Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 5 Results Summary

Did you ever find yourself thinking that the start of each show doesn’t feature nearly enough of the judges vaguely wandering around and it being called “dancing”? Well you’re in luck this week, as all of them feature in this week’s pro routine, a mishmash of 1920s and Musical Theatre styles being performed to “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, headed up by Janette as Millie herself. I say “all of them feature”, Bruno barely makes it on in time, but really it’s the thought that counts. Our guest performer meanwhile, is Leann Rimes, and she stands on a table for the entire performance of her new single about how one should kiss a boy. As the pro routine features Gorka, I would have been more than happy to help out but, as has been the case for this series in general, it’s Oti who gets the sweetest plum.

Len’s Glans is unusually negative after last week’s Clifton Love Fest, as Judge Rinder, Greg, and Ed Balls all get picked on by the judges for sloppy footwork in the case of the first and…well I’m sure you can remember what in Ed Balls’ case, whilst Anastacia gets the one positive note of the week for her quickstep footwork. If you’re wondering why the judges are trying to peg back the men in the bottom half of the table and boost up the women, then look no further than our results, as for the third week in a row the Bottom 2 are both female. This time around it’s Lesley and Daisy, but at this point it feels a bit like you could book all of the men tickets for the Blackpool bus and give them every night off in-between. Given the quality of the routines, both on the night and in the dance-off, it’s no surprise that Lesley is sent packing, which is a bit of a shame given how likable she was, and entertaining her dancing was (out of hold). Anton gives a speech that feels a bit like an overall goodbye to the show, but then he’s done that every year since about Series 10, so who knows at this point.



13 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 5 Results Summary

  1. Martin

    Lesley did look all the way through Saturday as though she knew she was going – maybe she’d had enough? Only Ed could have kept her in to be fair but I am glad he wasn’t in the DO as I feared for Katya’s safety!

    1. DJ Mikey

      Indeed – it’s time for Ed to go, but simultaneously I’m so glad he didn’t have to perform that lift again. I’m sure Katya’s life flashed before her eyes.

      Though I honestly think Lesley’s time was coming to an end, I think she was supposed to have a Jive this week – it wouldn’t have been a good note to go out on, as she would have struggled to maintain he energy and the routine would have been sloppy. Better that she goes out on a relative high, even if we were deprived of “Like A Virgin” and a Leopard print dress..

  2. John

    Still bemused people vote for Ed. Lesley’s tango was very poor so despite her likability it did feel like a just boot. Happy to see Anastacia have a nice dance and more of Gorka. I like Brenda, but I hope he gets well slowly.

    Two weird Joanne/Ore moments this weekend. First was his pointing at her in a ‘Pretty hot eh?’ way which pissed her off royally. The next referring to her as his new best mate on Sunday which made her exchange a look with Kevin that wasn’t the most loyal partner-y look I’ve seen. I guess he’s probably a little phony? A bit too much sometimes? I think Ores natural fit might be more of a Karen or a Natalie on the exuberance levels.

    I only give a damn as Ive backed Ore heavily and he’s certainly no nailed on winner like Jay.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Ore’s too much, Danny’s not enough. Is the conclusion I’ve come to.

      (I’m talking about personalities)

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    It was going so well. I enjoyed the opening routine, Gorka was in his suit, the guest artiste wasn’t completely awful, more Gorka ………… and then my absolute favourite celeb got sent home. Lesley was pure enjoyment.

  4. Carl

    In terms of talent and not being either a robot of vaguely annoying, I would have put Lesley over most of this cast, but given how hard the work clearly was for her, perhaps her going this soon is for the best. If only this were a series that had entertaining dancers or more than about two celebs who actually have a drop of chemistry with their partners – then this loss would not feel even more like a curtain closing.

    Daisy seems to be a nice person, but I can’t say I’m surprised she hit the bottom two. Beyond the usual (jellus hatahs, people thinking she was safe, transparent judge overhype), I just don’t think she’s very good, nor have I ever believed her with Aljaz. Her Vorderumba last week was extremely poor and she deserved bottom 2 over Anastacia. She, Laura and Louise could all quit en masse (although obviously I don’t want them to) and I’m not sure I’d notice their absence.

  5. Lesley Rigg

    I liked the personalities of both dancers in the DO. Laura would have been there if she’d been well I think, but then I haven’t really warmed to her. I’m not sure why Ed was saved, so maybe Halloween will be his swan-song – dressed as a malevolent spider chasing Katya’s little fly (on the ground!) around the dance-floor.

    Ore and Karen, wow!! Just Wow!

    1. ChaChaChavvy

      Laura is the unknown quantity. I’m inclined to believe she would have stayed. Her fans know that they need to vote, she had a good slot in the running order, she had a decent song and Giovanni is a pretty dynamic jiver. I think this was the week for Daisy and Daisy fans to get their little kick up the bum.

      1. Lesley Rigg

        Maybe. I never, ever, ever understood how Clancy and her QS got such high marks/popularity (?) (let alone her salsa – and I remember individual dances with her so I must have been irritated) and she and Daisy share a partner so are otherwise comparable, and I would much, much rather see a gangly, slightly sloppy sweetie dance than see Abs and her oversized Deckchair on the LIve Tour again 🙂

    2. monkseal Post author

      Ed was saved because he’s trying his best and he’s so endearing and Katya’s trying to give him proper choreography not like that Ola etc etc etc etc etc forever


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