RuPaul’s Drag Race 11 – Monkies

Warning : Silky ended up being in more of these pictures than she probably needed to be.

Best Regular Judge

The ball back in Ross’s court this year after Michelle took home the prize last year, maybe there should be rumours in The Sun about HIM doing Strictly eh? 45% of you put your tick in Ross’s box, presumably benefitting from Carson’s absent vote being distributed more in favour of those of you who love a queeny sidekick.

  • 2nd – Michelle Visage : 38%
  • 3rd – RuPaul : 17%

Best Guest Judge

I don’t really remember…anything that Elvira did in her stint as guest judge for the Monster Ball, but I guess when you’re an icon on her level all you really have to do is show up. And for 41% of you, that was enough. Elsewhere in the category, New York, Russian Doll, Hannah Montana and…that guy from Community all made an impact in one way or another, even it was via sheer volume of testosterone fuelled shouting.

  • 2nd – Tiffany Pollard : 40%
  • 3rd – Natasha Lyonne : 38%
  • 4th – Joel McHale : 28%
  • 5th – Miley Cyrus : 19%

Best Lip-Sync For Your Life

No surprises here, as one of the most lauded lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory got the votes of a chunky 95% of you. And if anything their face-off in the finale was even more iconic. At least on Yvie’s part, I think we’d already seen most of what Brooke had to offer at that point.

  • 2nd – Ra’Jah vs Scarlet – Last Dance : 23%
  • 3rd – Vanjie vs Shuga – No More Drama : 22%
  • 4th – Team Mariah – Waiting For Tonight : 14%
  • 5th – Mercedes vs Kahanna – Work Bitch : 13%

Best Episode

Wow, the best three episodes were the ones where the queens got to show off their own personalities with their own scripts, ideas and improv, having been given a loose theme, who would have thought it? Maybe next year they can do that solo rather than it always being team challenges as well, we can dare to dream. 43% of you loved Diva Worship best, and no doubt can still sing “This Little Light Of Mine (Britney DarkChild Remix) with all the lyrics and everything

  • 2nd – Dragracadabra! : 35%
  • 3rd – L.A.D.P! : 29%
  • 4th – Good God Girl, Get Out : 22%
  • 5th – The Monster Ball : 21%

Best Mini Challenge

Again, you’re clearly just here for physical violence, wherever and whenever possible, as the slapping mini challenge wins with the votes of 44% of you. Was LoveConnie robbed? I’m not saying she wasn’t.

  • 2nd – Backstage At A Seduction Gig : 39%
  • 3rd – Galisthenics with LoveConnie : 32%
  • 4th – Rub Your Balls On The Pit Crew : 20%
  • 5th – A Photoshoot With Legendary Queens : 19%

Most BS Elimination

Presumably more on the grounds that she lost the lip-sync rather than her performance challenge, Nina’s elimination in 6th place earned the ire of 72% of you. With the last four eliminations of the series all being amongst the top five least deserved, it seems like the show really did bump itself a little off the track to set up that Yvie vs Silky face-off that ultimately never happened, OH WELL.

  • 2nd – Scarlet Envy : 53%
  • 3rd – Shuga Cain : 40%
  • 4th – Vanessa Vanjie Mateo : 18%
  • 5th – Plastique Tiara : 10%

Worst Queen (Personality)

Again, no great surprise here, as Silky wins with 65% of you being annoyed enough by her…ebullience at one point or another to have put her down as one of your two least favourite queens of the season in terms of likability. Based on the reunion, the finale, and her post show apology tour (to queens that matter not, like, Soju) she seems to have taken your feedback on board so she can get through her inevitable All-Stars appearance with a minimum of death threats.

  • 2nd – Ra’Jah O’Hara : 48%
  • 3rd – Ariel Versace : 22%
  • 4th – Soju : 19%
  • 5th – Kahanna Montrese : 17%

Worst Queen (Talent)

I don’t want to say “she should have stuck to her Youtube channel” because that’s very dismissive and ultimately this is a light-hearted and fun blog, but 83% of you said Soju was one of the least talented queens of the season so…maybe not a Vanjie First Boot comeback for this one eh?

  • 2nd – Kahanna Montrese : 44%
  • 3rd – Mercedes Iman Diamond : 40%
  • 4th – Ariel Versace : 9%
  • 5th – Silky Nutmeg Ganache : 8%

Best Queen (Personality)

A one-and-a-half horse race here, as Nina West is the only queen to even remotely hope to match Miss Vanjie’s raw star power and likeability. 70% of you love a bit of Vanjie, maybe there should be rumours about HER on Strictly instead of Michelle Visage etc etc etc

  • 2nd – Nina West : 49%
  • 3rd – Shuga Cain : 19%
  • 4th – Scarlet Envy : 17%
  • 5th – Yvie Oddly : 14%

Best Queen (Talent)

Let’s just mention Strictly one last time, as this being a blog predominantly focused on the discussion, disection and dissemination of that particular show may well be what pushed this year’s ballet dancer into the lead for this last award, with the votes of 79% of you. Poised, en pointe, and almost always perfectly polished, Brooke truly is a Chad Michaels du no jours except…without the skill for grande dame pop star impersonation, let’s put it that way.

  • 2nd – Yvie Oddly : 65%
  • 3rd – Nina West : 27%
  • 4th – A’Keria C Davenport : 11%
  • 5th – Vanessa Vanjie Mateo : 10%

2 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race 11 – Monkies

  1. Sue Howarth

    Can I just point out that I suggested, else thread, Michelle for Strictly at least 5 hours before the story broke. When your prediction success tends to run to minus figures you want the ones you get to count.

  2. Matthew Thomas

    Expectant winners, although disappointed that Ross won the main judge Monkie, he just rubs me the wrong way, also at least Michelle doesn’t try and tell me what queen to like on a personal level.


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