Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 7 Performance Summary

As with last year with the week of Peter Andre’s charleston, the show flipped the usual script this week, and instead of building towards a spectacular Pimp Slot performance, it opened with a bang from a frontrunner, and told every other contestant that followed to bring it to try to keep up. The bang in this case being Danny’s Jive, which features down low and dirty splits, high kicks, higher hair and the even higherest trousers. The highest trouser you be seen on a Saturday night outside of that singing show thing that’s happening on the other side. Still. Apparently.

One after one they line up with their swings and misses – 32 after 33 after 34 after 32. Daisy’s Viennese Waltz? Sweet, but the parpy parpy oompah music brings it down a notch. Ore’s salsa? Good natural ability being stifled by ugly awkward lifts and constant “let me stand still whilst Joanne flafs her skirt about” moments. Laura’s samba? Gives good drama and sass but Giovanni overdances her to a quite terrifying degree, all culminating in the end of the routine literally being the camera just focusing on him spinning as Laura goes off for a Stephanie Beacham memorial nice cup of tea and a sit down. Judge Rinder’s quickstep? Beautifully old-school and charming, but the judges have decided his Facial Expressions are an actual storyline that needs addressing now and give him demerits. Greg & Natalie’s Viennese Waltz? Impeccably dramatic and lovely swirling but I’ve never seen anyone look as seasick on this show as Greg did from about halfway through this one. Claudia’s paso doble? A really good routine (for the second week in a row to a potentially awkward song) and actually I think a touch undermarked, but Len has decided AJ needs a slap on the wrist for something or other so here we are. Ed’s quickstep? Another good effort from him, with a lovely turn of speed but…he’s still Ed Balls y’know? 6s and 7s are the limit there outside of a random Bruno fit (and maybe a Big Blackpool Overproduction Number?). All in all these routines are better than they sound when you’re comparing them directly to Danny and ticking them off for not coming up to his standard, but that’s how the night was structured so that’s what you have to do.

The one couple to match up to Danny’s jive tonight? Randomly (and terrifyingly) it’s Louise on the Argentine Tango as she finally (and unlike last week) *actually* cuts loose, ruffles her hair, pouts her lips, flips her Tupperware wide open and spills red wine on the beige hall rug and DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT. It’s all very How Louise Got Her Groove Back suburban emancipation, and whilst the technique sometimes stutters a little, it’s great to see Louise finally do something to justify her place in the ranks of the frontrunners. She even actually reacts to her scores for the first time ever. The momentum this series just keeps switching up doesn’t it?


18 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 7 Performance Summary

  1. Carl

    I thought tonight was probably the best show of this series – lots of decent dances, not one bad dance. There also weren’t really any great dances, but I’ve given up on those so I’m not bothered. 

    Danny and Oti – It was nice to see their partnership and to see a jive that didn’t involve the female partner running around showcasing herself while the man kicked and kicked and kicked in place. For that reason alone I’d put this above Ore/Joanne’s jive. I wish this had had more flow – having him stop in the middle to do tricks spoilt that. There also wasn’t much of a “wow” factor for me, although realistically that isn’t ever going to happen with Danny. The hair-slick move was triggering as it reminded me of Andre last year. Way too many Andre-esque jives this series.

    Ore and Joanne – Ore was trying his best, but while he puts on a performance and is a capable dancer, he’s also incredibly awkward, and this dance put a cruel spotlight on that. Beyond his awkwardness in the movements, and the lack of hips, the lifts were either sloppy, labored, or both. He and Joanne also continue to have no real chemistry. 

    Laura and Giovanni – That ankle injury must be seriously playing up. I couldn’t help feeling somewhat sorry for her. Giovanni pretty much out-Glebbed Gleb, yet he’s sincere enough to where it didn’t bother me as much as it may have otherwise. That and he was far more charismatic and hypnotic in those moments than he generally is with partners. (oh and his whole “Pasha we are waiting for you” on ITT this past week was so cute it made me like him more)

    Louise and Kevin – Another that was watchable and polished but no “wow.” As the last half started I could feel her hesitancy, as happens over and over with Louise. The show had everything going for her, from lighting, to costumes, to music. There’s just no there there. 

    Claudia and AJ – The opposite of Louise in that yet again the music and costumes were juvenile and distracting, yet Claudia was trying her best and sheer work ethic and her chemistry with AJ almost salvaged it. At first I didn’t even know if they were dancing paso but they got much better in the last half. 

    Daisy and Aljaz – Those trousers on him were sublime. This was a sweet, nice dance, one that suited her eternal hesitancy. She and Aljaz were lovely together. A little moment that made me smile. I don’t know any spoilers but I feel like this would be the ideal dance for her to say goodbye on. 

    Rinder and Oksana – He kept his mouth closed most of the time – good for him. I’m glad he went for a no-frills, no-flash dance, which he did a decent job with, aside from sloppiness and an awkwardness at the end that suggested he needed a bathroom break. Yet I can’t help feeling this may have been forgettable enough to hit the bottom two. 

    Ed and Katya – This might have been a really good dance if they had actually danced, rather than having 25 seconds of comedy, followed by a bit of QS, followed by another lengthy break for Katya’s Comedy Pratfalls. Katya is naturally funnier than any of the “comedy” acts this series, she has a real future in slapstick if she wants it, but where was the dancing? I feel like this sort of let Ed down, oddly enough. 

    Greg and Natalie – I didn’t mind his facial expressions in this the way some did. I was more distracted by the beginning and end, which were so cloying and made the fairly decent dancing in-between seem tacked on. Natalie and Greg have wonderful chemistry, something sorely lacking elsewhere, and this dance was just the latest example. I could see this being another bottom 2 contender, although I’d rather he stay over Ore, Daisy, or Rinder at the very least. 

    1. wcswh

      Ed’s maybe one of those ok-ish dancers where Katya’s choreography and the carefully trained good bits flatter to deceive. I reckon if he’d done more dancing and less comedy the extra bars of dancing wouldn’t be as good as the short snippets we see. And instead of it being an entertaining routine, it would be an ordinary routine danced slightly ineptly.
      He’s good for a middle-aged politician, but if you could CGI Danny Mac’s head onto his body, no one would be thinking he’s great.
      Don’t get me wrong- I love him and he’s what this show is all about, I just don’t buy this “give the poorer ones more dance content- they’ll be great”. No- it’ll be a lot harder for them, and they’ll dance it worse.

      1. Carl

        I agree with you about Ed (and I think that ended up being shown with Rinder and Oksana), but I think he might have been decent at QS, as he’s light on his feet and Katya is a good partner. I generally don’t think much of his dancing (although I’m not in the HOW DARE HE NOT LEAVE IMMEDIATELY camp either – to me the boot order is pretty interchangeable this series), but I sort of wish she’d saved some of the comedy for another routine. Then again maybe he sucked in training, so what do I know.

    2. monkseal Post author

      Ed at this point seems to have gone through the barrier into the place where people say the dances “actually have a lot of content” even when….they don’t. That dance wouldn’t have flown anywhere before about Series 10 as a quickstep.

  2. Huriye

    I totally agree with your comments tonight Monkseal!

    I was so shocked Danny’s Jive only got 2 10s! That routine had everything and he is such a wonderful performer, and Oti is showcasing his talent and her Choreography skills to Perfection! ❤ ❤
    Craig was being a Mardy old git, and frankly, I am so bored with his schtick about random thumbs and other inanities. When Aljaz told him he only choreographed an Oversway, and not a Throwaway Oversway, as Craig claimed, it told you all you need to know about his total lack of Ballroom knowledge. Plank.

    Daisy filming down Chap was right up my manor, and she must've dragged Aljaz several stops down the Northern Line to get to Islington from Primrose Hill. Pity the Pie 'n Mash shop closed in Chapel Market years ago, they could've stopped off for a bite to eat. Her Viennese was sweet, but that's all Daisy does is sweet and pleasant. It's incongruous, as I'm sure she's done a few lines of coke in the modelling/music world from whence she comes. Can she bring it next time……a bit…..just for variety. Cheers!

    Judge Rinder! Oksana! ❤ ❤ I am so coveting her Art Deco dress! ❤
    Their Quickstep never stopped, it had a million steps, he kept in time throughout, it was wonderful, yet still they find fault? Quite right Len, he is just living the joy of Dance. Let's do close ups of Craig and Bruno's faces …….er, let's not! Eek!

    Ed and Katya's Quickstep was not far behind, another super routine! I'm not usually one for slapstick, but it worked. And they did wonders with the song, thank God it was a different arrangement to the Beatles original. Ed was surely underscored? The fact is there are no out and out Duffers left, so keeping him at the bottom on a lowish score will only encourage viewers to vote more. I watched on delay, so missed the Closing Time, but feel it in my water Ed and Katya are going to Blackpool!

    Greg and Natalie! Oooh! No wonder Nat has been cooing all week on Twitter! She is beside herself, as finally she got to play VAMPY NAT! ❤ I LOVED all the chez long shenanigans! And there is so much of a frisson between this couple, you just know Nat would…..if she could…..but she's engaged to a very handsome chap!

    Louise & Kevin. The authentic music certainly helped, and the choreography was fab.
    She danced it with style, and they matched well. But I can't say they're my fave couple and I want them to win or anything.

    Okay, I am STILL FUMING at the absolute crap music choice YET AGAIN that Cloudia and AJ have to work with. In my opinion it did affect the routine, seriously undermining it. If you actually examine Cloudia (and AJ's) dancing, both were stupendously good! And with PROPER Fecking music, she would've got 10s. I'm convinced. And she was totally underscored. Unless Rainbow wants Cloudia gone, she seriously needs to have a word asap wiv that cretin doing the choosing. I had to restrain myself on Twitter, and just asked Neil to comment on the crap Paso music on Choreo Corner, and the unfairness of it. 😦

    Laura and Joe Varney. Was he protecting her ankle? If so we should've been told, as him doing all those Samba steps and ending with a floor length of travelling spins, whilst Laura stood and just moved her tummy in a vaguely Samba type way was tres tres odd. Put it like this: Georgia's Samba was much better!

    Ore did well with his Salsa. I didn't love the music or choreo and I just feel as a couple they have been generally overscored. I couldn't believe it when Claudia said their score was 2 points higher than last week? What, that monstrous calamity of a Charleston only got 2 points less. Unbelievable!

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    Laura – Go Gio! Go Gio! Go Gio! Go Gio!

    Daisy – Daisy-chaining, Len? Just who was behind that barrow with Aljaz?

    Louise – Turn off the lights, glue her head to Kevin’s and don’t go in too close. No-one will notice her valium-face.

    Cloudier – The music dampened the impact again. Ire-inducing comparative undermarking.

    Rinder – Dance of the night. My kind of quickstep.

    Ed – Stand still for half a quickstep and earn my eternal enmity.

    Danny – On the Jay-Vaughan Scale of Strictly Jiving, I thought somewhere below Jay but somewhere above Ore. Moments of 10-ness, with a lot of over-stepping.

    Ore – And this week on Opportunity Knocks, Bernie and Lynval from Cheltenham Spa Disco Club will be dancing a dance called the salsa!

    Greg – Two celebs I like, partnered with two pros I like, dancing the same dance. I know the first celeb dances it better, but the music and staging and costumes and choreography for the second celeb win me over. That’s how Strictly works, I guess.

  4. Marcela

    I loved to see Louise finally acting a bit and being a filthy biatch! Someone messed up with the board circuit on her Stepford Wife panel. We can finally say something other than “nice” about her.

  5. Lesley Rigg

    Does that thing Tess was wearing have a name? :-/

    I thought Mrs R actually went to an acting school? Just dance? It did have some elements of the Rachbot’s AT, and I wasn’t overly keen on that – it’s that gertcha (as Len would say) that appears lacking.

    Cloudier – voted for her because she’s being hampered with bizarre music, short-ism, dodgy camera angles, etc but it seemed to be lacking a bit of well er… Paso

  6. Fenweasel

    Poor Greg. The sudden pallor, the sheen of sweat, the desperate staring off to the horizon in the hope that it will steady you – it was every dodgy ferry crossing you’ve ever been on, but in front of millions of laughing strangers (unless I was the only one laughing like a heartless bastard). For one glorious moment, I thought Greg was actually going to hurl mid-spin, spraying the front couple of rows with the BBC canteen’s daily special and the remains of several packets of Quells.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Just the fingertips. At least it’s a positive sign that Davearch hasn’t chopped them off for ransom yet.


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