Strictly Come Dancing 14 Week 1 Performance (2) Summary

After last night’s relatively subdued and restrained affair (Rinder aside…) it’s time to UNLEASH THE RINGERS! Italia Conti gradates, Olympic gymnasts, trained stage dancers, video fly-girls and plug in and play Hollyoaks Triple Threats the lot of them. And Ed Balls. We might be on course to our highest average Week 1 score ever in the history of the show, but we still need at least a couple of anchors, and he and Melvin Odoom provide in spades. The latter can’t get his hips working at all in a really cringey 80s Miami Vice cha cha that not even Janette flopping and popping around like she’s double jointed at the waist can give, and the former is decent enough for a Week 1 waltz performed by a non-dancer with no rhythm but then becomes deeply cringey off-stage in that his inability to interact coherently and amusingly with Claudia Winkleman makes me appreciate Tess by comparison. TESS. TESS DALY.

Other than those two though, tonight’s worst performers clock in only one point lower with the judges than last night’s best, and, aside from Craig apparently accidentally falling asleep on his “8” button for a cha cha in which Anastacia almost face plants directly into Brenda’s crotch, that feels fair enough. If Friday was a presentation of a sampling plate of a variety of potential Journey Candidates, tonight is your notice of who are your Frontrunners. And nobody looks more satisfied to be chowing down on Endgame Potential than Oti, who is grinning from ear to ear through the entire episode as Danny Mac puts every single other male contestant in the competition on notice that they need to up their game, tighten their trousers (…not you Will), and get ready to showmance their hearts out, as he tears through his Cha Cha to Cake By The Ocean. Not even the godawful Bantz Hat he starts the routine off wearing can marr it completely. Both Clifton-Attached pop ringers also acquit themselves well with them both landing in the upper tier, Louise with a nautically themed jive and Will with Pondray’s tango from last year, but with chess swapped in poker. Karen Clifton – choregraphically inspired as ever. Whilst Louise perhaps has the edge in terms of technique she also probably loses points by having Kevin in full on “all she did in her pop videos was sit on a chair” RINGAH DEFLECT mode, which I don’t see ending well for anyone concerned. It’s Daisy though who claims top spot, despite no ringah credentials at all I can see, as Aljaz (for the third time in his four series on the show) bring out the Wistful Pretty Girl Week 1 Waltz. It’s sweet and endearing but you do wonder if Aljaz can do anything else to grab the attention early on. Daisy does at least seem more endearing than Abbey and more…stable than Helen.

Tonight isn’t just a chance for our celebs to make a first impression though – our two new male pros also show what they can do with decent raw materials, and despite the fact they get the same score (or perhaps because of this) it feels like Gorka makes the better start, as he mostly keeps quiet and lets Tameka do her thing in a campas-tits week 1 paso (our first ever) whilst AJ produces a cha cha routine that’s slightly fussy and doesn’t integrate Claudia’s gymnastics background as smoothly as it should do. Oh and also Claudia ruthlessly emasculates him from the minute he walks out on stage, and delivers a coup de grace by giving him a child’s toy to finish. I would suggest the show NOT couple this also with jokes from Bruno about how he wants to bang him, but that’s just me. I’m not a producer. Don’t mind me.

So that’s your frontrunners set up nicely. Daisy, Louise, Will, and Danny. Let’s knock at least one of them off by Hallowe’en Week right? For a laugh.

(The show also features an opening pro routine that’s ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD, so let’s hope that keeps up eh?)


26 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 Week 1 Performance (2) Summary

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Will’s trousers made him look like his gut and his arse were so fat they were straining the material away from his ankles.

    Aljaz’s trousers on the other hand … I loved it; the dress, Nat King Cole, Aljaz’s trousers … Then they cut to the bloke with Daisy’s mum, wearing a hat indoors and in a tiered-seating situation, and I immediately took off 20 points.

    All the dances I didn’t enjoy this weekend were down to poor choreography rather than celeb performances. Jo, Janette, AJ and Karen were particularly bad.

    1. DJ Mikey

      AJ is trying to channel Gleb and failing – every time I see him on screen I wish he could be Neil Jones instead. Ugh, he just annoys me – possibly even more than the Clifton Siblings (I feel I’ll be returning to my children from the Village Of The Damn comparison again) which is actually an impressive achievement.

  2. redfred

    I’d quite happily lose Will, having never really been a fan. If he’d been with a different pro I might’ve felt slightly differently but he’s got Karen and … eh.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by Danny Mac, much like I was by Ashley Taylor Dawson, and I’m glad Oti has a good one so we can see what she can do. Disappointed by Jo’s choreography for Ore though, impressions are that he could handle a dance without the gimmicks, so why give in to them?

    Tameka and Gorka ❤ – they seem like good fun. And I'm warming to Daisy pretty quick too.

  3. Martin

    It was nice to not have anyone who was really, really bad – even Ed got above 50%. Think it’s likely to be between Mr Balls and Kelvin in next week’s dance-off – I thought that Melvin had rhythm when I saw the launch show but he has none at all and when you have to distract everyone with a pinata, maracas and the most hideous clashing pink trousers ever seen on British tv, you know that Janette is desperately trying to hide things! Both him and Ed gone by week 3 for me…

    Danny was the highpoint this week – a superb routine and I’m pleased for Oti that she has a man with a fully working body this year! Daisy was by far the best ballroom and it was a delightful routine with a nice story all the way through.

    As for the others, will Kevin EVER get a duff celeb? Louise will take him to at least December, if not the Final and will probably meet wifey in the Final – Will’s Tango was good but felt as though there was more to tell, as though it needed five minutes? As for Tameka, can everyone stop saying “Gorka the corker”? It is already boring and we are only in week 1 – I’ll allow Zoe one go on ITT before I throw something at the tv! Anastacia almost fell over (good catch Brendan) so I have no idea why she was scored so highly (maybe her ‘Rockies’ helped, as Len put it) whilst Claudia got all of her gymnastics out of her system in one ‘dance’, save more for the ShowDance, eh?

    My highlight of the two shows was still Judge Bob and Oksana…

    1. monkseal Post author

      I’m seeing Melvin vs Naga for the first dance-off but you never know. BBC Breakfast presenters usually overperform in the public vote.

  4. Tal27

    Hoping you can change my mind on SmugDaisy. Can’t warm to her at all. Rinder was hilarious but let’s hope he isn’t a one trick pony. He is taking Strictly as seriously as one should however… Some other delights in there, but none as much as Natalie’s faces upstairs – she does not seem to mind showing her true feelings this year 😉

  5. Isolde

    Daisy’s waltz was lovely – so lovely that I felt she didn’t need to deploy the dead grandad quite so early in the piece.

    And I fear Claudia and Ore might both be scuppered by poor choreography

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think if someone’s relative actually dies whilst you’re on the show it’s a bit different from unearthing them from years ago. So to speak.

  6. Sue Howarth

    Very disappointed in Melvin, but Danny was far better than I expected so that has evened up
    Love how AJ is coping with grown up Claudia’s joking.
    I suspect there is going to be a judges v public divide over the very good but dull dancers, and the good and fun dancers
    The Judges seem to putting Judge R in the comedy spot, wrong.
    Daisy looks like she has some sass. Helen G said Aljaz showed her videos of Alison in training to help her performance. In Daisy he might get a combo of Helen’s skill and Alison’s gloriousness. I didn’t like that waltz though, hopefully a party latin next week and we can see what she can do

  7. Huriye

    I wonder if now is the time to introduce professional Choreographers on stand by to help the pros who just can’t do it, like they do with Charleston? Perhaps they could throw in a couple of Ballroom lessons aswell for certain pros. 😉

    On the night, I was stunned by Danny, and thrilled to finally see what Oti could do (btw just found out she’s married!) I thought Len was a little churlish with a 7. The routine had everything, including lots of Cha Cha basic steps, so let’s see if he can do Ballroom too.

    Louise’s Jive found me being churlish, but after rewatching countless times, as it’s *that* good, I would have to agree that it goes to the top of the charts for a Jive! Jam packed full of steps and she never put a foot wrong, timing was impeccable, and style perfect. Hats off to KFG’s choreo, I’ve never been a fan of the Latin Jive, so never really liked St.Jill’s Jive, but the boogie woogie 40s style of this was right up my street and danced to Perfection. Ofcourse she’s a grade A Ringah, so agree with Monkseal, please cut out the “oh, that was 20 years ago, I don’t know if I’m fit anymore”. And now we’ve seen her “boys” eating, perhaps we can leave the cheesy VTs behind. Interesting that they allowed her to Dance in flat Swing shoes though, but not Claudia, who had a leaving the gym theme in high heels. I still love AJ. ❤

    Infact I'm loving all the new Pros. What a beautiful dancer Katya is, and Ed danced her Waltz well. If we lose her it'll be a great shame. 😦 I'd much rather look forward to a series of Katya's choreo/dancing than other Pros given ringahs and who have already proven they have shortcomings in such a competition.

    Great to see a Paso in week 1 and what an enjoyable Dance it was! Gorka *is* a corker and Tameka is adorably watchable/hilarious. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Mod me if I'm speaking out of turn Monkseal, but the audience was full of frightening looking relatives this week! :O I hope the GBP get to see the show next week, as it all got a bit too much.
    Is Daisy *really* a model? I can't work out of what? She's too wide to be a fashion model, and too plain to be a photographic model. Weird. But I am out of touch with the modern world, so don't mind me.

    Let's hope Gilkison got the fans' message that we want to see more beautiful Ballroom Ensemble routines like this week's opener and less of the pop video pro dances of recent series.

    1. Neio

      Daisy actually has a pretty good and varied track record when it comes to modelling – designer labels like Chanel, Agent Provocateur, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, commercial labels like French Connection, Karen Millen, Converse, Esprit, Topshop, editorial and covers for Vogue, Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Nylon… But she does look like she’s larger than what you’d imagine a model to be (although I think that’s probably a good thing, considering.) I was impressed with her Waltz, even if it was a little too schmaltzy.

      I didn’t want to like Louise’s Jive, mainly because Kevin has yet again got someone really good, but she was pretty great, I have to concede.

      Love Tameka and Gorka’s Paso – it had a great sense of fun, and I have to admit, Gorka’s bum in those matador trousers had me fanning myself.

      Danny seems like the ringerest ringer that ever ringered. Especially with his Jay-style fake ‘nerves’.

      1. Fenweasel

        I agree with you about Danny, and the fact that he stands out as the ringeriest ringer in a year where one of the other celebs was a judge in another BBC dance show is quite impressive. Can we have a ringeriest ringer poll? (Too scared to try this on DS.)

    2. monkseal Post author

      I’d like SOME more upbeat routines, if we had a repeat of this week every Results Show I’d end up with my head in a bucket.

  8. Mr. AsNTM

    I’m kinda reminded of Lisa Snowdon’s Waltz when I watch Daisy’s. Obviously it lacks the last school dance, DISCO GLITTERBALL feeling, but nice nonetheless. Also, I’m surprised nobody mentioned A.J.’s bulge.

    1. DJ Mikey

      I know one of the past themes of this blog has been – blah blah did something, Iveta did it better. So AJ wore white trousers, Aljaz did it better.

      I’m pretty sure AJ is the least popular new pro, where readers of this blog are concerned..

      1. monkseal Post author

        In fairness, they’ve stuck Aljaz in some very tight trousers in the past, and a bulge has never really been an issue before.

      2. DJ Mikey

        Not his bulge – his butt, Christ that thing is almost as epic as Pasha’s..

        AJ could wear nothing but a speedo and I’d still be over him already..

  9. Kate

    I am pleased so many appear to be really good so early. I’m fed up with comedy, I want talent. Quit the props as well. Gimme dancing.
    Preparing now for the two hour marathon of next Saturday.

  10. catherinehirst

    Surely the top story from both nights is that the Man in the Hat is back in his rightful place behind Davearch and waving straight into the camera!

    Danny’s was the only routine I re-watched because I enjoyed it so much. Oti undoubtedly worked hard to get him that good on Week 1 and I’m thrilled for her as I find her utterly charming. Louise was great (Kevin is irritating but I think he does good choreography for his partners), as was Daisy (I will always root for Aljaz). Thought Will Young’s posture was bad and Anastacia was terrible. She looked drunk; Brendan was barely holding her upright in two different places. Karen and Janette really let their partners down with their bad choreography, and AJ’s wasn’t much better.

    Overall, it’s a pretty good group talent-wise and I’m looking forward to this year. Welcome back, Monkseal.


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