Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Who’s Going To Win?

Almost forgot about this!

Yes it’s time to shut your eyes, push your brain right down into your finger, at point at the pro *you* think is going to be waving that glitterball around come Christmas Eve. When we did this last year, Natalie won, as per usual, and Aliona, the eventual winner, finished a distant 6th. This time we’ve got our largest crop of pros ever, so I’m not anticipating much better, but you never can tell.

The Frontrunners : I know I said this last year at this time, five seconds before she got cast out onto the It Takes Two sofa for a year, but truly they can’t have brought in Joanne Clifton, world champion ballroom dancer and, more importantly, a prime slab of Clifton, only to have her peak choreographically at sticking a pair of styrofoam crab claws on a middle-aged DJ? Right? There are at least three half-decent chances amongst the male celebs this year, and she’s getting one, and she’s going hell for leather. Otherwise I’m going to make a maybe eccentric choice and stick three, yes THREE of the newbies in this category. I think that Gorka Marquez (the new mysterious Eurohunk on a show where the new mysterious Eurohunk tends to rather well in their first year), AJ Pritchard (good looking young tweenbait who seems bolted on to pair an Olympic her…attendee) and Katya Jones (the most high profile and garlanded of the new female pros) all have a good chance of going deep. Particularly Gorka, call me Gorka.

The Contenders : Let’s get Natalie Lowe out of the way quickly – she’s getting Greg, he’s probably going to be rubbish, but if he’s not rubbish he’s probably going to win, so it all levels out about here really. There’s always the chance that when paired with an Olympian, Overcompetitive Aussie Natalie emerges again (and God I hope so) or of course that she doesn’t get Greg at all, but at this point you have to feel better about Natalie’s chances than has been the case for a good while. Next we evaluate our chance of a repeat winner, and as seasoned viewers of reality shows know, you wait ages for something to happen (a female team winning the Amazing Race, a man winning America’s Next Top Model, The X Factor winner flopping horribly) and then it happens two years in a row. On which score I’d bet on the chances of Aljaz Skorjanec and Pasha Kovalev achieving it over…well, the one other possibility. There’s quite a few women floating around the cast with Abbey Clancy/Caroline Flack potential to randomly take despite the odds, and Aljaz and Pasha could both just about recreate their runs to the glitterball. Of the rest, I don’t want to contemplate the thought of Karen Clifton winning other than to acknowledge the very real possiblity of it happening and laying it out there that they owe Oti Mabuse somebody good after being given someone with one arm for her debut run.

The Dark Horses : Oksana Platero it has to be said seems unlikely to be the one to break the duck on female pros winning in their debut year. Her resume is heavily latin biased and she’s been given much less of the limelight than her fellow debutantes. She’s a looker, but I’m not sure she’s a winner. At the other end of the scale, they’ve tried Janette Manrara out with two potential winners in a row now and she’s kind of ended up messing up with both of them. I smell a year off before they consider whether to give her another go. Brendan Cole at this point lives in the phantom zone between here and retirement known as Paychequeville, but could feasibly string another run at the finals again without it feeling too tired. Maaaaaaybe. And finally, male pros tend not to peak in their second year, and whilst Giovanni has Clifton associations and a number of petite women he could feasibly partner up with, I don’t see the trophy in his immediate future just yet.

The Also Rans : Unfortunately this category is tilted somewhat by the fact that there are strong and reliable rumours that Neil Jones and Chloe Hewitt are the two pros who’ll be warming the subs bench this year. So probably not so much also-rans as non-starters but hey, people get things wrong, The Sun lost its otherwise impeccable record of rumouring contestants by putting everything on Angellica Bell strong and early, so let’s put them on the starting docket anyway. Of the other two pros left to consider, it feels slightly bizarre that Anton du Beke is still here after last year’s storyline for him, but hey, if he wants another go, so be it. Just don’t go speculating what his second ever showdance might look like. Kevin Clifton meanwhile has, it has to be reiterated, made three finals in a row and we all need a break for the love of christ

But that’s enough about my opinion. Here, as usual, is a poll.


12 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Who’s Going To Win?

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Obviously with whom they are paired is a huge factor and the rumoured tweaks to the format could make a difference. If they get rid of the dance-off we could go all Brexity and say “Eff off!” to The Establishment by voting for the Lesleys instead of the Louises.

    I’d like it to be Natalie or Oti but my provisional guess is Joanne, providing they regard her as Lina Lamont and do their best to hide her voice and personality from the audience. (Yes, I know she’s lovely but someone, I’ll vote Aliona, needs to have a Joan to Peggy Mad Men moment with her and tell her she’s too old for that shit).

    1. Huriye

      Zoe retweeted someone asking for ITT to show how the Pairings are decided. Maybe wishful thinking, as Eville Moira probably does it in smoke filled locked rooms with Gilkison (hence Janette getting potential winners 2 years in a row) but you never know, as this has been declared a special year, we may get a bit of a filmed report?

      1. Sue Howarth

        I think Jay talked about it a bit last year. Everybody danced with 3 different celebs and the choreographers and producers watched for the best fit out of the 3, which makes sense. So far Danny has tweeted he has danced with Oti, if I become truly obsessed I will hover over all the tweets and see if I can find out more pairings. This is unlikely as RuPaul has started which is where my real obsessions lie, I have even signed up to reddit-gulp

      2. Huriye

        When you only have a Freeview box, your obsessions are more limited, but thanks Sue for the info and any tidbits you can pass on, all gratefully received. 🙂

  2. Laura

    I have a funny feeling that it is win or bust for Kevin – though in a mean way part of me would love Joanne to pip him to the post. Also, not a win for Natalie, but surely December as God knows she’s had far too long putting up with terrible partners. Particularly if (and I appreciate this is very unlikely) they give her Will and not Greg. But so much of it depends on the pairings this year – more so than usual – that I honestly feel like I could throw a pin at the list of pros and hit the winner at this point.

    Also, re: Janette, I would disagree that Peter Andre was a potential winner. I think he just lulled us all into a false sense of security on the first week because everyone else underperformed and then (once the obvious duffers were weeded out) got overtaken as other people got better and he didn’t.

  3. Ross

    Provided GymnasticClaudia has a personality, and they give her a pro of sensible height (so either AJ or… Kevin), she seems a very likely winner.



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