Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Monkies SSF Preliminary Voting

The surest sign that the end is in sight.

So for those of you who remain uninitiated, Safety Sex-Faces are what the contestants pull when they’re told they’re through to next week, and every year we give one of the End Of Series prizes to the official best one. Previous winners include Anita Dobson, Deborah Meaden, and Tim Wonnacott, so in many cases this is literally all we remember these people for. At this stage, you’re voting for the best face of each individual couple, with the winners moving through to the final round.

(NB : Normally I put these up in chronological order, but they’ve uploaded funny this year and I’m not well, so just enjoy them as much as you can OK)


15 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Monkies SSF Preliminary Voting

    1. DJ Mikey

      Oti’s SSF for the Samba is truly amazing… But it was a difficult choice, I was torn between it and their Rumba SSF..

  1. BeyonceCastle

    Very good. Kevin is always a bit….enthusiastic.
    Ed had a poker face pretty much every week. But not a poke her face sadly.
    Get well soon Chris and thank you for doing this when you feel like shite. X

  2. Ange Potter

    Haha these cheered me up much appreciated I’ve got the lurgy too. Get well soon. Think there is a new pretender for Queen Natalie’s crown in Joanne xx

  3. Kate

    Hurray. I’ve been wondering where the Monkies had gone. Sorry you not well, but its showbiz and you gotta keep going, only one more week.

  4. Rad

    I could vote for most of Danny/Oti and Ore/Joanne’s over the disappointment of most of the others’. Didn’t Naga or Tameka have any? Or did I scroll right by them without registering?

  5. JAL (@uknailpolish)

    Kevin disappearing out of shot. That has to be a good thing.
    Natalie Lowe. I want some of what she’s on.
    Oksana. Eeeess goooood, da? Eeeess ver gooood.
    Daisy and Aljaz do give good SSF as a couple.

    Great pix.
    Thanx mucho.

  6. Monaogg

    Katya is the only one getting it with Ed’s stone face. Louise looks like she is laughing at Kevin for his face pulling and Judge & Oksana look like proud parents of a child who has used a potty for the first time.


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