Strictly Come Dancing Pro Poll 2017

The seventh annual pro poll and also question 1.

Welcome everyone to this year’s tally of your love of our Strictly pros. Regular readers will know how this works by now, and also probably have been warming up their fingers since March in order to prepare to vote on the FOURTY EIGHT polls that are about to follow. For all of the pros vote between 10 and 1, with 10 being reserved for your favourites, and 1 for those that you wish had never been cast, if not born. If the names are unfamiliar to you then please click the Don’t Know option, as a record of the memory decay of the lifetime of a Strictly pro. As usual, please try to spread your scores up and down the full length of the scale. Oh yes, and there’s an additional element this year, as part of the GREAT STRICTLY QUIZ/PREDICTION GAME THINGUMMY OF 2017! Your first question is this :

How has the order the pros are presented below been determined?

Have a think, note your answer down, and no spoilers if you’ve worked it out.


9 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Pro Poll 2017

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  2. jgcameron1992

    Tried to score based on how memorable some of their best routines are. Apart from Gorka, who I gave a 10 for ….. other lasting impressions…. and Kevin, because I can’t stand Kevin.

  3. Penny

    I also can’t stand Kevin, but fortunately I didn’t have to sully the purity of my dance-based voting either. The problem with The World Cup Of Daaance format is that there isn’t a final summary post, so I can’t check my recollection that none of Kevin’s dances made it out of the group stage….maybe Susannah’s Paso perhaps? And Defyjng Gravity?

    1. monkseal Post author

      Defying Gravity was Kevin’s last dance in – it made Top 64. If you go by number of votes received it was 57th out of 64 in that round.

      1. monkseal Post author

        I might well put a Top 100 up tonight if I get time – there was just a lot to do last night and PANIC over the photobucket situation that everyone has apparently known about for ages but which I only found out about now.

  4. Maureen (@Moza_jf)

    I only started watching from S6, and it always surprises me how many pros I missed out on.

    One request for next year, if Chloe gets a partner this year, can we get a minus score, please? She takes annoying to a whole nother lever. /cringe


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