Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 7 Results Summary

Our opening pro routine? Yet again features Anton doing something he…probably shouldn’t, as he plays Endgame in a Cuban love triangle between himself, Oti and Neil. It’s not the most obvious bubbling crucible of erotic latin tension but bless them they tried. Fortunately Oti sells it enough and there’s enough of an all-purpose street party going on around them that it just about manages to come off. Just about.

Otherwise the episode is devoted in large part to people just spilling out all over the place what they’re doing next week (Greg on paso! Cloudia dancing the Viennese Waltz! Danny doing Argentine Tango! Rindy Foxtrot! Ed doing a Gangnam Style to Gangnam Style!). Remember in the old days when we often didn’t find out what genre everyone had until their training update fell out on It Takes Two? Sigh. We also get an extensive session of On The Couch With Kevin Clifton where he takes us through the extensive process of psychological expectation management required to keep Louise Redknapp stable and sane. Or at least according to Kevin, Louise seems perfectly capable of managing herself. Mostly by just saying “ok…ok…ok…ok…ok” until Kevin stops it. I won’t be rushing to sign up for a session with his any time soon to be honest.

The Results? After 7 long weeks, a man FINALLY gets to compete in the dance-off! It’s Ore, so he wins, but it’s a small chink in the heretofore impenetrable armour of the Year Of The Man. His victim is Laura, who seems more or less ready to go home, and hopefully in time, as a Superfan, she will be able to parse her time in the show into being something worthwhile for her. Possibly “Non-Stop Erotic Trainwreck”? That could be a thing right?


19 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 7 Results Summary

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Another dance-off where the judges ignore what actually happens in the dance-off. Fix! Laura was clearly better on the night.

    Ore was a lot more together about being in the dance-off than I imagined. Admittedly, what I had imagined was something akin to Scarlett O’Hara lying in the mud, eating those radishes.

    Giovanni going full-pelt in that samba made me wish we could have pro-couple dances again. The opening routines are too bitty and manic to see the dancing, and the guest artiste slots are just a waft-fest.

  2. Penny

    If I were Joanne, the lesson I’d be learning is that’s the voting public are mostly not here for Sexy Ore.

    When she returns to the choreographer chair then I reckon she needs goofy, wacky, soppy, glamorous, even, god help us, weepy, but not doing anything of which Arlene Philips would approve. Oh, and also no appallingly clunky lifts.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I liked Sexy Fireman Crap Poledancer Ore.
      I even liked Nerdy Speccy Cyclist Benchdancer Ore.
      I have no time for weepy, soppy Ore and Jo does not need any further routines that might incorporate Goofy Wacky or indeed Kooky …although that would still be an improvement on Sticking A Lolly Down His Pants Bumfluff Ore.

    2. Carl

      Based on the ridiculously inflated scores from early on I wonder just how little the viewers may have been there for Ore all along. The show is going into overdrive to push him and to try to pretend every dance he does is brilliant. The last time I saw such naked worry was with Lisa Snowden. If the show had been honest about his flaws, that would have helped him get support, but they don’t and aren’t.

      (I have to admit it does make me laugh that his first bottom 2 was with a salsa, as that was my favorite Jay dance…any time people say any salsa is terrible so Ore isn’t any exception, I think of that salsa)

      Joanne and Ore, for me, just aren’t a good pairing – they don’t actually dance together, and lack basic chemistry – and unless that’s worked on, it’s just going to be more overinflated scores and judge manipulations for the rest of the series.

      1. stevenperkins

        Well, obviously we’ll never fully know, but Ore was lower on the leaderboard last week than he was this week and still escaped the bottom two, so I don’t think this can *entirely* be ruled out as him being carried this far purely by judges’ scores and never getting any public votes. (Plus he seemed to be doing quite well on that YouGov poll the other week.)

        It could be that he seemed more obviously “in danger” last week than he did this week, possibly. It might just have been that combination of being on early, doing a decent but not spectacular job, support slightly waning from two underwhelming dances in a row and being high enough on the leaderboard that voters of no fixed loyalty who may have supported him last week felt their votes were needed elsewhere this time. (Personally it was for all of the above reasons that I felt he might actually be in danger this week which is why I chucked him a vote having not bothered for the last few weeks. Or maybe I jinxed him by voting for him, who knows?)

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Gary Barlow will do Strictly eventually, mark my words.

    The Girls is based on Calendar Girls (rather than a musical by Brenda* about his dance partners)

    Been there, done that, didn’t wear the T-shirt.

    * Noticed it’s contagious and Kev referred to Lou in the same vein yesterday. She’s a 42 year old milf, Kevin.

    Anton getting cast in a Latin number was…a surprise. Hoping he does get Len’s job (others saying Karen, I hope not) TonyBeak’s gf expecting twins = shedload of pampers required.

    Aliona up the duff. Speculation over Ola in the jungle. Kristina’s beau, Lou’s marriage and GregnNat’s chemistry under the microscope. And we’re only half way through.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Of course The Girls isn’t based on Brenda and his dance partners – that’s already been made into a movie “The First Wives Club”.

      Saw articles suggesting that Kristina Rihanoff would be taking Len’s place, so I’m using this opportunity to shamelessly post a pic of Ben Cohen..

    2. monkseal Post author

      Gary is still way too successful I think. If I’d bet on any of them it’d be Mark, or Howard if they need a ringah.

  4. Marcela

    I don’t care if I sound evil but I’m really glad Snowdon Reloaded 2 has gone. She was giving me serious flashbacks of Snowdon 1 and only my bank manager and God know how much I spent in therapy trying to forget THAT.

  5. Huriye

    Anton for the win! If he doesn’t top the Pro Poll this year it’s a Fix!

    And impending Fatherhood of twins!

    2016?! Never mind Year of Showbiz Deaths, it’s been THE YEAR OF ANTON!
    Ha ha Marvellous! ❤


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