Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 4 Results Summary

The show opens with a pro routine tribute to James Brown. Production makes one good decision in getting a professional hip-hop/soul dancer to lead everything up, rather than having one of the pros do it, then promptly undoes it all in a matter of seconds by having Anton be his second-in-command. ANTON. “Well it could have been worse” is only a suitable tribute to James Brown if you’re working from the angle that the man himself often turned up too mashed to perform. Aljaz and Janette also get a lot of focus but ANTON man, I don’t know.

Our special guest performers are Madness, singing a song about a grumpy old man who is big in the community and wishes life was like it was in the old days. But it’s NOT ABOUT LEN because this old man uses prostitutes regularly. I repeat NOT ABOUT LEN. Accompanying pros are Neil and Katya Jones. Slowly, surely, do they find work for our spare part pros. Slowly but surely. Len’s Lens meanwhile focuses on bigging up the Cliftons, with extensive segments devoted to zooming right in on their partners (Ore and Louise) footwork which of course is perfect. In the segments they choose to show. Also Darcey communicates what was wrong with Judge Ringer’s Viennese Waltz using only animalistic grunts. It’s quite something.

Our Bottom 2? Exactly what you thought it would be – Naga vs Anastacia. A question that was a little one-sided based on the night becomes even more so as Naga puts in one of the most phoned-in dance-off performances I’ve ever seen and gets summarily dispatched unanimously. Pasha then calls her his best student ever, because Natalie’s given him loan of her Ultimate Positivity gimmick for the week. In return, next week I’m going make a bunch of filthy sex jokes about her. You have been warned.


22 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 4 Results Summary

    1. DJ Mikey

      Pasha’s is clearly fickle – and has forgotten Kimbotley (who got him to the final) and Flackers (who got him the Glitterball). I weep, I thought he was a BIGGER man than that..

      1. Kate

        No no, he’s just a well brought up young man, who’s mum made him write thank you letters to a great aunt who bought him hopelessly unsuitable christmas presents. He’s remembered his manners.

      2. BeyonceCastle

        Pash was repeating “you’re my best student, so much better than last year’s” from being around Brucie in his “so much better than last week’s ” audience warm up…Carol is weeping as she’s sure he said she was his favourite last year. Numbers Bitch is getting ready to sabotage Naga’s car brakes, darn it, she tried with the harness already but maybe this time….

    2. monkseal Post author

      In fairness “constantly trying to shag the teacher” doesn’t necessarily make for an attentive student.

  1. Minxy

    Looking forward to Pash and Naga’s unsafe you sex face. Naga did a better job than Pash at hiding her relief – maybe she actually did look genuinely sad. It took Pash longer to get his happiness under control. She let herself relax and move better in their last dance than she has so far.

    And Anastasia did do a better dance in the dance off

    Nice to not have a wuzrobbed from the dance off.

  2. Pops

    Those ‘tributes to Naga’ at the end seemed especially perfunctory. Just Greg and Louise, and the best she could come up with was that she’d miss watching her Charleston. Oh well, I’m sure Zoe will tell her everyone on social media is bereft.

  3. Breppo

    Not a good Sunday evening for Breppo. Breppo’s favourite contestants on Strictly and the Dutch version of the GBBO eliminated at practically the same time. But Breppo has not lost touch with reality (yet) and admits it was time for them to go.

  4. ChaChaChavvy

    Another opening routine I didn’t love. What was so wrong about the days when they had three or four couples on the floor doing one style of dance? It all looks so manic now. I’d get rid of the guest artistes and their new singles and replace them with a full-on pro couple demonstration dance. Then I’d save all my pennies up and get Dolly Parton for Blackpool.

    Poor Pasha! The world’s worst fibber and all dressed for a gay nightclub in Hamburg, circa 1991. I haven’t enjoyed desperate Pasha. I think he’s terrified of being permanently shunted into the ‘shepherding the nervy middle-aged lady’ role that Robin had before they ditched him. Just give him a ringer again.

    Anastacia looked incredible and her dance-off rumba was a very easy watch. Daisy, on the other hand, was performing sexy, rather than just being sexy, and it was uncomfortable.

    Am I the only person who thinks Oksana should dress like that all the time? She looked fantabulous.

    Ore has gone beyond Dr Hamela prayer hands and has chosen the full-on, hand-clasping beseeching gesture. Sally Field by Hallowe’en. You heard it here.

    More Gorka needed. Let him sub for Karen on ITT with his lovely accent. Hilarity will ensue.

  5. John G

    …which is why we all love lovely Pasha. Even though Naga must be at least his sixth best student after Numbers Bitch; Flack; Kimbot; Chelsea and the weather lady who was ever so nice. Such a gentleman.

  6. Huriye

    I must have been looking at a different show tonight?! I thought Anton looked good in the James Brown number, he’s got a new lease of life, and really looked into it, rather than just going through the motions. Yet again Janette given a centre front position. I was wondering what Middle Class of Tunbridge Wells thought of all that gyrating though? Not quite ‘Strictly Family’ was it?
    Nice to see Katya dancing full out to the music guests.

    I genuinely thought it was a close contest in the DO. Naga did well, and it was much sharper than the first performance. I really don’t get the “phoned in” description at all.
    Brenda did his opening spin properly this time without his feet sticking, so good for him.
    I actually preferred Anastacia’s Rhumba to Daisy’s, but can’t see her going much further.

    Pity they didn’t feature Cloudia’s hoverspins on Len’s Lens which were fabulous.
    Darcey. She really does the bare minimum doesn’t she? I don’t think she’s capable of dancing a step unless it’s fully choreographed for her in the Judge’s intro.

    Clawdia. What was she wearing? Pink shapeless material by the looks of it, and far too short. I don’t know who dresses her, but they need replacing asap. Jeez!

    File Naga in the Strange Contestants category, who made a mistake signing up for the show, probably on a par with Fiona Phillips, but not as bad.

    1. Jeano

      I’m hoping Pasha is by a pool on Erin’s Island…let’s face it, he’s had to change his bookings 3 times already!

    2. BeyonceCastle

      No, I thought Anton did unexpectedly brilliantly (but I would say that, as someone who defends him on an annual basis). Neil and Katya were good but not sure whether you can dance like that to Madness, whose appearance was like the monday to friday Grim Reaper for me: Who ate Suggs?! When did that happen?
      Was hoping Trev would guest appear with them, having got his hat back and sewn it all back together but alas no, SonofStrictly must still have it despite Janette dropping off a suitcase full of cash a fortnight ago.
      The black pro dancer was awesome. A male black pro would be good to replace Anton if he does get the Len gig. Although Keo has been relegated back to troupe in DWTS, I liked him very much but his ballroom was a bit like Allison Holker’s.
      That said, Neil will be promoted presumably.

      1. Huriye

        Too right Beyonce, just watched Anton back and he is SO living the 60s New Yawk pimp character down to a tee! Brilliant! ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVIN' him this series all over!!!!! 😀

    3. catherinehirst

      Naga made a big mistake in the DO. Watch it back – she completely forgets the steps for a minute towards the beginning of the routine and has to wait for a couple of seconds to catch up with Pasha. From that moment on, she knew she was out and I felt it really showed in the rest of the dance – she was hesitant and jerky, and off time worse than in the main show.

      Seemed like a lovely lady but she was not cut out for Strictly.


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