Strictly World Cup 2018


So we’re now at the stage where are the same number of celebs competing as there are in the World Cup. Exciting! To mark this round, each celeb will be accompanied by a Youtube clip of their best dance, according to the Monkies Awards from the year they were competing. If there’s no equivalent Monkies…look, I’ll just find what I can from Youtube, that’s over a decade ago now, we’re all getting on a bit, let’s not labour the point too much. Don’t vote on the dances alone, obviously, they’re just a reminder, and it’s not really fair on the celebs from earlier series that you can only see their performances through a smear of raspberry jam, thanks a lot BBC for taking everything off Youtube, definitely worth it just to raise the premium on shitty “Craig & Tess’s Tupperware Party” DVDs you put out every three years or whatever.


11 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup 2018

  1. Matthew

    Looking forward to this, expecting it’s ranking the celebrities this year. On a somewhat related note, just looking at the YouTube Strictly Channel, which has all dances from the last four seasons and ranked them by popularity (Jay’s Jive – easy winner) but I was surprised how dominant Georgia May Foote was in it she has about four dances in the top 10!

  2. Matthew

    I chose to do mine with a X Factor 6 Chair Challenge, nothing gave me more pleasure than immediately booting off Widdy for Jamelia.

  3. jgcameron1992

    So I mistook Jason Wood for Jake Wood, so if he gets a vote – It’s an accident! Made sure I voted for my Derham though. She’ll always be my all time drunken fave.

  4. Rad

    Group E was the only one I could bring myself to choose 6 from (and could have gone for more). Some groups were hard to even pick 1 from.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Currently, Groups H and J are the most competitive and I think for…exactly the opposite reasons to each other.

  5. Sue Howarth

    Well that was interesting. I voted for nearly all women, which is fine, but I am normally a total wibbly mothering ovary voter Pearl, Valentina etc. It looks like the dancing matters more in hindsight.

  6. Pearl24

    You have Danny Mac down as third place! We all know they don’t announce the 2nd and 3rd places in the final! So it should be “joint second”!

    1. monkseal Post author


      All unknown placings from Series 10 to Series 15 were split based on the number of dance-offs and this was outlined weeks ago


      This is a plot specifically aimed at poor woobie Danny Mac to get his fans so riled off they knock off the St Jay fans and we finally have a new winner in one of these things.


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