Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 8 Performance Summary

Last stop on the road to Blackpool (which may get mentioned a few times throughout the evening) and even though Daisy feels like she’s pretty much done, with a slightly ropey salsa to Groove Is In The Heart that never really moves more than 3ft away from Aljaz’s Psychedelic Shag Van (and why would you?), half the field is hurling everything but the kitchen sink in there to make sure they make it anyway. Ed’s got Gangnam Style (…), Rinder has constant pandering about Rememberance Sunday and his grandparents and the Greatest Generation and “current events” (I guess you have to gussy up a foxtrot any way you can), Danny has an oversexed Argentine Tango that’s basically a showdance being done 5 weeks too early, and Kevin & Louise have the same cheering section in Joanne and Karen that went down so well at last year’s final and the semi-final of the year before for their Fosse inspired American Smooth which features a hell of a lot of fan wafting

Greg, Ore and Cloudia have slightly less gimmickry in their lockers to call on to get them through, as they for the most part have to just go out there and dance their way through to next week without attendant fanfare. Of them all it’s Cloudia you probably have to feel sorriest for, as she gets punted out on to the floor with a nice sweet waltz immediately after Ed launches another flotilla of gifs on the nation. It gets good scores but she has to be hoping that somebody, anybody, remembers it even happened. Greg puts out a paso dole with lots of attitude and pouting and not an awful lot of finesse, although Natalie does her best to pick a fight with Craig just in case anybody feels like outrage voting. It’s not terribly convincing. Finally Ore produces one of the better efforts at a male rumba that I can remember keeping a nice balance between drama and tenderness. His hips could maybe do with moving a bit more, but it’s a nice effort. Whether any of the above can compete with the more attention grabbing numbers is to be seen though – it feels like one of them will almost certainly getting the honour of dispatching Daisy tomorrow…


30 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 8 Performance Summary

  1. Huriye

    At last! Daisy makes the most of her assets and dances a sexy Salsa! She and Aljaz were like a couple who stopped off from their campervan to go clubbing! She looked great, using her long legs, and the complex Lifts were fab. I don’t know if it was pure Salsa or a Salsachamsamba, but who cares, they were having fun in a nightclub, and that’s what matters. Aljaz’s brown and orange shirt was exactly like our family kitchen wallpaper in 1973.

    Greg, fastest tempo Paso ever! Enjoyed it! He captured the flavour if not totally the style of Paso, but I was impressed with his effort. Though did Wardrobe run out of material to give him a bigger *cape* to wave at the beginning? Twirling that limp scarfe round his head just looked silly.

    Judge Rinder, Foxtrot. Oksana’s hair was SO distracting, and the casual Summer dress whilst he looked very smart just made them look like the odd couple again. Epic Fail from Hair & Wardrobe. Her swinging her hair around didn’t add to the Forties Foxtrot Feel at all. I feel Rindy could’ve taken her aside and said “Oksana, this isn’t the Salsa, my love. We need demure and English not wild and raunchy”. However I enjoyed his dancing alot, his grandparents were adorable, and Craig is a total tosser.

    Ore, Rhumba. I completely disagree with Darcey. His movements were a bit too staccato for me, and not enough flow through the body. A very jerky drag back at the beginning looked tres awkward and added nothing to the overall choreography. At one point Joanne Clifton broke out smiling like she was dancing Light Ballroom, no passionate expression or sultry facials for her. But overall well done to him, I thought he was on the fringes of being good.

    Ed, Salsa. Katya looked like a gorgeous Showgirl. Ed resembled a Blue Coat from Hi de Hi. It was Fab! How can you watch and not smile? And I hated Ed Balls before Strictly, and Twitter trolled him to put his back into it for the sake of his Pro, and the reputation of N.16. He has! 😀 It’s the first time I’ve wanted a Comedy Contestant to get to Blackpool. Very difficult Lifts executed well, and Rhythmical in his way. Go Ed & Katya!
    When I heard what they were dancing to I thought it would be car crash TV, but no!

    Cloudia, Viennese Waltz. How dare Darcey call her Clawdia?! To be honest, it felt a bit dull after Ed. I wonder why she was placed there in the running order? Are they trying to throw her under the bus? But I’m sure if I watch back, I’ll enjoy alot more. I could see it was technically good anyway. They are still styling her *young* though. Why not a high bun? She wears one in Gymnastics and looks like Claudia Cardinale, in a black velvet leotard with diamanté that is gorgeous. But STILL Wardrobe is putting her in Pastel shades. I wish AJ would go in next week and lay down the law in his forceful way. I hope they get through.

    Danny, Argentine Tango. Anyone who catches Oti sometimes at the end or beginning of the show zoning out with a glazed look in her eyes got the mega version tonight as we were told to “Keeeep Dancin'”. I thought their AT was Brilliant! His Footwork speed was stunning! That was Story Telling in Dance, and the fast tempo of it matched the music. They didn’t have a slow sultry piece like Louise did last week, so what did Craig and Darcey want? Thank Gawd for Len, and I will certainly miss his comments next year. Definitely my Judge of the Year so far.

    Louise, American Smooth. If only she hadn’t mentioned Fosse in the VT, as I was expecting that stylistically, but it had none of his trademark garish sex appeal whatsoever. OTT comments from the Judges IMO, not worthy of closing the show. Not a patch on KFG’s AS for Kellie. All this ” I feel stupid” whining from her? She went to Italia Conte FFS, so what did she do there for years, if not learn how to get into character? Her Mum should ask for her schools fees back. The Clifton Clan Duo behind with their “Under Marked” chanting Dance! *Roll Eyes* Fosse, my arse! It was more coy than sex!

    1. Carl

      She really thought this was Fosse? I thought she was more lively than usual but at best it was a milder version of Lesley Ann Warren’s number in Victor/Victoria.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I think they could have swapped Cloudia and Ore fairly easily in the running order, because both V. Waltz and rumba are effective sedatives, but I guess Ore might have been in danger that way…

  2. BeyonceCastle

    Hi Huriye. Evening Chris. Hope you are both well.

    H, you are correct about Greg’s wafting of that scarf. I do better caping with a teatowel dammit. I think Nat did all her skirt swirling while Greg drummed a bit precisely to cut down his capery: if you can’t do it well, it looks awful. Something tells me he got the shawl as he would have been outcaped by Kelly Brook. Plus he definitely fell to his knees at the end a beat too early.
    What had me in stitches however (don’t know whether you can screenshot it for me C) is the bit where Greg looked like he was doing Adam Ant’s Prince Charming with his matador hands.

    Ed’s second and third lifts were very good indeed. I just think hats off to the guy that did such a sedate waltz in week one. It takes a great deal of courage and stamina and chutzpah to pull that off: He deserved praise for the lifts rather than radio silence. Hope he gets through.

    Ore’s rumba didn’t do it for me (they seldom do). Claudia and Lou technically great but still not producing numbers I choose to watch over and over.

    Danny deserves credit for dancing if he has had personal issues this week (same as Jay, Kelly Brook, Daisy and Will before him, it takes strength to do the show must go on approach if you just want to go into duvet mode). The phone call made me laugh (Or rather my other half did, shouting Taxi for Danny). His AT to that music (although kudos for the arrangement) was bloody good considering.

    Who do I want to go? Ore I think. He will only go in an Ore-Danny DO and I can’t see that happening. So Daisy probably will go. I liked her, any other year she would have gone further.

    1. redfred

      I must admit that I skipped through Ore & Jo’s rumba – I never like them, so I rarely actually sit and watch one. Plus I’m not sharing the love for the pairing, though I do like Ore. Maybe I need them back in ballroom to see it again and Blackpool (IF they get there) is calling for a big VW or Quickstep production for them.

      I wasn’t sure what to expect from an AT to Marvin Gaye, but given the music that actually worked really well. Yes, I think slower tempo AT’s tend to work better, but to get all that content in and done well… that’s bloody impressive!

      I liked Greg & Nat’s Paso… though was biased to liking it as I love the music.

      I can’t see Ed getting into the dance off just yet, and reckon Judge Rinder has enough support after that to get through, so am betting on two of Daisy / Ore / Greg, which would likely mean Daisy or Greg leaving 😦

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    This is why you should never work with LiveNans. They talk all the way through your link to camera, and then make your stomach lurch when they mention seeing your husband on television, and you’re not quite sure if they’re going to start babbling about Family Fortunes or some item on This Morning about celebrity sexting. Grandma Rinder was my highlight of the week.

    As for Rinder Jr., I’ve never cried emotional tears about Strictly (except that time on ITT when Vicky Gill mentioned Tristan not wanting anything see-through or topless), but his dancing for his grandparents did bring a tear to my eye. I like that he’s improving and doing proper choreography and retaining his USP that had me engaged in the first place.

    On the other hand, I can’t believe I’ve just seen Ed Balls almost face-fucking his pro on national television. Hang on, it’s the week before Blackpool : yes, I can.

    Undermarked, Jo and Karen? Really? Of course Louise never dances anything badly, but that was very workmanlike and self-conscious when it should have been camp and full of pizazz. My friends, (who watch Strictly religiously but don’t do ITT, the social media stuff, or know who half the celebs are before the series starts) mentioned the ‘favouritism’ word about Ed and Louise tonight, so maybe it’s starting to put people off.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I did laugh when they realised they were going to get literally nobody to agree with them other than Ore, who is stuck with Joanne all week, and Daisy who is the nicest person alive. And then stopped.

  4. John

    I liked Louise’s dance. I couldn’t take my eyes off her through the whole thing and it really suited her. I get the feeling she wanted to do a warm and fluffy AS all season and finally got to. Credit where due, Kev did a nice choreo.

    Not to compare Ore to Jay again but his rhumba was about almost as good but not quite. It started a bit casual until he sexed it up a bit and it’s that little bit of raunch that will probably see him through. Not a lot mind, just a little.

    Danny was great. What are Craig and Darcey chundering about? Does Craig find reasons not to give 10s before week 8? I think he does, the weirdo.

    Claudia, yup forgot her. Daisy blates dumped on first with an eye popping pink extravaganza and a salsa far beyond her ability. She’s toast.

    I can see Greg or Rinder in the DO, but perhaps I’m wrong.

    1. John

      Actually scratch that. If there’s any justice it will be Ed and he will go. I don’t get him, however good the lifts were.

  5. Carl

    Daisy/Aljaz – club dancing 101, with Aljaz a bit more interested in the camera than his partner. I don’t think she’ll escape the dance-off again.

    Claudia/AJ – nice, neat, the height difference still noticeable, along with his peachy backside (always more noticeable because of his posture with her). A wretched version of a song that might have worked otherwise. Bottom 2 likely, sad to say, as they don’t deserve it.

    Ore/Joanne – He did the arms well and gave a believable performance in terms of passion (if not hips), but he and Joanne continue to have zero chemistry, and she looked sour and disconnected. They just don’t gel at all.

    Danny/Oti – Awful song aside, I liked this. Lots of intensity, and it didn’t go sleepytime halfway through like Louise did last week. Not what it could have been, but I’m not really into the AT anyway.

    Louise/Kevin – I was surprised to hear Kevin get praise for not outdancing his partner as I thought that’s just what he did. He repeatedly put in moments that put the focus on him (knee walks, comedy falling to the ground), rather than her. Plenty of comedy gurning too. Louise seemed to enjoy this dance, for once, and gave what was for her a fun performance, but all I remember was Kevin making it all about himself.

    Greg/Natalie – Better than I thought it would be, for whatever that’s worth. His facial expression or lack thereof is very distracting though.

    Rinder/Oksana – His face continues to seem “off” to me when he dances, and his dancing is just sort of clumpy and average. It’s nice that he isn’t doing comedy now, but without comedy he’s still just a mediocre dancer.

    Ed/Katya – I was surprised at how good the lifts were (aside from the first one) and Katya put some great, fun choreography in there (let’s not talk about when he stood over her face). I genuinely enjoyed this, especially when it got going halfway through. I don’t think he’s “good” per se, but I don’t really believe he’s much worse than about 3-4 people left and I can’t work up any of the usual fandom outrage about how he might stay and various precious ponies might go.

    1. Carl

      Oh, and I was trying to figure out if Louise was wearing some version of that ugly dress Kellie Bright had to wear last year that made people think she was pregnant.

    2. Coz

      Even Daisy could not overcome Vicky Giggles’s shirt-dress. I enjoyed her enjoyment more than the dance, but it will be a good note for her to go out on – as I suspect she will. A lovely girl as far as I can see, but a string of marks ranging from 30-34 over 8 weeks does not suggest that there is much more to come.

      Greg still looks disjointed to me and all the Natalie skirt work in the world isn’t really changing that. Again, a lovely chap but he looks as though he’s reached his limit. That and I’m not sure he’s got any dances left that will really suit him.

      I really liked Ore’s rumba. Didn’t expect to, but for me is was quite subtle and introverted and just worked. Of the not-quite-front-runners, he’s the one I’d be happiest to see in the final. He seems like a natural dancer.

      JR is improving, but the removal of the Komedy Kontestant label (which I am glad of) exposes him as a mediocre dancer. Which is about what you’d expect. I have a feeling that his next latin will see him out.

      I applaud Katya from the bottom of my heart for the way she’s taught Ed to actually dance, but I loathe Gangnam Style to a quite irrational degree and don’t enjoy salsa either, so it was a no-win for me. Not sure there’s a huge amount of clear water among the bottom dwellers in terms of likely improvement at this point.

      Cloudier needs another wow dance right now. Like all of this year’s cast, I really like her and admire her work ethic, but something sparkley needs to happen. Good to see them getting better music this week. Maybe Blackpool will work magic.

      Danny’s AT blew me away. All the drama you could want and the dance telling the story.

      Kevin does give good showstopping AS. He is doing his damndest to help Louise present herself and perform, but it may not be in her to do that. Intimate is always going to suit her better. That said “Big Spender” plus Louise does not sound like a combo made in heaven and it wasn’t. Enjoyable and effortless but not enough boom.

  6. catherinehirst

    No one talks about how probably half of Danny’s amazing success is due to Oti’s incredible choreography. She is amazing. She’s also the best female pro dancer the show’s ever had IMO (ok, maybe tied with Natalie). I had to watch their dance again because I realised I was only watching Danny about 1/4 of the time. She is so magnetic.

    Louise is really annoying me now. “I feel so stupid!” For god’s sakes woman, get over yourself.

    Ore is clearly trying to rein in the over-emotive stuff, and I like him better as a result. Sadly, Joanne is still as irritating as ever and I don’t see any chemistry between them.

    I really enjoyed Greg’s dance, but suspect Greg/Daisy or Rinder/Daisy bottom two, and I think Daisy beats Greg but I wouldn’t be able to call Rinder/Daisy. Everyone seems to think she’s going home this week, but wouldn’t she beat most of the middle table in the dance off? Wouldn’t the judges save her? Claudia beats her certainly, and Ore, but Greg/Rinder? Not sure…

    Ed Balls was bloody awful and I’m happy for him to be shot out of a cannon or whatever in Blackpool and then say goodbye. He seems a likeable enough person but I do not enjoy watching him dance.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Well this week it wasn’t Oti’s choreography – it was Mr Oksana. Which would explain some of it. I’m guessing he’s getting Bill Deamer for Charleston as well, which is a plum draw.

  7. DJ Mikey

    On the subject of Danny’s AT I just want to remind everybody that I called it – Danny totally owned the AT and here we are 1 point less than Louise, it’s a tough call whether the judges have a boner for Ore or Louise. But they definitely don’t have a boner for Danny.

    1. Marcela

      Paso dole made my mind go to that scene in The Full Monty in which they’re air shagging in the dole office queue to Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff.
      My mind works strange ways, go figure.

  8. Marcela

    My 7yr old is a sound judge of character and he said that Greg looked “confused” and “constipated” during his Paso.
    There goes my crush on him…


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