Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 12 Performance Summary

First of all, before we start, let us all give thanks that after the horrors of the last two series, we got through our first week of two dances without anybody embarassing themselves. Whatever the Fan Warz that have now been ignited, the horrors will be as nothing compared to Katie Derham’s Charleston.

Louise: Unfortunately comes out and does exactly what she didn’t need to do this evening – confirmed that she’s frankly more than a little bit beige. Both performances feature slightly cringey awkwardness, although in their tango (which Kevin has decided should be “a happy tango”, a concept that quite frankly should have been drowned at birth) it’s Kevin who looks more uncomfortable than Louise, mostly because his trousers are too tight and his shirt is too short to cover his…Grimsby Pier. The samba though is all Louise, as whilst her hips are going 19 to the dozen she looks frowsy and shy immediately after the judges question whether she can truly be a party animal. Based on tonight, not really.

Danny: Probably does enough to make the final without touching the dance-off, as he produces a decent (if slightly uninspired) salsa with the usual big lifts followed by probably the best routine of the entire series so far – an American Smooth that blends Viennese Waltz, contemporary and Gene Kelly to a swoonsome soundtrack and with a truly spectacular ending as Oti hurls herself off a pier directly at the glitterbal…I mean Danny. She’s seeing Danny. For sure. Definitely. If only they’d allowed Oti to choreograph the salsa, I’m sure she’d have done a much better job.

Cloudia: Starts off with a bit of a disaster of an evening, as a rumba where she could have shown her True Real Adult Sensuality begins with her flashing her vag at the camera and proceeds inelegantly from there. It gets the only really critical response of the evening, but Cloudia vows to come back swinging with her quickstep and does so producing a fast and furious old school quickstep with lots of swing and sway and which most importantly of all secures Cloudia’s places as Queen Of The Moppets by being adorably stage-schooly. Squint andd you’d think it was a young Bonnie Langford.

Ore: I guess the question before tonight is whether they were going to try to keep Ore safe by plonking him at the top of the leaderboard. I thought they might not quite be that transparent but here we are. And the judges go the full mile, with Len hauling out the “HE’S THE ONLY NON-TRAINED DANCER HERE!” speech and his Argentine Tango (which gets next to no reaction on a night full of the audience stomping on the floor constantly including for Ore’s first routine, a rock themed quickstep) gets the highest score of the night. Will it be enough? To get him into the final sure. To keep him out of the dance-off, with a tie at the bottom? Maybe not.

Whatever the outcome of tonight (and I would guess it’s Louise leaving and landing us with the youngest final 3 ever) get your tin hats ready. It’s about to get juicy.


33 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 12 Performance Summary

  1. catherinehirst

    Not only was that Danny AS maybe my favourite routine on Strictly EVER, it definitely had a quasi-Gleb Special in it.

    Claudia was also wonderful in her quickstep. Did not much enjoy her rumba, though. I’d like to see her in the final.

    I would love for Louise to go home; I was embarrassed for her in that samba.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Danny and Claudia are my final two – Louise is bland, beige, magnolia, tapioca and it’s just not winning me over. Ore judging by the near constant stream of tears, and I’m all for men being in touch with their emotions, seems to have shut his testicles in the door of the Previa on day 1 and 12 weeks on still hasn’t figured out what the problem is..

  2. Rad

    Louise had a terrible draw tonight. Enjoyed both of Danny and Ore’s dances and Claudia’s quickstep, though on overall series performance I’d send Claudia home (Louise if it was based on tonight only). Grimsby doesn’t have a pier, but it does have the Dock Tower which is way more phallic.

  3. Chris

    As much as I love Queen Natalie of Lowe, it’ll be a crime if Oti doesn’t usurp her as Queen of All Pros this series. Great choreography and winning personality, AND now she’s got the key ingredient that all the best female pros have: the willingness to risk life and limb through lifts in pursuit of 10s/glitterballs.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Queen Of All Pros tends to be more of a Series By Series thing, so I think Oti has it in the bag. Given the paucity of popular male pros (at least here) getting far this year I think King Of All Pros could go any number of ways though…

  4. DJ Mikey

    Well she’s getting my vote, if only because I value my life and don’t want to be killed by the tyrannical dictator of the dancefloor..

  5. ChaChaChavvy

    Louise – I quite liked the June Whitfield and Peter Butterworth in Carry On Costa feel to the samba, but that is obviously just me. From the bosomy costume, to the random conveyor belt, to the mismatched song and choreography, that tango was truly ill-conceived.

    Danny – jazzy, balletic, liftastic, I shouldn’t have liked that AS but it was fabulous. The costumes, the staging, the music, everything just worked. I appreciate that his salsa was rather complicated but I thought he danced it in a way that looked too effortful and precise.

    Cloudier – that quickstep was very oldschool Strictly, so I loved it. Her footwork was light, her posture was strong and it should have scored more than Ore. I was too distracted by whatever was going on with the bum-region of her costume to fully appreciate her rumba.

    Ore – his posture was poor, again, in the quickstep, which made his body look sloppy and his footwork a bit heavy. He also made a couple of obvious mistakes in the footwork, so I couldn’t understand the score. I really don’t understand how someone could do an AT where they stand still throughout and yet still look like they are at serious risk of toppling over the entire time.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Yes I preferred Louise’s samba to her tango as well, although I seem to be in the minority. I’m sure it’s faint praise no matter which side you slice it though…

  6. Aoife

    I loved Claudia’s Quickstep and Danny’s AS.

    Claudia’s arse distracted me in her rumba. We were trying to figure out was it stitching or had the black paint on the chair not dried fully.

    I’d like a bottom 2 of Louise and Ore. Louise is good but bland and Ore and Joanne are a pair I’ve never taken to. Their overmarking tonight was ridiculous and I hope it backfires badly on the judges and whoever issued the instruction to score so highly.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I enjoy those who could just concentrate of Cloudia’s arse in that mess. Must have been a nice calm port i…actually scratch that metaphor.

  7. Elaine

    How can you score a man leaning poorly at a bus stop as if he were the 2nd coming? Yes, Ore, I mean you. Claudia and AJ’s quickstep easily out stepped you as well, yet you end up top of the leaderboard? Guess that in Len’s last year, if he cannae have a sportsman, then a sports commentator will have to do…

  8. Pops

    When Claudia was sitting on the chair at the start of her rumba, I thought she was wearing a garter, which made her knicker-flashing move all the more Kenny Everett-esque. I later realised it was just the sash from her dress draped across her leg.

    I think Louise should probably go. I do like her but for me, her general lack of oomph really showed tonight.

  9. Tal27

    The judges achieved what they wanted – the rumour mill of them supporting the dancers heading on tour only over those that aren’t has been really proved tonight…

  10. redfred

    I wish we got told who was actually picking the music for some of these routines. Another fast tango, which didn’t come across as good as the scores it got. Best tango of this series for me? Laura & Giovanni.

    I like Louise, and I actually quite like Kevin if I tune him out a little bit, but … eh. I’m not sure she’s got enough to outshine the others in showdances. Four semi finals in a row and it starts to feel like he’s getting plumb picks, surely nobody can be that lucky.

    Danny & Oti, I love. And yep, I’d agree that AS was one of the very best dances of this series. Guess Darcey got told she had to be the picky judge in the second half.

    Loved, loved Claudia & AJs quickstep, it was brilliant. Meh to the rumba though, but I never much like rumbas anyway.

    Ore & Joanne, I’m not sure. I think their quickstep wasn’t as good as Claudia’s, and didn’t take to their AT as much as some people have.

    I can’t predict this week at all, but I’d kind of like to see a Louise v Ore dance-off. Well, we all know it’d be pitched as Kevin v Jo really. If that happened, I’m not sure I could see them saving Lou over Ore. On the other hand, if Kevin’s fans got voting, even Danny could be in bother.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I did quite like Darcey slamming a random lift for no reason. She’s been such a Danny Fanny all series it tickled me that she’d be the one to deny him his third 40.

  11. Minxy

    Well I enjoyed this week a lot and I agreed with the leaderboard. Though i do wish that they could use a fraction in the scoring – like 9.0, 9.25, 9.5, 9.75
    Don’t mind who gets through – so I didn’t vote. Nor could i say I particularly wanted to see anyone go.
    Since there was a glitch in the voting then I would be very happy to have all four couples in the final and that would kinda even out Will leaving (I would have liked to see him dance more but ah well. Hope he is feeling better).
    The ptb still can make that decision despite the DO having been filmed

    Here’s hoping

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t get this rush to preserve four-person finals. Three person finals are just CORRECT and how it should always be.

  12. Carl

    I’ve never felt much of a connection with this series and tonight’s installment, which gave me awful flashbacks of Lisa Snowden judging (where she was clearly going to make it to the end at any costs if TPTB had their way) and of last series where the show’s bitterness over Kevin and Kellie not being beloved by viewers soured every single part of the end. It hasn’t been that bad yet, and it may not be, but it clouded over the show and I’m not sure I want to bother stomaching it all over again. So I’ll just say thank you to you Monkseal/Chris and all your great commenters and I’ll likely just stick to your recaps from now on and hope they make serious changes next year.

  13. Marcela

    Ore’s AT sucked big time, he stood around while Joanne did all the work. I was waiting for some recognisable steps from him but nothing, niet, nada, zero, and then the routine finished. Len can’t retire fast enough, mtf!

  14. Fenweasel

    Slightly distracted by the Snowdance tribute moves in two of the second dances – Ore carrying Joanne on at the start of the AT, and the awkward moment when Danny tried not very successfully to wrap Oti round his torso like a surgical truss. Hoping to see more Snowdance homage in the final, possibly involving all the male judges in Brenda-style sleveless outfits and Darcy in a bacofoil leotard.

    1. monkseal Post author

      There would be no better tribute to Len as he leaves then for everyone to do the BEST dance of the BEST female celebrity never to win. Snowdanceathon for the final!

  15. Tal27

    Just rewatched Ore’s AT vs Danny’s. Noting of course Ore scored higher for his. And I compared the comments. I am just at a loss how Darcey Dipstick can look at herself in the mirror at the end of the night. The comments and scoring just made no sense. I did not see one real AT step from Ore in the entire routine… after 10+ years of Strictly you think you have learned something, but apparently not…

    1. redfred

      I really liked Danny’s one, despite expecting not to because of the speed of it. Ore’s was a good display, from Joanne, yet for all the judges have complained about lack of the ganchos for other dancers, I didn’t see much from Ore. I wish they’d remember that viewers aren’t stupid and do remember other dances.

      I do actually mostly like Ore, but the way they’re treating him with comments and marks just puts me off.


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