Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Final Summary

As if last week wasn’t topsy-turvy enough, tonight’s final featured an all time first in the history of Strictly Come Dancing. Forget that it was the first time that a Clifton actually won, forget that it was the first time that someone has been in the dance-off twice and still won, forget even that we had our first ever winner with two black parents after the show found itself up to its waist in Yet Another Racism Scandal for the first few weeks, tonight, for the first time ever how people danced in the final actually mattered.

Judges Reprise : This round saw the judges fatally hole Louise below the waterline before the night even really got started by making her do her cha cha again. They don’t make her do it even more gawkily than the first time of course, that’s all her own doing, but you have to think that on a night where both Danny (quickstep) and Ore (American Smooth) got one of their biggest crowdpleasers to do right as the lines open, Louise reprising a dance where the sum total of everyone’s thoughts at the time were “…how is this in the Pimp Slot again?” was never going to end well for her. Ore pulls his dance off, Danny… does not, as Oti’s best efforts to guide the dance to the 10s it arguably deserved first time out by cutting down the faff at the start come to naught as Danny spectacularly biffs the ending to the extent that not even Bruno can find it in him to go the full monty.

Showdances Rare is it that I love a showdance, and tonight is no exception, as not one of them does much for me, but Joanne undoubtedly pitches hers best to the mood of the public, making it very definitely Ore doing his American Smooth again but with more jumping up and down on things to “I Got Rhythm”. Kevin on the other hand aims for lyrical expressive conemporary for Louise, in a routine where she is supposedly going from Quiet Humble Shy Louise to New Confident Louise Who Was Saved By Kevin (and Danhnce). The transition never quite happens, thematically although there some nice enough lifts and billoughy curtains. Oti on the other hand goes the other way, and in her routine Danny never really portrays the Shy Unconfident Danny he supposedly was at the start of the series, leaping right to leaping about, flailing randomly, twatting around and kicking over mirrors from the off. It all feels spectacularly misjudged and sloppy but the audience in the studio love it, so maybe it’s a comeback?

Favourite Dances : A round that really would have benefitted from an hour’s break for Casualty and the lottery, as Ore is too tired to really commit to his jive, and Danny’s samba looks a little undercooked as well. The only dancer who really comes on as strong as she did before is Louise, in her Argentine Tango, but even then it feels more like it’s because she’s hardly expended much effort over the course of the evening so far, and because it was hardly a blazing ball of light the first time.

So on sum balance, after all the dances are completed, Ore feels like he deserves the win most, to me, if we’re basing it just on tonight. And then, after a performance from Emily Sande (which we’re pronouncing “Sonday” now apparently) and the annual end-of series car crash celeb number (the clear highlights of which are Lesley getting wasted, Cloudia doing fifteen cartwheels and sommersaults, and Gorka’s arse), he does! He disolves into tears, the Cliftons go wild, Danny loses graciously and Len gets to leave with his favourite having won for the first time since…Harry? AND a special ballroom only pro dance. So long Len. Thanks for…well I’m sure I’ll think of something in time for the full recap.

(We’re having MAJAH internet problems currently, so take the date of its ultimate arrival under advisement, it might be a while)


34 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Final Summary

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    For someone who was immensely irritated by Ore throughout the series, I’m surprisingly calm about him winning. He was very lucky to be gifted two Gene Kelly American Smooths, and his technique in the showdance was terrible, but Danny fluffed Judges’ Choice and Ore’s showdance was the most fun, so, judging it purely on the night, he earned the win.

    I didn’t really love this series so I was also surprised to enjoy this final so much: partly because it was three people and they got to do all their dances; partly because two of the Judges’ Choices were crowdpleasers, for a change; and partly because the judges were in a happy, rather than pissy, mood. It felt properly feelgood compared to the last few years.

    My favourite thing about the whole night, though, was that guy with Patricia Kelly who was having the time of his life. Get him on the show.

    1. Matt C

      That was Russell T Davies, TV writer, most notable for being the first new showrunner of Doctor Who when the revival started.

      1. ChaChaChavvy

        It was? I didn’t recognise him at all. I had him down as Patricia’s personal interior decorator/pug-carrier, Gunther, whom she refuses to travel without. ‘Freshen this Campari, Gunther!’ This is how an ill-advised moustache can work against you.

      2. StormyTV

        Really?? I was so distracted trying to keep up with various forms of social media that I didn’t do a lot of looking up during the fluff outside the dancing and scores, so I didn’t notice.. I’ve got to check this out.

  2. Kate

    I voted Danny from the off but I don’t mind Ore winning. I enjoyed his dances tonight.
    I avoided all the heartfelt interviews and judges thrones bit by letting the dog and visiting the kitchen for alcohol, so time well used.
    As usual, I’d happily forgotten all the old contestants, how ridiculous it seems now that we thought Ed might get to the final. Ha. Still could have been Cloudia though if Will hadn’t baled.
    I’ll wait for your full recap, internet willing, and hope you’ve recovered from your poorliness.

  3. Minxy

    When i sawyour twitter announcing no internet – arggghhhhhhhh. Oh no how can we have a strictly final without Monkseal?
    I was all they must havesmartphones – oh maybe it’s the main internet down. Quick get out and get a prepaid data sim to get you through. Helpppppp.
    You and Steve must have been feeling even worse

    And extra big thanks to Steve for doing his magic. Much appreciated – as are his contributions to writing the blog

    Ore definitely won tonight. Danny wuznot robbed. He blew it (won’t knock his west end opportunities tho so that is good, he has earned them) Wasn’t keen on his showdance either – not sure if it was his dancing or the choreography but suspect it was both.

    For the first time ever in a final, I think, i agreed with the leaderboard positions. Yes Louise too beat Danny.

    Loved the pro dance send off for Len.

    And Ore’s mam and dad – so excited made me tear up. He is going to be a wreck when he watches that back!

    A good final
    The right result

  4. DJ Mikey

    WOW – the last time I was this invested in a Strictly final Harry and Chelsee were in it. Although my level of invest barely crept above “I want Danny to win, if Danny can’t win then Kevin From Grimsby better not win”. So while I do feel there’s an element of DANNYWUZROBBED, I can’t argue that he cocked up his Quickstep – although I will try.

    Strictly finally producing a final that actually mattered, for the first time in, getting closer to, a decade was worthwhile. I do wish that they could have taken a break so Danny’s Samba could get the full energy it deserved – out of curiosity who’s was the first Showdance to get a perfect score.

    1. Minxy

      I was surprised they didn’t get a break.
      Just think if Ore had had one so he could give that Jive even more lol – he too had already done 2 full on energetic dances 😜

      But if Danny had’ve been on his usual form it may have been a bit closer. He would definitely have beaten or equalled Louise

  5. BeyonceCastle

    Ooh. That would he Jason Donovan!!!!
    Not even kidding. They did not score freestyle in earlier seasons and the only earlier one that came close to perfect was Nat’s with Carly’s ex Ricky W (read something disconcerting today about how close Nat and Ricky were ).

    I loved the final. Loved all three finalists. Expected to feel nada but no, it totally blew me away.
    Except no wet shirted Danny. Tsk. Rain in the title and no golden showers.
    Emoti didn’t get to be Gloti after all. No sour grapes here: Ore stormed it even if the judges’ choices were a bit of an oddity. (An AS when you had a vintage FS, a CCC which threw Lou under the bus…poor Dan, the QS should have worked in his favour. They might as well have given him the foxtrot tbh).

    Favourite thing of whole night bar MITH Trev’s discombobulated hand, was Dr O’Doom’s popping up every time there was a ten. Like SCD was being photo bombed. Excellent value Melvin.

      1. redfred

        I don’t think people are allowed to forget Jason Donovan. It’s a law of something-or-other, he’ll always be there, somewhere, lurking…

        … and that sounded waaaay creepier than I intended. Possibly appropriate though.

    1. Georgina

      No, we didn’t get a fun hot mess fire in the rain, but it was sloppy and emo and silly. It does give me some fun to see purity-of-dahnce DS posters who excoriated Gleb’s acrobatics and floor bothering go all Oti-is-a-goddess-Danny-wuz-robbed over Oti’s melodramatic prop bothering numbers.

      1. missfrankiecat

        Thank God, someone speaks the truth about Oti’s choreography – well overrated, and ultimately lost a talented dancer the final (as much as Jo’s canny choreography won it for hers) Danny’s best number was the Charleston which she had nothing to do with. Far too much sturm und drang in every number, which was hideously unsuited to his rather dapper but bland personality. The pier end hurl last week had me in hysterics – at least when Anton made Katie Derham do it in the final last year it was meant to be melodrama.

  6. Minxy

    Yep redfred – he will always be lurking and creepy. Like that nightmare that keeps coming back.
    The absolute best part of Donovan’s taking part was when the pro’s took the piss that time on ITT – running around to get into camera shot. Was it Erin that asked what they were doing? and climbed over seats to join in lol

  7. Marcela

    Feeling sorry for Oti as she spectacularly misjudged the showdance. It’s not that people don’t like contempowaft but I think they prefer it done to nice romantic slow numbers like Caroline and Louis’ ones. I suspect angry pissy contemporary with minor bits of ballroom in it would never float the voters boats.

    Hope your internet is sorted soon. 🙂

    1. Monaogg

      Loved Oti’s Showdance. Thought it the most original of the three. Kevin’s looked like a variation of Karen & Mark’s showdance, where Joanne’s looked like a mix up of the Tom Chambers and Natalie Gumedi ones.

  8. Lesley Rigg

    Should I be proud that a nation will vote for someone who might have danced a bit better on the night that – even if that person is fundamentally irritating!!! Sigh…..

    1. StormyTV

      I loved it. Most of the time, contempowaft is boring as hell (see Louise and Kevin’s wafty…thing…) but this was fascinating, energetic and powerful. I loved it a lot.

      I really liked Ore’s showdance, too, except that it was basically the American Smooth he had *just* done, but on fast forward and with more stupid props.

  9. JAL (@uknailpolish)

    I loved Danny’s show-dance whilst thinking, “A lot of people won’t like this.” You want a bit of feel-good factor. Well, the vast majority who constitute the audience for the Final do.

    It was a great dance but a bit of a slow-burner and, in context, just didn’t hit the sweet spot.

    Joanne judged that just right.

    It’s the only series I have never voted. I liked quite a few but loved none.

  10. Elaine

    That helps, thanks! Still of the Dannywuzrobbed school, even though Ore’s parents look like lovely people….2 dances out of his three were too similar for me. Never mind…lots of laughs pending on Christmas Day!

  11. StormyTV

    I’m…not *un*happy, I guess. It was the middle-of-the-road result for me. I really wanted Danny to win, but I also really didn’t want Louise to win after her final performance was so utterly dull, lifeless and looked like dances from week 2 or 3.

    I got neither what I really wanted, nor what I really *didn’t* want, so I’m…fine. Now I just have to find a way to get my hands on the Irish show to tide me over for a while, and I’ll be even better.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Go to RTE website and get the app, not sure whether you need to subscribe. AJs younger brother!!! is a pro and Vitali from bumthefloor. I have heard of none of the slebs bar the stand up comedian whose name I forgot already. Nicky Byrne presenting may well make me appreciate Tess more.

  12. Baby Jane Hudson

    Eurgh! My least favourite final contestant wins yet again. It brings back bad memories of Waggy Clancy beating Natalie Gumede, even if Danny did mess up his Quickstep while Natalie flawlwssly touched the divine. Ore was like Tom Chambers for me – a dancing irritant! As soon as I heard they were dancing their show dance to I Got Rhythm I got that sinking feeling that it would win it for them, like Tom Chambers’ Sweet Charity number. I’ve bitterly, and somewhat unfairly, voted ‘none of the above’ to his dances in petulant protest. #Dannywuzrobbed. Poor Carly Stenson isn’t a Strictly kingmaker after all.

  13. Toasted Toad

    Strictly speaking, we don’t actually know whether Ore actually won on the grounds of his dancing in the final as we are not given any figures of the public vote and, even if we did, we don’t know why people voted. He ranked higher than Danny in the semis where his dancing was worse and Danny made no mistakes. So the whole thing could have been a popularity vote regardless and the order on the leaderboard a complete coincidence.

  14. DJ Mikey

    OK – we’ve got time to do the dream cast thing. So pile on!!!

    Ben Shepherd – (this photo is from 2012 so chance his body still looks like this are reasonably high)

    Tomasz Schafernaker – (he’s cute, he’ll take his shirt off, Tess will have another name to butcher and him and Natalie would be a pairing for the ages)

    Matthew Lewis (if I have to justify this one then I no longer know Monkie’s readership)

    1. redfred

      Oh…. yeah. I could cope with any of them. Especially Thomas – I’d kind of hoped that Carol last year would open the door to another one of the weather team coming on. Ben Rich could be an alternative.

      For the regular current/ex EastEnders cast, I’d like to suggest Davood Ghadami or Neil McDermott for the men, and Charlie Brooks or Laurie Brett for the women.


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