Strictly Come Dancing 15 – The QUIZ/PREDICTION LEAGUE thingy

Yet more questions.

Previously On The Blog : There was a vote and quite a lot of you expressed interest in a quiz/prediction league so…here it is. Every weekend I’ll release more questions, you’ll write down your guesses, and then as soon as the Launch Show airs (or at any point between then and the first Live Show) you’ll send them to me. Then at the end of the series I’ll score them all, and the winner will receive FABULOUS PRIZES.

NB : If I get, like, three entries I’ll forget this ever happened after a short period of crying.

So your first questions are below. Get thinking.

(NB : Some of these questions will get much easier when, y’know, they start revealing contestant names and pairings)

The Pro Poll

1. How was the order of polls in this year’s Pro Poll decided?

2. Who is the most forgotten pro? (ie the pro who received the highest % of Don’t Know votes)

The Judges

3. Name one animal that Craig (or any other judge) will compare a celebrity to this series. (#AnimalImagery)

4. Name one celebrity who will receive a FAB-YOO-LUSS from Craig at any point this series.

5. Of the four judges, will Shirley be the most generous, second most generous, third most generous, or the harshest? (based on how many points she gives out in total)

6. Will Bruno fall off his chair at any point?

Theme Weeks

7. Name a movie that will be the basis of a routine in Movie Week

8. Name a musical that will be the basis of a routine in Musicals Week

9. Which couple will have the best Hallowe’en costumes? (as based on the usual poll of Monkseal blog readers)

10. Β Which dance will this year’s -athon be based on?


Which comes next in the following sequinses?

11. Brendan, Darren, Ian, Vincent, Brendan, Erin, Natalie, ___________

12. Charleston, American Smooth, Jive, American Smooth, Charleston, Charleston, Jive, ____________

Comings & Goings

13. Which will be Monkseal’s Favourite of the three new pros come the end of the series?

14. Will any of the shows hosts, judges or pros announce their retirement by the end of the series? If yes, who?

15. Will there be any new romances officially announced between this year’s cast members? If so, who?

16. Will there be any babies announced amongst the show’s alumni (celebs and pros and…IDK Len, I guess it could still happen?) before the end of the series? If so, who?

It Takes Two and Spin Offs

17. Name one celebrity who will compete in this year’s Christmas Special

18. Who will win this year’s Pro Challenge?

19. Name one celebrity who will Do The Tour (and therefore be massively favoured and have it rigged for them to win James Jordan #fact)

20. How terrifying will the intro to Karen’s Khoreography Korner be on a scale of 1 to 10?

Very Special Guests

21. Name one act who will perform on a Results Show

22. Name one person who will guest on a Friday Panel

Doing The Most

23. Which contestant will be top of the leaderboard the most times?

24. Which contestant will be bottom of the leaderboard the most times?

25. Which contestant will be in the most dance offs?

26. Which contestant will perform in the Pimp Slot the most times?

Scoring Specifics

27. What will be the lowest scoring paddle used for a dance this series?

28. In what week of competition will we see the first 10?

29. And which judge will give it?

30. And which celeb will get it?


14 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 15 – The QUIZ/PREDICTION LEAGUE thingy

  1. DJ Mikey Can't Figure Out How He Feels

    I don’t know what to vote for, need a day to think on it. But I can suggest that even if you don’t recap ITT, just do a weekly recap of Gethin’s rampant homoeroticism… Especially since Gorka is getting a 2nd series – I’m depressed that Oksana is leaving though, there goes my hope for another weird but oddly endearing pairing.

  2. DJ Mikey Can't Figure Out How He Feels

    Since I can’t sleep I’m going to do 2 things:

    Give my thoughts on the rumours Slebs for this year, also ask Monkie’s permission to post a “Nearly Naked Men Of Strictly” montage, ordinarily I’d just go for it – but it’s considerably more than the hand of pics every couple of comments.

    Lydia Bright – Given my intense loathe of Reality TV, I’d had no idea who this person was and had to look them up – so just NO!!!

    Rylan Clark-Neal – The only time I want Rylan on TV is in a news segment, about me shooting him.

    Dame Joan Collins – Yes!!! I don’t a damn reason.

    Holly Willoughby – Meh, I guess it will be fun for the straight guy in the audience to watch her give herself black eyes with her boobs. But that’s about it.

    Sir Patrick Stewart – This gives me life, so I know it’s never going to happen.

    Jermaine Dafoe – I don’t really follow football, just individual players – who’ve dropped trou for a modelling contract/calendar/guyswithiphones, but he’s cute. So why not?

    Scarlett Moffatt – I can’t help thinking she’ll be like the irritating love-child of Chelsee Healey and Le Clancy, nobody wants that. Although as I type this, I realise some of your more sick and twisted readers do want that.

    Charlotte Hawkins – Don’t care if she is one of the BBC Breakfast crew, I’ve never heard of her and had to look her up.

    Olly Murs – Unless it brings Natalie Lowe out of retirement, Olly Murs is never allowed to do this show. Except as a guest performer.

    Samantha Womack – EastEnders Star, Sylvia Young Graduate. RINGAH – and one who I could actually like.

    Jason Durr – Handsome Older Man, CHECK!!!

    Gemma Atkinson – Is a clone of Georgia May Foote. So I’m going to allow it, see if we can piss off The Jay Pet Army again.

    Danny Boy-Hatchard – EastEnders Star, no apparent stage school background, so possibly not a ringah. Will be appearing as Ste in a 20th anniversary production of Beautiful Thing, so he definitely has my vote. He has a huge bulge – so he’s getting my vote twice.

    Tommy Cannon – Obvious Comedy Contestant, there has to be one doesn’t there?

    Ryan Thomas – Only he stops channelling his inner, post He Will Not Divide Us, Shia LaBeouf and goes back to being HOTT…

    Mary Berry – Yes!!! Again I don’t need a damn reason.

    Joel Dommett – He’s cute, so yes… But if he does the show I’ll feel compelled to vote him, on the basis that I’ve seen his Skype video and feel like I can honestly claim I know him intimately.

    Sir Tim Peake – Yes!!! Oh, look – once again I don’t need a damn reason.

    Nigel Farage – Does potential entertainment value outweigh listening to the incessant whining of Remoaners? I’m really not sure.

    Ellie Simmonds – God Yes!!! Some figure out who the shortest male pro is quick…

    Carley Stenson – Can the Kingmaker earn the crown??? God, I have to say yes on this one – if only because of this blog.

    Michelle Collins – Only if she’s going to out bitch Kelly Brook.

    Billie Faiers – Oh look another Reality TV irritance, it has to be a NO!!!

    Rita Simons – EastEnders Star, Ex Girlband Member, possible ringah – couldn’t find out if she’s a stage school brat. Lord Sugar’s niece – so I expect Holly Valance levels of not really giving a crap.

    Ruth Langsford – Obligatory Older Woman!!!

    Paula Radcliffe – Yes!!! It would be spectacular when she stops mid-routine to piss by the Judges’ Desk. Please don’t let me down BBC.

      1. monkseal Post author

        You can be not totally nude and still have your dick out, as I’m sure anyone who’s sent noodz not at their target weight could tell you. If you asked them. Not me.

  3. Tal27

    I am now completely distracted by the BBC salaries. Claudia is paid more than Tess!!! Brilliant! And Bruno is paid more than Craig and Darcey! Wheeeeeeeeee! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. BeyonceIsEasy

      Really? Is that because Claudia also does a radio show and film programme? I guess Bruno’s agent can drive a harder bargain due to the big bucks he makes on DWTS. Anyway good to know Tal I will now muse on that while waiting for Mikey’s nudey pics. πŸ˜‰
      I voted for a quiz cos I like quizzes and like trying to predict things, usually badly (Danny’s samba making the strictly world cup final was a fine example of my mystic meg stylings and look what happened there…albeit I will freely admit to not having voted for it cos I was tactically voting for Soph. Even though Brendan didn’t choreo. He just looks so chuffed at the end, joyous to watch as a couple of clumsy lifts aside he basically knows they Nailed It).
      But I also like reading it takes two catch ups as as I don’t tend to get to see them, only the slim pickings put up on YouTube. So either fine really. I am pathetically grateful either way. πŸ™‚

      1. DJ Mikey (Is Having Issues With Wordpress)

        WordPress won’t let me post Nearly Naked Men Of Strictly – I’ve tried like 3 times now. Maybe it’s too long so I’m going to try breaking it up. Let’s get to it – Hopefully!!!

  4. PadsterMo

    Really enjoyed the ITT recaps last year, but voted for the other option to allow for informed decision making.

    Alexandra ‘The Beast’ Burke is my favourite rumour, but I know she’s on tour with Sister Act at the moment and not sure when that finishes…….

    1. monkseal Post author

      This would be revealed on the Launch Show though probably, and therefore not be much of a question. As much as I could forgive people for not doing a close read of the Launch Show.

    2. BeyonceCannotWorkOutTheFirstQuestionAndWantsAClue

      Shirl will just take Len’s seat Shirley?
      Otherwise Bruno can’t fall off his chair and the tabs will say there’s a feud between Shirl’n’Darce cos they refuse to sit next to each other. Or something.
      They won’t put Bruno and Craig together cos Bruno gets handsy. I’d like to see that but never mind me. So C, D, S, B. Can I have a point please?!

      1. Ross

        I wouldn’t rule out Craig, Shirley, Darcey, Bruno – if Shirley’s a kind judge, she’ll make an interesting counterpoint to Craig (scores like 7, 9, 8, 8), if she’s critical, we’ll get symmetry (7, 7, 8, 8), and if she’s middle ground it’ll remain pretty much as usual (7, 8, 8, 8).

  5. Sue Howarth

    What week will Brucie die?
    I know that sounds really horrible, but I am sure the BBC has a contingency plan, it will be Queen level of overkill, and which week it falls on would make a difference.I f the Queen and Bruce died on finals week there would be some sort of spontaneous combustion


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