    How does it work with Will leaving, we’re not counting points as if he left this week? (Desperately attempt to scrape another point in my terrible elimination predictions 😂)

    1. monkseal Post author

      Will’s elimination is counted as coming between Catherine’s and Emma Wey…I mean, whoever’s leaving this weekend.

      1. monkseal Post author

        Last three updates you were 49 > 47 > 48. You’ve added one point for Emma W’s elimination position since the last update. How you got from 49 to 47 I don’t know – Hallowe’en Week knocked points off loads of people because of accumulator damage but added a bunch for costumes and sundries so it’s hard to keep track.

    1. Penny

      Ummmmm. Frankly given the quality of her dancing and the fact that my previous predicted winners were Aston and Vic I think she’s lucky to be getting 8s, but given the state of the judges’ scores at the moment, sure, why not?

      1. Clare R

        Oh I had Dev and Catherine as finalists, no judgements here 😂
        And yeah I think Alex might be going this weekend…

  10. Matthew Thomas

    Just looking over my answers to see how I might score, and has anyone got a definite on Karim’s age it’s all over the place online.

    1. monkseal Post author

      25 at the start of the series, so 26 now, after his Blackpool birthday. (Also how does he STILL not have a wikipedia page, goodness me)

    1. Ji Hee

      Questions were given before the series started. 🙂 Some are prediction question while others are (bloody hard) sequences, sort of like Only Connect but Strictly version.

  11. Penny

    Oh I am chuffed to get a side-congratulations Honourable Mention thank you. That’s a huge success given my previous dire form in the predictions (bloody Graziano, bloody Janette).

    Next year can we have imaginary consolation prizes for best Halloween/Movie week pitches please?


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