A Very Quick Market Research Post

Look, I know we just want this series of Strictly over and done with, and everybody’s getting in the Christmas mood and doesn’t want to think about bloody January but

No you are not having full recaps and no you cannot have both *smacks hand with wooden spoon*


12 thoughts on “A Very Quick Market Research Post

  1. Sine_M

    Last Dancing on Ice nearly put me in a catatonic state, and not in a good way. PS – would it be very lacking in etiquette for me to submit a grovelling plea in advance for GBBO?? Although I don’t suppose next year’s casting will be as inspired as this, one can but hope.

    1. monkseal Post author

      There’s still too much overlap with Strictly season, maybe if they pushed back earlier in the summer, when it should be on.

  2. Penny

    Greatest Dancer is too much of an unknown quantity for me to say! I think you should do both for the first week (or two?) and then take a vote or use your own skill and judgement on which to ditch. (This does not constitute a knuckle-rap-worthy vote of “both”, merely a call for further research)
    What about Sewing Bee though? Where do you stand on the watchability of Joe Lycett?

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Ow! That spoon hurt. Hands now spatulistic.
    Shimmy Jimmy vs Oti Abuse. Voted Oti because Oti.
    But let’s face it – you write it, I’ll read it ❤
    Thank you x

  4. Sam Beesley

    I would actually want DWTS Ireland, but then after Strictly it is comparatively… underwhelming. We can complain about casting all we want, but at least Strictly’s lineup isn’t anything like ‘a Big Brother Contestant, a weightloss coach from Finland and two random people called Des’


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