Strictly Come Dancing 16 – Final Summary

So let’s do this one couple at a time :

Ashley & Pasha : Has a good final doing things I mostly have no interest in watching her doing. Maybe if she’d reprised her foxtrot, or her jive, or something that represented her marrying her RINGER STRENGTH to ballroom & latin (you know, the stuff she’s not trained in) I would have felt more bothered, but instead it’s the show’s 50th ever Dirty Dancing routine, more contemporary where the choreography verges on the funky chicken at points, and that bloody Charleston again. Does she represent herself well? Absolutely. Does she touch the divine? Absolutely not.

Faye & Giovanni : Faye meanwhile doesn’t exactly stray far from her strengths either, with three very West End audition routines one after the other with her Viennese Waltz, Lullaby Of Broadway Showdance and Fosse themed Couples Choice. The difference is that where Team Pashley have gone for fun, cheekiness, flirtiness and…I don’t know, I think she said “empowerment” about 50 times, Faye and Giovanni repeatedly headbutt raw melodrama and intensity until everyone at home needs a sit-down. By the time Faye reprises Fayezuula, but without the make-up, having absorbed her dark energy whole? Not quite touching the divine either, more like touching the demonic. If we talk about any set of finale performances in years to come (and let’s face it, we won’t, we never do), it’ll probably be hers.

Joe & Dianne : Probably have the most fun of all the couples tonight, taking the final as a night of their lives that lasted for 150 minutes (bloody hell) that they had to experience all of, rather than which just served as a variously traumatising purgatory leading up to them winning or losing. The paso is stronger (apart from him almost completely missing her for the final swing through the legs, which the judges mostly ignore), the showdance is a full on charge around romp, as is the Charleston. You do feel that perhaps, halfway through the Charleston, which is…not great, on any level, the show having another middling male winner who can be easily dismissed as just having been brought to victory on a palanquin of multivoting 12 year olds wouldn’t have suited either him or them, so this is maybe the best ending he could have had as well.

Stacey & Kevin : Have a pretty terrible finale and then win anyway lol? I guess not everyone has the extreme aversion to 60s mod Kevin that I do, but even if you wave their foxtrot through there’s no excusing their showdance, which is basically Susan’s paso all over again in terms of not meeting inflated expectations. After a whole week of hype the MOST DANGEROUS, SPLIT-SECOND TIMING, HIGHWIRE, DARING, RISK TAKING STUNT IN THE HISTORY OF STRICTLY is…some stage hands moving some walls around vaguely near them, and even for it just being that Stacey nearly stacks it over a fairly standard chair. AND it’s all superseded by Joe trampolining 10 feet in the air on a podium a few minutes later. Their paso is a triumph but it feels like the story of tonight might be that Kevin blew it via bad choreographical choice and creating a bad atmosphere by needling Craig all evening but as I said…they win anyway lol? Stacey immediately gets lost in a stampede of everyone and their ex-wives marauding towards Kevin, and then Stacey gives a winners speech that’s entirely about Kevin, and Kevin gets held aloft and…hooray for Kevin I guess? It feels like we just got our fourth celebrity male winner in a row by mistake oops. It’ll be interesting to see the next step in his Strictly story anyway.

Oh and Bruno yells tits. Always a highlight.


41 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 16 – Final Summary

  1. Elaine

    Yay for Bruno! Tess didn’t know where to put herself! Loved Pasha best (of course) but it became Kevin’s glitter ball, didn’t it. Could barely see Stacey till the very end 🙄. Found Karen’s reaction very conflicting!

    1. monkseal Post author

      THEY’RE STILL IN WUB, EVERYONE IN THE FINAL GETS A LOVE INTEREST FOR CHRISTMAS! (except Faye, obviously for probity’s sake)

  2. Fish Pie

    Shit series, shit winner.

    The Kate-Graeme-Charles series of boots pretty much killed it off personality-wise, and it was mostly just a slog to a final four that was widely predicted back in August.

    Hopefully this is just a series 7 style outlier and it’ll be back to normal next year.

    1. monkseal Post author

      In fairness, they did their best to keep both Graeme and Charles in the show for as long as humanly possible.

  3. Martin

    It was all about Kevin and Craig making sure that he annoyed him as much as possible by not giving him, sorry Stacey, a 10, thereby ensuring that S&K were bottom of the judge’s leaderboard and this looking like just a popularity win, which is a tad unfair as far as the series is concerned for Stacey…

    Normally I would love to see an ITT either immediately after the Final or for Sunday consumption but given the result and how it all went a bit flat at the end, I’m glad that Zoe doesn’t have her red button slot this year.

    I’m delighted that Ashley and Faye both got 120 and that Ashley beat the celeb total score record, something that the GBP couldn’t take away from her. Disappointed for Faye in a way as on the night she deserved the win but it didn’t happen for Kellie Bright, so perhaps karma did something positive for Kevin with Stacey…

    Will Kevin follow his sister now off into the sunset as far as Strictly is concerned? Or will he take on Anton’s role (surely this must have been his last series) of looking after the older female celebs and being a condescending ass when anyone criticises his choreography?

  4. John

    Quite happy if Kevin went after all that.

    Never been on board with the guy when he was just a cheesefest aholic with grating partners. Now he has become the grating, entitled one.

    Bore off like. Lets get Brenda back lol

    Worst series since I started watching the show. (The Year Louis Won).

  5. Name

    Honestly, I’d have been happy with any of them winning. I had Faye & Ashley picked as potential winners from the start (along with Danny, because he’s Cat), because Faye was in Steps, and Ashley came across as genuinely nice on “I’m A Celebrity”. I think Stacey is the most genuinely improved from the start. And I fancy Dianne.

    Shallow reasons all? Sure. But you can’t tell me that my reasons are very different from most voters. And at least I have the good grace not to vote at all.

    The main things I noticed in this finale, from least notable to most notable:

    Dianne’s parents either didn’t make the trip from Oz or the producers decided that it shouldn’t be referenced at all that they had.

    Faye said she’d made a friend for life. Dianne said she’d made a friend for life. Laura said she and AJ would definitely dance again. Stacey said she wasn’t going to hang out with Kevin any more.

    Danny seemed to be missing from almost all of the crowd scenes right until the end, and his face during Joe’s interview was an absolute picture.

    When Stacey is doing that “flappy skirt” bit at the end of her paso it really, *really* looks like she’s not wearing any knickers. That was a bit disconcerting, and made Bruno’s comments about how saucy she was rather uncomfortable.

    I mean, she *was* wearing knickers, but judge for yourselves. NSFW warning, I guess:

      1. kibethewalrus

        Like, I feel like we should be above all that, but dear God that was a surprising moment. I knew it was coming as we were time shifted and I’d seen twitter, but the look on my partner’s face when it happened! Really did not look like she had pants on

    1. monkseal Post author

      I am never ever ever ever ever one to use the term “friendzone”d, but Stacey was really going for some record for number of times she called Kevin a “gent” over the last two weeks.

  6. Kate

    Having just voted for favourite dances, I had more favourites by Stacey over the series than the others. I’ve warmed to Kevin, having been mostly indifferent over past years. I think it was his tender care of Susan Calman that was the breakthrough for me.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Looking at the voting for the Monkies thus far, it’s very very even for Stacey off a good number of dances (as opposed to the others where there’s spikes and then huge tranches of dances that got nothing). This does feel like a portfolio win.

  7. Matthew

    I don’t mind a Stacey win, the only thing that annoyed as I said it would was Kevin being the centre of attention rather than Stacey, when even though she wasn’t my favourite probably won the thing through her personality and a progession of dance ability rather than any of Kev’s choreography, which at least this year was underwhelming. Ah well.

  8. ChaChaChavvy

    I had a Tess moment of live television panic when Bruno did his “All together now!” bit with the crowd. Is he going to make them spell out “Tits!”? “Bollocks!”? “Willies!”? Phew! It was only “A-maz-ing!”

    I was all prepared not to vote for Faye because she chose Couple’s Choice and it needs to be discouraged at every available opportunity, but she won the night, and my votes, and I loved her showdance. I’ve seen some criticism that it was just an American Smooth but I thought that was a smart move if you’re already doing a Couple’s Choice.

    Ashley lost any sympathy I might have had when she chose that godawful Charleston over her gorgeous foxtrot. I thought that foxtrot was the ballroom dance of the series and was sure we’d be getting a reprise.

    I’m kind of nonplussed by Joe not winning because if he didn’t have gazillions of crazed teens fans voting for him then how on earth did he get such an easy coast to the final?

    This is the third year in a row when my least favourite celeb in the final has won but at least Stacey and Kevin’s victory allows me to stick to my guns and say this series was an absolute stinker and the worst ever. Even my benign, non-internet-crazy relatives, who normally just like everyone on Strictly, remarked that they “weren’t keen on Kevin.” This year, Kevin has been a weird mix of staunchly defending everything that grates about Strictly (props, faff, music etc.) and implying the pros who don’t love those things aren’t that much cop, and then getting all defensive if he is ever criticised. It’s not a good look.

    Normally I’m rabid about Strictly but this series became a bit of a slog. Next year needs more exciting celebrities, a ban on guest choreographers who come in and say “Let’s be different and do contemporary!”, and just the remote possibility that someone on ITT might to a Jamelia and Tristan or show us round their kitchen full of tinned custard.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Regarding showdance, it was also a thing for a bit back there that you’d try to stick some of the dances you’d skipped into your showdance. This did admittedly result in the…mess that Tarcey Beaker did, but it’s an established tactic.

  9. Agrippina

    Before it started, I told myself I was just going to enjoy the dances and try to forget the personalities of the people performing them. It worked for about 30 seconds into the opening number when Kevin appeared and set the tone for how he was going to behave all evening. Seeing him being held aloft with all the cameras focused on him, while Stacey only got hoisted up by Pasha and Neil when they eventually remembered that she was the actual winner, was embarrassing.

    As for the dances – Faye won the evening for me, even though she did just blatantly go all musical theatre. But obviously you play to your strengths in a final. Ashley’s showdance was more enjoyable than I was expecting, being allergic to contemporary under normal circumstances, but she danced it very well. Would rather have seen her jive than her Charleston. Joe came out and tried, bless him. His Charleston was really no better than the first time around, which since he did it in week 2 does rather contradict the journey/improvement narrative they built for him. Stacey – I’m still annoyed that they did a 60s themed dance to a 70s song, and I hated her paso when she did it. Her showdance was just a flappy mess.

    I enjoyed the final more than the series overall but it hasn’t been a vintage year, has it?

    1. Penny

      Either Neil and Pasha need medals for thinking or (as I assume) there was a frantic call from the booth to Claudia to grab the nearest pros and get Stacey up there STAT! otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get their final images for the credits and the Sunday front pages. The comprehensive blanking of Tess by all and sundry post-award was guiltily enjoyable.

      1. Stormy

        And a medal for Joe as well, who, unlike Kevin, went over to hug Stacey when they were announced. Whereas Kevin was too busy making a tit of himself on the floor.

  10. kate

    The highlight of the evening for me, beside Faye’s dances, and Ashley in general, was Craig’s scoring and the withholding of the 10 paddle for the intrepid winners. There was a barely concealed snark fest going on over his refusal to relinquish it. I also enjoyed the judges’ stacking the leaderboard in the right order. It made the inevitable Stacey victory more manageable than if they had tried to create the illusion of her nipping at Faye’s and Ashley’s heels with a flurry of overmarking. Though that fell by the wayside for the Paso Dooley.
    Let’s hope for a better 2019 series, and that the new Louise Rainbow has a big rethink and rejig of the show.

  11. Penny Roberts

    ah – you miserable lot 🙂 Enjoyed the series and loved Stacey and Kevin – but then i wanted ‘entertainment’ and not ‘dahnce’. Thought the Pashley showdance was awful – and wondered if Ashley had done herself a mischief when she nearly went base over apex on the turntable. If i am honest (!) i thought Faye had the best of it – but voted for Stacey anyway. Yay to Kevin from Grimsby and the shouty girl from Looton! Mind you – always looked out for the latest Monk Seal offering.

    1. Lemonjapp

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. While I saw that kfg was being a bit snarky, it was Craig’s fault too, and I’ve never understood the kfg hatred. I love that he is a nerd who loves the 60s, films etc, like myself. I also hate the way Karen treated him in public last year. Couldn’t she have waited til after the final? I thought Stacey was great, so enthusiastic, and voted equally for her and Joe, because I want to mother him and love his attitude. Loved Faye but can’t vote for ringahs.

  12. Meserach

    The funny thing is that for all I think this was a weak to middling series, the Couple’s Choice provided the bulk of the dances I most liked from it! Ashley’s Contemporary, Faye’s Jazz, Stacey’s Street and Charles’ Street were all comfortably their best dances, IMO, and I loved all the contemporary stuff in Ashley’s showdance too. So for all that Couple’s Choice seemed like a desperate gimmick, I’d shudder to imagine this series without it.

    1. Gerry Sheldon

      Talking about Couple’s Choice, I could have done without Joe and Diane’s basketball crapfest — 8s would have been too much for that load of balls and 9s or 10s were ridiculous!

      They were wise to leave that in the sports locker for the final.

  13. DJ MIKEY

    Year of the Bloody Kevin – this is exactly the reason I was rooting against Stacey from the second she was partnered. Now let us ensure that Kevin never wins Strictly again.

    1. Gerry Sheldon

      At least Kevin cut a better figure for that Paso Dooley than for his first Paso — I can still remember his short little legs as he looked like Bilbo Baggins stuffed into a red matador costume — all he needed was to slip on the ring and disappear in mid prance.

      1. DJ MIKEY

        I failed to noticed, I thought all the Pasos were “Meh” this year. I think Debbie McGee may have broken the Paso for me.

        Despite not liking Kevin I will give him credit where it’s due and that Paso did nothing for me. In fact that’s general theme with me and Kevin’s Pasos, only once was it somebody else’s fault. Louise was beige even in Paso.

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