Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 11 Results Summary

I don’t know if it’s appropriate or not that the Year Of The Man finally, indisputably comes to a screeching halt in Musicals Week, but the women are both called safe first tonight, leaving our three men spinning for most of the show. Ore being called bottom 2 first even raises the brief possibility that Danny has in fact been incredibly unpopular the whole time without anybody noticing but in the end, the inevitable comes to pass, and Judge Rinder hits the bottom 2 and leaves, with Oksana in proper gasping incoherent tears at the end, their relationship being slightly off-kilter to the very last. So despite all those many many weeks no men so much as sniffed the bottom 2, the momentum is now firmly back in the corner of a majority female final. I guess we’ll find out where the judges stand on that next week.

Elsewhere in this reassertion of female superiority, both ages of onstage womanhood are celebrated, as the young fresh female pros divide themselves into Team Roxie (behind Natalie) and Team Velma (behind Katya) and vamp it up on chairs in flesh-revealing body-stockings to All That Jazz whilst the guys look on silently and stoically. Then at the other end of things, Elaine Paige swans back in to play the grande dame, speak-singing her way through Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and some truly spectacularly assaulted notes whilst Aljaz and Natalie twirl about the place. Definitely a girls night.


16 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 11 Results Summary

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Here’s me thinking we’d get through a whole series without a bloody Chicago routine. There are other musicals, producers!

    I know it was Elaine Paige but, at last, a guest artiste singing a song people knew, and Natalie and Aljaz looking lovely together to boot.

    My main moan about Rinder going, and I have many, is that the producers didn’t seem to get him and, therefore, we rarely got a routine that actualised his potential. All my hopes are riding on Oti now. This is yet another series where the celeb I took against on the launch show is the one I end up voting for in the final. Typical.

  2. Pops

    I like to think they picked Aljaz and Natalie to dance to Don’t Cry For Me Argentina because they’re too tall for Dame Elaine Paige to kick in the arse for trying to steal her limelight.

      1. Lesley Rigg

        All whilst hanging onto a bottle of Bombay Sapphire that’s bigger than her!! Just for the gargle darling, just for the gargle… I’d take her over Alife F*(king Boe any day – she’s hilarious…

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Well, we’re down to the last one from the four I originally picked out pre series and jinxed for reaching the final (Tameka, Will, Anastacia, Ore). Given that Ore annoys the hell out of me whenever he opens his mouth, I’m not holding any hope. My favourites as the series went on, Ed and Rob, both being gone means I’m fifty shades of shade. Bots bring it on. The producers might want a Clifton duel or their youngest winners? No idea.The only thing I would say re Kevin is having seen three showdances (from memory dry ice contempowaft/dancing on furniture vintage and lindyhop express train, I am hoping for Disco but not sure Lou is up for it despite her ex girlband credentials).
    Will miss Rob despite his earnest teacher monologues. Like Ed, at least he was never boring.

    P.S. The lady pros did very well to say they were “just sitting on chairs” 😉

    1. Plinkiplonk

      Ha – I actually read the whole pro routine as a giant two fingers up to DVO. ‘Just sitting on chairs, we’ll show her…’

  4. Tal27

    I loved Elaine Page mainly as I was belting out Homer Simpson’s version: “don’t cry for me, Marge and Tina!”

  5. Sue Howarth

    Not sure who is voting for Louise. Last year Kellie was at or near the top of the leader board every week, yet she won 3 dance offs, so Louise must be getting the votes to stay safe.
    She is nice enough but how do people remember her dances enough to vote for them?

  6. MorticiaA

    That’s the last week where there was the potential for a big upset. Now it’s the dead cert of the Louise/ Danny final 2 and whichever between Ore (oh please stop pontificating and emoting about your new best friends) and Cloudia comes in 3rd. Sorely disappointed that Rinder has finally gone. Apart from Danny, he was the only contestant to show any real joy or enjoyment of dahnce. Louise treats each excursion with Kevvers as something to be suffered through (and who can blame her with that tache), and for Cloudia, it’s another routine to knock out with grim determination. Ore may or may not show joy, but I am usually too distracted by Jwann’s knicker flashing to notice. Danny had better win – channelling my inner Gloti here – as a Louise/ Kev win would be almost too irritating to be borne. Though the upside is he would be relegated to a first week boot ad infinitum..

    1. monkseal Post author

      We’re talking “contestants” as in celebrities right? Nobody showed greater joy of movement this year than Brenda on that hoverboard.


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