RuPaul’s Drag Race 9 – Category Is & Monkies Voting


So this is how it’s going to go for the rest of the season – this weekend you’re getting the opening of the Monkies Voting and some brief thoughts on the semifinals episode, then next weekend you’ll get my seasonal ranking and the opening of the “Wuzzrobbed” Monkies poll for the season (and let’s face it, that one’s going to be a bunfight and a half) and then the weekend after your results. So you’ve plenty of time to cogitate on your votes.

  • Yeah, the reason why I’m not doing a full recap for this episode is that it was pretty terrible. I know the pre-finale finales are always a bit ropey, but I’m not sure so much of this needed taking up with Ru & Michelle’s godawful po-faced podcasting. Where was the stupid acting challenge with Mathu? Where was the goddamned tic-tac lunch? WHERE WAS THE ELIMINATION?
  • The clear nadir of the podcast incidentally was Ru telling Trinity that his homophobic grandmother was proud of him in heaven. Intra-family homophobia is one of the most consistant and painful experiences across the entire gay community and it’s frankly not for Ru to erase or rewrite it just because it makes for a nice storyline for his tv show.
  • The clear highlight of the podcast was when Ru pulled out a potty for no reason
  • I did not need to see the exact same “queen does a bad first take of their rap – Todrick tells them to get it together – queen does a good second take of their rap” segment four times.
  • And then to see it all again when he was taking them through their choreography
  • Whilst we’re complaining did anyone want to see the return of the “What would you say to Little Matthew if you could travel back in time? Is it turn the priest down when he offers you that extra communion wine round the back of vestry after Mass?” segment no they did not.
  • Whilst I’ve connected most with Trinity’s backstory on a sympathy level during the season, I also felt a real pang for Peppermint during her breakdown on the runway. There’s been a lot of play about how she’s blazing a trail as the…well not first trans queen because there’s been loads and…not first queen knowingly cast as trans because let’s be honest there’s no way the producers didn’t know Monica’s ish and they actively closeted Jiggly…but erm…well first queen to openly compete as trans from the off? Something like that. Anyway it was touching is what I’m saying when she told her younger self that everything she felt was valid, despite people telling her otherwise.
  • Regarding the actual climactic performance, I think Shea was the clear standout, with Peppermint also handling herself well. Trinity was decent but not standout, and the less said about Sasha lurching out from under the stage and burbling out her usual pretentious twaddle the better. Given that Trinity slayed the runway presentation to death, I think the clear choice for Ru to make her was to eliminate either Sasha for being the worst in this episode, or Peppermint for being the weakest overall. So of course…
  • Just like with The Apprentice UK, Ru picked the absolute worse season (other than maybe Season 5) (SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT DARIENNE LAKE I WONT HEAR IT) to pull a non-elimination Top 4, tell everyone they were amazing, And leave us with three whole weeks between eliminations (this weekend being a reunion/rucap). Great.
  • Actually Shea’s weird flubber boobs in her final presentation were reason enough for an on-the-spot elimination, note that down.

4 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race 9 – Category Is & Monkies Voting

    1. Scott

      Same. I didn’t remember a lot of the judges, but his many valuable opinions were what stuck in my head. Definitely his opinions.

  1. Sue Howarth

    The last 2 episodes have always been a bit dodgy, this year has been the best of a bad bunch. The lipsynch elimination would have been far more exiting last year.
    Filming a live show will always be problematic, My Theatre Studies Degree contained a unit in documenting performance, it was the most boring unit, but I can wax lyrical if anybody is interested.
    The venue was better, it was basically a low thrust stage so we were on the same level, more camera’s and a few rehearsals would have helped, generally I think it was a stepping in the right direction.


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