Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Build A Cast

YOU are the Pairing Elves!

Yes, now that the full cast has been rolled out, then given a little kick, then rolled out a bit more, it’s time for you to start playing producer, and saying which celeb you think should go with which pro. With the departure of Pasha, and the arrival of New Pro Nancy (she’s young, she’s fresh, she’s from So You Think You Can Dance China!) we’re now officially at 9 male pros and 9 female pros – for each celeb, clicky-clicky the pro you think they should be paired with, in an ideal Universe, as much as an ideal Universe could exist that didn’t still have Iveta in the pro line-up. The comically incongruous results of your votes will be revealed just before all the Launch Show spoilers come out.


14 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 17 – Build A Cast

    1. Scott

      Agreed. Oti can take this year off, which is probably a good thing to avoid the SHE ONLY GOT HIGH MARKS COS OF HER SISTER nutters.

  1. Martin

    Are we likely to see Luba’s debut, given the need for height with two of our male celebs?

    And is the most obvious partnership going to be Mike and Janette?

    Or is everyone else getting a Anton – Michelle pairing going on?

    1. Penny

      I was hoping for her to be paired with a woman in an ill-thought-through outbreak of Kristina Rihanoff Memorial Panic, but Monkseal hasn’t given us that option. Would be oddly inevitable for our first same-sex couple to be the bodged result of BBC terror of Too Much Sexy.

      1. Sue Howarth

        As soon as Alex was announced I wondered f they would put her with Katya (snogate aside, that would make a good paring)

  2. Agrippina

    Who do we all think is going to be on the subs bench this year? My pairings left out Graziano and Janette, not exactly by design, but as I could only definitely picture two of the cast in my mind, things got a bit random and I sort of forgot about those two. In reality, it’ll probably be Neil and Luba, again.

    Yes to Anneka and Johannes, definitely. James Cracknell and Oti, I suppose, as at least he’ll be able to keep up with her. Anton seems pretty much doomed to be second boot with Michelle. As for the rest, I expect I’ll still be trying to remember who they all are by the time Halloween comes around…


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