Dancing With The Stars : Ireland (Episode 6)

As is appropriate for Love Week, some hard and fast points.

  • Get well soon Julian! Please don’t be dead!
  • Aoibhin & Vitali getting a 10 for randomly stomping around and clapping to Dead Ringer For Love and calling it a jive is VERY much my Strictly Come Dancing dream and has cemented them as my favourites.
  • This is not just because it’s become 100% obvious that Vitali is basically Pasha with even goofier faces and worse English. Honest
  • Teresa on the other hand took a foxtrot involving gondolas in which her pro “fell” in the “canal” and did not use it as an opportunity to reference “SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SPOTTED IN THE WATER!” so I’m not saying she’s no dead to me but…
  • Valeria is still super strange and I love it
  • Katherine waxing philosophical about her internal struggle over whether she was playing Good Sandy or Bad Sandy for her Grease themed quickstep was another step on the ever growing ladder of Katherine Is Taking This Gay Nonsense Too Seriously
  • Love Week was kind of fun, although I wish all the pros had been forced to dance to songs with “Love” in the title, like they were on Strictly.
  • Nice to see the next roadblock on Dayl’s path to victory is “technique” I was wondering when the judges were going to start picking up on that with…anybody.
  • LOL at them suddenly marking Des C “properly” and scolding him for rotten dancing when his cha cha wasn’t notciably worse than his salsa was. Double LOL for them putting him in the pretend Bottom 3, I’m so sure.
  • Des and Karen repeatedly insisting that their cha cha was only content free cutesy posing because they had to chintz it up to avoid making it an ON FLOOR FROT fest was amazing. Like the only two options were Titwank Tornado or chaste cupcakes and pastels.
  • Ryan trying really really hard to light, cute, and charming choreography for Denise was adorable. It kind of working was a pleasing narrative development in terms of the watchability of the final. Him immediately ruining it all by snarling and sneering and snapping at the judges and then accusing the other pros of plagiarising their choreography off of the Youtubes was amazing
  • Switch Up Week sounds super lame
  • I’m sorry that I gave so much shine to Dr Eva’s elimination tour of terror, as this week Des B spent the whole episode gobbing off constantly, hooting at his own jokes, noisily swearing, repeatedly rubbing his nipples (!) and begging the audience to vote because his nephew’s in the audience and he’s promised him he won’t get eliminated. And then he got cut.  Hee hee. I swear, between this boot and Thalia’s this whole series is going to get used by so many people during the next series of Strictly as evidence as to why we “need” the dance-off, to keep the “promising” dancers in, but personally I’m loving the carnage. NEVER introduce the dance-off Dancing With The Stars Ireland NEVER.

One thought on “Dancing With The Stars : Ireland (Episode 6)

  1. DJ Mikey

    Julian is under going an exorcism, as he’s quite clearly possessed by Harvey Fierstein at the minute.

    I’m afraid SCD has ruined Jives for me – I just look at them and think “blah blah did it better”. The current blah blah is Danny Mac. Vitali is almost Pasha. While he does have the goofy faces and limited grasp of English, he also has a real sense of theatre and even when he’s not dancing he moves with little, unnecessary but highly entertaining, flourishes.

    I knew Teresa was going to be a one hit wonder.

    As for Valeria give me a demented woman with a vaguely Russian/Eastern European name and I’m sold.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Kai’s unabashed homosexuality is natural, or if it just a result of close proximity to Katherine. I mean she did have this guy on show, pretending to be her boyfriend.

    Love Week songs should always have a title with that features the word Love, why be this needlessly camp if you’re going to half-ass it?

    Dayl is officially “Journey Man”…

    Yep!!! I’ve officially had enough of Des C’s comedy stylings. YAWN!!! At least on the dancefloor the idea that his Cha Cha was basically a Bukkake Party until they toned it down, could be entertaining for a little while long. Ah – the mirth.

    I loved Denise’s American Smooth, so cute and adorable. But for once I was actually interested in Ryan, did he seriously manage to outdo James Jordan in the petulant whining stakes? I’m pretty sure James Jordan never managed to accuse his fellow pros of stealing their choreography of YouTube, I’m not saying that has anything to do with him being married to Ola but…

    Switch Up Week sounds super lame, because it is.

    Des B’s elimination was everything I wanted from an elimination – Christ knows what will happen when Des C gets eliminated – also kudos to him for looking good in a Bolero, it’s not an easy thing to do and no that wasn’t just an excuse to bring up Ben Cohen refusing to wear his Bolero. Necessitating the inclusion of Ben Cohen soft core porn pic.

    Was that last part convincing???


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