Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 6 Results Summary

Our annual spooky spectacular continues with a pro group dance to “In The Air Tonight” where Kevin and Karen are a sweet young virginal innocent couple who stumble upon evil Count Brendan in his spooky mansion (Performances Where Brendan has played a vampire this series : 4 as of this one) and he converts Karen to be one his undead brides. This takes a long time. A very long time. The entire length of the routine long. I’ve seen Shakespearian heroes die faster. Whilst Karen dies Kevin mostly sprints around in a circle pumping his wee little legs and arms as fast as he can. I don’t think that’s one of the ways you kill a vampire, but it never hurts to experiment. He might have been tinkling his holy water about as he was going, who can say?

Our guest perfomer is Laura Mvula and she’s doing a cover of “Ready Or Not” by The Fugees with a really thick West African accent whilst dressed as Charlie Brown, surrounded by her own rented in private dancers (dancers for money). There are better uses for Laura Mvula I can think of to be honest. Len’s Glans doles out plaudits for Laura, Cloudia, and Judge Rinder (who apparently is “now taking it seriously” says Craig, yes I’ve really noticed), crits for Danny, and just sits back and laughs at Ed’s funny cha cha noises. It’s going to be a long road to Blackpool isn’t it?

In terms of actual results? The Year Of The Man rolls on, as we go yet another week without a man appearing in the Dance Off. In fact, if we want to be persnickerty about it, no man has yet appeared in the Dance Off at all. Anastacia vs Daisy is the not unpredictable match-up on the slate, and Daisy wins handily, although her hyperventilation at being told she’s in danger is starting to reach levels I find genuinely concerning. If she’s there again next week I worry she might pop a lung out. Anastacia gives a very Anastacia goodbye, just randomly hoofing through the dance-off (Performances By Brendan As A Vampire : 5), yelling out one of her own hits with changed lyrics, and jabbing her finger in Brenda’s face and telling him he’s AMAZING. She will be missed.


16 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 6 Results Summary

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Strictly Hallowe’en without Pasha just isn’t Strictly Hallowe’en.

    I howled throughout that opening routine. Little Philip Pirrip and his Ernie Wise legs losing asylum nightie lady to the Dark Brenda Lord.

    Guest artistes who bring their own dancers can fuck right off. I only suffer through their weekly dirges so I can gauge which pro dancers are the producer pets du jour.

    Anastacia was great in the dance off. The interesting women have all gone. Anastacia is gone and next week I have to sit through Jeez Louise Mary Archer-ing her way through an Argentine Tango. (Weeps)

    1. ThatBeyonceCastle

      She could end up doing an Olivia Newton John and becoming Slagathor in black leather overnight. [hopeful] That would be a decent pay-off. Six weeks of demure wholesome Lou then TWIST becomes a fully paid up member of the Satanic Sluts.

  2. ThatBeyonceCastle

    You predicted it yesterday Chris. Even Brendan thought it was the right decision (have just read his DS Mole blog). Although I wonder if the comment about thinking your partner will be good before realizing Fuck on Thursday, knowing they’re not but it’s too late…was not so subtle shade at Ana. I liked the pro dance. Brenda gives good Vamp. I liked his batshit routine too, or shit bat routine as it turned out. Pretty sure Lesley would have killed it.

  3. Huriye

    Anastacia was a great sport all show, and I enjoyed her Dance Off more than Daisy’s so would’ve saved her, as at least she’s got some life about her. Daisy swished her Paso skirt like she was a distracted vacuous model on the catwalk with no purpose. I love the Paso, but that was one of the dullest I’ve ever seen. When their music started up all I could think of was Darren and Lilia interpreting it so much better in series 3.
    Say what you will about “me neeeehhhhrrves” and it’s usually insulting, but at least she gave it some attack, and when required to be sexy, damn well could.

    1. monkseal Post author

      £5 to the first commenter who can remember a single bloody thing about Abbey’s paso without recourse to Youtube.

  4. Huriye

    Fed up with contestants who claim they are super fans and watch the show every week, yet say “Samba, I don’t know what that is?” Really Laura? 😏

  5. Aoife

    I absolutely LOVED last night’s pro-dance. Already my pro-dance winner in this year’s Monkies.

    Guest singer on the other hand was awful and as ChaChaChavvy said, guests bringing their own dancers can FRO.

    1. monkseal Post author

      But there’s a whole series to go! You never know, there could be something great to come in Around The World Week 2 : Into Outer Space And Beyond

  6. Coz

    Adored that pro dance and felt a bit gutted for Daisy. Hopefully she’ll get a decent ballroom and get a week off from the DO. There must be a limit to how Greg/Ed/RobR can all three be out of a DO. One of them must be due a visit.

    I’ll miss Anastacia, she’s got a ton of class and a nice line in irony.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I do think Anastacia’s might be the plug pulled that pushes one of the Likeable Trier Men into the danger zone. Although Daisy vs Laura seems possible because I can see a lot of couple going high with their scores on Saturday. As ever, we’ll see how many ties there are…


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