Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 2 Results Summary

Well it’s a good job that this show began with Gorka doing a crap job at pretending to play the guitar with his top off, otherwise it would have been no fun at all. He’s part of a group Argentine Tango to “Pillow Talk” that involves a lot of Oksana being flung around willy nilly and dramatic balconies and lightup podiums, and Brenda gets to play King Rat, so that’s always fun. Our other guest performer is Barry Gibb, who is just…making noises at this point, really. He’s accompanied by Giovanni and Janette.

After an exceptionally lengthy recap, Len’s Glans features Len himself pinpointing exactly where Daisy’s Derty Evel Lift happened, although even he has to admit it’s a borderline case ; Darcey makeing sure that Danny’s Viennese Waltz technique gets thoroughly picked on just so we know he’s not completely bulletproof ; Craig explaining what he meant when he said that Claudia was hyper-extending, although the best way was probably to direct people to one of Bruno’s metaphors ; and Bruno going into raptures over Tameka’s Charleston. Still looks a mess to me, but what do I know.

Apart from a couple of preview hints for next week’s Movie Week (Tameka on tango! Daisy as Mary Poppins! RINDER FLINTSTONE!), the real meat of the drama is this week’s elimination. The identity of the bootee (Melvin) isn’t particularly dramatic, but what is is the route to get there, as it features Anastacia being identified as being in the Bottom Two, clerly being shocked, having a panic about exacerbating her injury from the day before, saying she’s scared to do the dance-off but will do it anyway, and then Claudia riding in on TERMS AND CONDITIONS to say it has been ruled that Anastacia cannot perform in the dance-off and the rules that they definitely have not just made up say that this means whoever has the fewest public votes goes home. Which it turns out is Melvin. Imagine Anastacia crying quite a bit during this as well.

For a series that started off seeming like it might be the most flamboyant and upbeat yet, it’s not the MOST jolly start.


30 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Week 2 Results Summary

  1. KM

    I mean…its a tricky situation isn’t in? I do feel very sorry for Anastacia and from the evidence available don’t see a need to blame her for how it played out. But at the same time, I’m not completely comfortable with the ‘what do you want them to do, make the crying cancer survivor dance in pain?’ line I’ve seen being taken in some quarters. I didn’t want them to do that, but if she couldn’t compete, regardless of circumstance, I think the fairer thing to do would be to roll over the vote to next week or for her to be made to forfeit. While it wasn’t Anastacia’s fault, it wasn’t Melvin’s either – and OK, he was pants admittedly, but I can’t help but feel like he’s been hard done by circumstances out of his control and some fairly made-up sounding rules – especially as it seems pretty plausible that Anastacia will have to withdraw anyway.

    Obviously this will be used as another argument against the dance off, especially after the whole Jamelia fiasco as well -although while I haven’t done the maths, I’m not so sure she would have been outpointing even Andre on the public vote given her terminal popularity issues? However, I’m pretty confident Mark Wright would have been turfed before the 2014 final without it so…anyway, I digress. There’s a clear debate to have over its validity, but it is the system in place at the moment regardless so I don’t feel comfortable that Melvin didn’t get his chance to save himself.

    Anyway, what’s done is done, so long Melvin. Lovely guy but no natural ability whatsoever…I know its fashionable to knock Janette, but I think even Julien’s cha cha had more movement going on?

    1. monkseal Post author

      With the Jamelia situation it’s kind of a moot point whether she beat Peter in the public vote or not, because in an entire series without the dance-off, no way she even makes it that far in the first place. She probably would have gone out to Ainsley and certainly to Jeremy. The problem was that the judges clearly just ignored the dance-off itself to pick whoever they wanted to go through, making the actual dance-off itself irrelevant. It was never really about Jamelia herself, beyond the fact that it was a great comeback arc for her to knock the early male front-runner off, and she deserved it based on how she and he performed that week.

  2. jgcameron1992

    It’s completely impossible to judge. We have no idea of the level of damage that Anastacia has done, we have no idea how much pain she is in and we have no idea of recovery time. Personally I think she’s probably going to end up withdrawing because I can’t see a way that she can do ballroom comfortably with a now fragile and vulnerable masectomy scar. I absolutely adore her so I wish her the best. If she does withdraw I’d happily bring Melvin back, he was having a great time.

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    After last week’s opening waltz I was disappointed that they went back to the generic-fusion-every-dance-looks-the-same kind of opening routine. I liked not having the dance-off and things being decided how they were for six successful series. By the old formula of public vote plus judges’ score Melvin would have gone anyway.

    Poor Pasha, stuck with Nasty Naga for another week. Never mind, Pash. Tristan is preparing the island for you, like King Arthur waiting for his knights in Avalon.

  4. BeyonceCastle

    Everybody is very upset with the events that took place and the way that Anastacia manipulated the whole situation. It was not an all-happy affair back stage and even though everybody knows that Melvin is not the best dancer, he is a lovely person who deserved better.

    Melvin took the high road and was very gracious, no surprise there. Anastacia warned the producers that she would rather walk out of the show than to participate in the dance off, She was asked if she wanted to stay doing the show and she replied, yes. faced with possible liability issues, the producers went ahead and decided that it was in the best interest of the Show to keep Anastacia and cast Melvin to the side, no surprise there either.

    To be honest, I doubt the same would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot and I’ll leave it at that. The Show must go on.

    The above was posted on DS by someone who works on the show and as far as I know they are legit, told us who was sitting out this year et cetera….ties in with the 50 minute delay the audience had while they were trying to sort things.
    I like Anastacia, like her as a role model, admire her giving her fee away, like her giving 300 cupcakes to the crew etc and did not see her as a diva. If the injury is torn mastectomy tissue she should not have been dancing last night. Melvins full statement was warm and compassionate.

  5. BeyonceCastle

    Sorry, I did not hear him say it on the main show but Melvin said this apparently…

    It was unexpected but I care about the people before everything else. I love Anastacia, I think she’s a great woman, she’s a great role model and her health comes first before everything else,” he added.
    As much as this is a great show and competition, her health comes first. It’s the way it is.”

  6. BeyonceCastle

    On another note if Judge Rinder is dancing to Meet The Flintstones it will be very hard not to see him as Pudsey…especially if he is yappy and yelps Yabba dabba doo whilst weeing on the floor with excitement. I do like the B52s however!

    1. BeyonceCastle

      If however, he got that number for the punchline “We’ll have a gay old time!” then someone needs to have a word. Unless Rob and Benny (Cucumberpatch) came up with it themselves. I am sure he will deliver the goods whilst dressed in a leopard skin tunic. (he looks more like a Barney than Fred but what do I know?) 😉

      1. ChaChaChavvy

        Oh dear, it must be because of the punchline. It’s all a bit cutesy with Rinder at the moment. I’m living in hope that his Blackpool Week will be a tango to ‘Gay Bar’ that makes viewers complain in their thousands, the extra dancers consult their union, and then ends up as the lead item on Newsnight.

        That source from DS may be reliable but not, I think, without malice.

  7. John

    Eh, it’s just a crap situation really. In the end, we got the boot we expected, but it’s a pity it had to be this way. Melvin seems like a mint guy (and cute and buff) but he dances only a sliver better than Mills did. People can outrage if they want but most of us want to see Anastasia camp it up a bit for a few weeks. Hopefully.

    Was worried Naga would be in the dance off, purely because Buff Pasha was absent last year, so I’m kinda enjoying him while he’s around. His torso’s an improvement on last year. Goodness there’s a lot of thirst in this post. Might skip Ore for now. Those Daily Fail pics of Pasha and Naga apparently ‘quarreling” are interesting in a silly tabloidy kind of way. If true. Maybe she is bit of a precious wench, who can say?

    I’m liking it all so far anyway, despite.. As MS says, was a bit of a downer to end the week, not to mention the John Lennon number to finish.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Agreed: using Yesterday as an end song was a double blow. They should have used It’s like that by Jason/Run DMC so we could have seen properly the running man in all its glory.

  8. Stormy

    Poor Melvin. They really should have just said “look, we can’t do a dance-off, so let’s just leave everyone in, and maybe do a double elimination to catch up later,” rather than just going “Sorry, Melvin, you don’t get a chance to try again. Bye!”

    It’s definitely not Anastacia’s fault, and I hate the idea that people might be blaming her or starting some conspiracy theory about her (shut up, DS crazies). It’s just the usual mess of the Strictly production team not knowing how to handle a situation, as usual.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I do think it was inncumbent on them to eliminate someone on the night. Ultimately, as much as what happened wasn’t going to be fair on anyone, I’d be more comfortable on it being unfair on one of the two people who, whatever happened, were legitimately the Bottom 2, rather than people who “won” this round and would then find out it didn’t count.

  9. Scott

    Injured or not, dance off or no dance off, in a Melvin v Anastacia contest, he was going home. He was just not good over his two dances, and the fact that the public also voted him bottom just demonstrates that.

  10. Plinkiplonk

    ^ Exactly. The main argument seems to be ‘it’s unfair because Melvin had no chance to improve’. He was crap, with no major mistakes, just bad. So it’s not as if he had a particular aspect of his performance that could have been bettered suddenly, is it ?

    1. BeyonceCastle

      No. It’s a bit like when Bruno says Do That 😉 like in How to train a Dragon when one of the vikings tells the hero to change ”You just pointed to all of me!!!”

      Craig had marked Anastacia lower than Melvin. The other three were tied.
      Had it gone to a 2 all draw with Craig and Len picking Melvin (unlikely but Len did stand by Scott Mills once), rather than a change of opinion like Jimjams or Anita, then it would have gone to Len’s casting vote. He had said he could not envisage Melvin ‘moving on out’ the following week so might have stood by that. Possibly.

      I love Anastacia so would like to see her dance again.
      But I understand the furore. It’s HOW Melvin went out, not that he went, although I personally thought Naga was the worst on the night.

  11. Huriye

    Good god! The Wright Stuff has just had a discussion about Anastacia/Melvin/BBC!! A really rancid woman caller lambasted poor Anastacia. Some of the stuff I read last night on Twitter was unbelievable! :-O I wish people would read back before clicking send.

    Frankly, I think it was the fairest solution all round, and I really don’t understand the fuss and outrage?! I doubt Health & Safety would have allowed a contestant to Dance again with torn scar tissue anyway. Melvin was bottom of the public vote, so to use that as the tie-breaker for who left was the sensible decision. What else could the show do? All the hate filled bilge directed at Anastacia makes me wonder about the GBP’s sanity.

    Poor old Barry Gibb. Struggling to get a live vocal out, and the audience cheers loudly every time Joe Varney lifts Manrara, not giving a toss about listening to the music act and applauding at the end. It’s always embarrassing.

    So the return to decent Propah Opening Pro routines lasted a full week. All that ITT fuss and build up docus to…….er, *that*…..meh, is all I can say. Deeply underwhelming choreo, performances – only highlight was glimpse of Anton Tangoing – and what was that dreary dirge? Jeez!

    Onwards and upwards. Though it’s a mystery what Anastacia will be able to do by next week’s show?

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I love Barry but have not had the heart to re-listen at enhanced volume yet.
      ”This is just where I came in” is one of my favourite songs and the video of the three of them messing about makes me sad for him. His hair loss makes me feel old, he was always such a lion.

      I wrote this on the Results Thread. They should have put both through to next week but as definite dance offs and took them off the phonelines for week 3, then added the lowest scoring contestant from week three, for a triple dance off double elimination.

      If Anastacia dropped out this week then normal dance off between Melvin and one other.

  12. Kate

    When we heard on the results show what Anastacia’s injury was, I thought it sounded awful and I wondered why she’d danced at all. She should have sat it out as other’s have in previous series, then the bottom two might have been Melvin and Naga. I’ve no dispute with Melvin going home, he was the worst for me but I’m going to be wincing for Anastacia if she continues in the show. Surely torn scar tissue is going to be delicate for a long time?
    And as an aside, has Brendan ever been in bottom two of first vote off before?
    I’m trying to remember when he was with Fiona Philips or the casualty drama girl Georgina (?). His ego will have been knocked.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Actually, oddly enough the earliest Brenda was ever in the dance-off was with Natasha, in Wk 3 (also Michelle Williams but that’s…less of a shock).

  13. Gerry

    It’s not as bad as Jameliagate, but I still find the newly revealed Strictly “rule” somewhat ridiculous. Surely in the circumstances a “bye” on medical grounds should have been insisted on if the problem could only be minimised by drastic choreographic changes, and even if lack of judgement allowed her to perform, her worry over performing in the dance off should have triggered a last minute “bye” and brought the celeb with the next poorest combined score into the dance off with Melvin in place of Anastacia, otherwise the dance off is nothing but a farce.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I would argue that the point where the dance off became nothing but a farce passed us by a while ago…

  14. dex

    I don’t know why everyone’s getting their knickers in a twist about Melvin going home. He WAS crap.
    I really feel for Anastacia, not least because I got the strong impression in the live show that she didn’t want to make a thing of her injury and then…kinda had to for safety’s sake. Also, ripping scar tissue is horrific, psychologically as well as physically. So yeah, poor Anastacia, balls to the dance off. They could have edited the results a bit more cleanly so it wasn’t so contentious.

    1. Gerry

      Sure Melvin was crap, but he should have had the opportunity to demonstrate that his crapness was incurable compared with the next available low scorer! 😛

    2. Stormy

      Like others have said, it’s not THAT he went out, but HOW he went out. He was definitely crap, but everyone else in the show is going to get a chance to try to pull their ass out of the fire. It just feels like he’s being punished for an injury that he didn’t have anything to do with.

      I still think the fairer way to go about it is to just give everyone a second week off from being booted, and added a double elimination later in the competition, instead. That way, poor Melvin doesn’t get unceremoniously dumped like a bag of cat sick and poor Anastacia doesn’t have crazies attacking her for something that wasn’t her fault either.

      (Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I’d be less concerned with this if Melvin hadn’t been so nice. Had he been a twat like Pondray last year, I would have probably celebrated. *shrug*)


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