Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 8 Results Summary

An unseemly amount of hand-holding is required for this week’s pro dance, as we get a verbal introduction from Claudia and Tess, a video introduction from the subjects, and also a constant voiceover throughout the whole thing telling us exactly what’s happening and why. The complicated story being portrayed is? Finnegan’s Wake? Infinite Jest? Gravity’s Rainbow? No, it’s two people meeting and falling in love during the Second World War, as played by AJ and Chloe. It’s quite sweet but I’m not sure I needed that much external assistance to be honest. Also furthering the Rememberance Sunday theme are the usual clip of the pros and judges launching the poppy appeal, and an appearance from Andre Rieu and His Smugface Orchestra, pulling proper eggy ones throughout an ersatz orchestral version of “Hallelujah”. As a tribute to a recently deceased singer, it’s no Len and Craig flying over the balcony in a giant pink dodgem to “You Spin Me Round”.

Len’s Glans this week focuses on Ore’s rumba walks, Danny’s supposedly controversial Argentine Tango (WAS IT A 10? OR ONLY A SHITTY SHAMEFUL 9? THE BATTLE RAGES ON!), Claudia’s lack of Viennese Waltz spotting and also the judges entirely spontaneous and natural responses to Gangnam Style. Speaking of which, Ed’s entire dance is spelled out as soon as he’s on Claudia’s balcony – he’s going to be doing the jive and it’s going to be to Great Balls Of Fire and he’s going to be descending from the ceiling playing the piano. I think we’d all be more comfortable if they just called him safe now as well whilst they’re at it.

At the very end, it’s Greg who’s revealed to be the one who has the job of sending Daisy home, although he does up his game in the dance-off sufficiently that the decision doesn’t feel too outrageous given their comparative overall merits. And for the first time in a good few weeks it actually feels like the couple who are leaving like one another, which is nice. And now? ON TO BLACKPOOL.


28 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 8 Results Summary

  1. Elaine

    Was Andre Spew actually miked up, cos I couldn’t hear a note from him. Given his fingering technique (and I speak as a poor sod who learnt to play the thing) that was probably a blessing. I thought Judge R was going to vomit before he was called safe…not my kind of sexy Face! Alas, Daisy’s time was up, but she left with dignity & giggles at least. Have to fear for Greg next week, unless pianos plus Blackpool equal cannons! We can only hope…

  2. Huriye

    Aw, I really enjoyed Chloe & AJ’s reenactment as Basil and Mrs Basil. And it was especially nice to see beautiful Ballroom by Nat & Brenda which made that bland so called orchestra bearable.

    They really do give everything away so early now don’t they? We’ve got no guesswork to look forward. I felt Rindy’s impatient pain to call out the final Bottom 2 couple, which took forever! But Greg composed himself so well and danced wonderfully! I especially looked out for Beyonce’s Adam Ant video of Prince Charming bit which was fab! ❤ I enjoyed Daisy's performance aswell, but side by side, there was only one winner in my eyes. Thank Gawd for Len yet again. As he said, his brain told him what to do, and Greg's Dance was more substantial and significantly improved in the DO. Did you get that Bruno? Whatever. Is he trying to impress his Mother who still hopes he'll marry a nice girl someday? Bruno swooning over the female glamorous contestants is so predictable. I think Daisy & Aljaz knew their time was up. But cute partnership. 🙂

    Blackpool and Chips and corny jokes it is then! Hurrah! ❤
    Hopefully we might see some *real people* in the audience. That'll make a nice change.

  3. Evenratsdance

    Naked Ed’s Wrecking Ball showdance looms ever closer…

    A bit sorry for Greg and Nat because I like them (but not his dancing, so not enough to vote for them). She’ll have to pull out something like Michael’s black magic to save him next week, won’t she? Don’t think he’ll get a bottom two bounce.

    She could always do the entire dance on a lead, dressed as Snowy…

    1. DJ Mikey

      I hate you!! Providing this level of disturbing imagery, when I don’t have a spoon handy – to gouge out my mind’s eye..

      1. Evenratsdance

        Ha, if you think that’s a disturbing image just read Cha Cha Chavvy’s comment about Nat being turned into a Rieu doll musician – that thought would genuinely give me nightmares (thanks CCC…)

    2. monkseal Post author

      I just had queasy memories of Jeremy pledging to do his Showdance to Mysterious Girl complete with speedos. Oy.

  4. ChaChaChavvy

    Don’t dance too close to Bluebeard Rieu, Natalie! He might have you stuffed and turned into one of his creepy doll ladies. (If ever a bunch of people should bring a class action suit).

    All the hot male pros have been voted off. That’s the most scandalous violation of democracy this entire week. Having seen the spoiler, I was prepared to feel angry for Daisy tonight but Greg did really up things in the dance-off.

    I’m sorry I correctly guessed Ed had his Movie Week dance swapped because his vote was strong enough to save Great Balls of Fire for Blackpool. It’s a bad sign when the production machinations are so blatant you can predict them a mile off. Let’s hope the piano’s actually on fire. Nothing like a Houdini element of danger to bring in the votes.

    Fancy leaving Rinder till last when his lovely, Tess-nobbling, very elderly grandparents were present. Those people don’t need tension!

    As a fan of ballroom, I’m increasingly annoyed at it being squeezed out for the more shamelessly eyeball-popping dances. More ballroom, please.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I was half expecting Rinder’s grandparents to invade the dancefloor to protest over their Robert being left so late.

  5. Pops

    As a tribute to Leonard Cohen, I would have preferred my ‘if I was ever on Strictly’ fantasy Viennese Waltz choice of Take This Waltz. (Given all the injuries this series/Brendan having to deny that he’d died, the lyrics about ‘this waltz with its very own breath of brandy and death’ and ‘take its broken waist in your hand’ would have been especially fitting.)

    I sort of wanted Ed to go, not for any purity of dahnce reasons or because I have anything against him, but because after his salsa had been bigged up as one of the defining moments of Strictly history, it would have been quite funny if the public had gone ‘nah’ and voted him out, a la Russell Grant and the cannon. (Bonus points if the Radio Times had already going to print with a cover declaring him some sort of people’s champion like they did with Russell…)

    1. monkseal Post author

      Oh the public’s complete lack of interest in Russell GETTING FIRED OUTTA DA CANNON sustains me to this day I wouldn’t have liked an attempt at an equal.

  6. SisterSuzanneNoNotReally

    Scary clowns are pretty bad but the freaky violin guy’s grins and grimaces will be giving me nightmares tonight. Pre-watershed!!! The BBC is sick. There may have been children watching.

    1. monkseal Post author

      There was one point near the end I thought he was actually expiring. His eyes bulged and his mouth just…opened and he looked like a stuck frog. It was terrifying.

  7. ThatBeyonceCastle

    A descending piano? Like Jeremy was meant to be on a descending guitar? It smacks of using up time à la Vicky’s flying bicycle and Russell’s cannon.
    I hope he knocks it out the park but stamina wise it might be hard without an Aljaz style benched jive. Maybe he’ll do his kicks n flicks sitting on the piano stool. It’s a fast number. But I never cared for Haliona’s freestyle to it, so looking forward to what Katya comes up with.


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