RuPaul’s Drag Race 10 – Monkies Results

Congratulations, Everyone Black And Aquaria!

Best Regular Judge

I was going to do a fun picture for each winner showing one of their high points of the series, but I can’t remember one thing Michelle did other than tell Dusty off for doing dots oops. I guess, given that Ross and Ru’s vote went down and Carson and Michelle’s went up, the moral here is the less screen time you get, the more your popularity as a judge on this show will improve? At any rate, Michelle wins here with 37% of the vote.


  • 2nd – Ross Matthews : 25%
  • 3rd – RuPaul : 22%
  • 4th – Carson Kressley : 16%

Best Guest Judge

“One of Ru’s favourite new music artists” (Editor’s Note : Lizzo released her first solo album five years ago), it says a lot for Lizzo’s popularity that she came in and was one of the key players in getting Monet eliminated over Ross’s objections, and you all still voted her winner in this category by a huge margin, with 47% of you selecting her as one of your favourite guest judges of the season. Fun Fact : Shania Twain got no votes and finished dead last, TAKE THAT TRUMP!

  • 2nd – Christina Aguilera : 24%
  • 3rd – Kumail Nanjiani & Emily Gordon : 22%
  • 4th – Audra McDonald : 16%
  • 5th – Courtney Love : 13%

Best Lip-Sync For Your Life

Yes I know there have been 1000 hot takes already about how Monet NOT doing the splits was a much better lip-sync moment than anyone ACTUALLY doing the splits this series, but when it’s right, it’s right. 79% of you voted for this, and I’m sure at least 7% of that was Dusty.

  • 2nd – Kameron vs Monet (Good As Hell) – 25%
  • 3rd – Kameron vs Eureka (New Attitude) – 23%
  • 4th – Mayhem vs Yuhua (Celebrity Skin) – 22%
  • 5th – Asia vs Vixen (Groove Is In The Heart) – 17%

Best Episode

46% of you love balls apparently, which, if anything, I would have thought was an underestimate, but here we are. Unsurprisingly all of the mainstay challenges (The ball, Snatch Game, Drag On A Dime, The Makeovers) did well here, and all of the scripted challenges and challenges that existed only as a pretext for Ru to spew new age 1979 bollocks died on their arse. Fun Fact : Breastworld got 1 vote and finished dead last, only marginally more popular than Donald Trump, take that HBO!

  • 2nd – Snatch Game : 33.48%
  • 3rd – 10s Across The Board : 32.60%
  • 4th – Social Media Kings Into Queens : 24%
  • 5th – Drag Con Panel Extravanganza : 18%

Best Mini Challenge

What we all watch Drag Race for…ACTUAL PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! A series of funny reads as well, I guess, but let’s face it, what really made this challenge was watching Asia milking getting a solid clout round the face for all it was worth, with 48% of you ticking the box for this one. Fun Fact : the pancake challenge got no votes and came dead last, TAKE THAT CHEYENNE JACKSON, WE DON’T NEED YOU ANY MORE, WE NOW HAVE GAY REPRESENTATION WHO CAN ACT!

  • 2nd – Ru’s Chocolate Bar Auditions : 33%
  • 3rd – Photoshoot for Trade fragrance : 31%
  • 4th – Perform for the Legends of Drag Race (and Tempest) : 27%
  • 5th – The Reading Challenge (???) : 22%

Most BS Elimination

I feel like the very fact that Monet had to endure Tyler Oakley clinging to her as she got eliminated was a large factor in her winning this category by a substantial margin. Makeover challenges are often a rough draw, and 49% of you called shade on Monet’s long run of almost winning a challenge getting snuffed out on one.

  • 2nd – Asia O’Hara : 31% (no PETA voters amongst the Academy clearly)
  • 3rd – Mayhem Miller : 28%
  • 4th – Vanessa Vanjie Mateo : 25%
  • 5th – Monique Heart : 22%

Worst Queen (Personality)

Back to finish the job after she only finished 3rd in this category last year, Eureka increases her share of the vote from 21% of the electorate to 61% here. That’s a threefold increase! Maybe I was wrong when I said she reached her full potential in Series 9!

  • 2nd – The Vixen : 36%
  • 3rd – Yuhua Hamasaki : 26%
  • 4th – Kalorie Karbdashian Williams : 25%
  • 5th – Kameron Michaels : 19%

Worst Queen (Talent)

Enough said really. 90% of you didn’t rate Kalorie, and that’s what makes a filler queen filler.

  • 2nd – Yuhua Hamasaki : 39%
  • 3rd – Dusty Ray Bottoms : 19%
  • 4th – Vanessa Vanjie Mateo : 14%
  • 5th – Eureka : 10%

Best Queen (Personality)

Yet another triumph for Monet here, as her wit, charm, humility and sponge won the hearts of enough (specifically 59%) of you to win the trophy for Best Personality, bringing her haul at this Monkies ceremony to three awards. Pride of St Lucia indeed.

  • 2nd – Monique Heart : 43%
  • 3rd – Asia O’Hara : 35%
  • 4th – Miz Cracker : 15.4%
  • 5th – Blair St Clair : 14.7%

Best Queen (Talent)

Finally, a worthy winner! If you completely ignore the fact that she barely moved the needle in the Personality portion of the pageant! Aquaria served looks, turned books, frisked cooks, erm… dusted nooks? Anyway, she won, and 86% of you thought she was dead good and that.

  • 2nd – Asia O’Hara : 61%
  • 3rd – Monet X Change : 16%
  • 4th – Miz Cracker : 11%
  • 5th – Kameron Michaels : 9%

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