Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Who Gets Who?

And so, per your votes, you would like this year’s Strictly line-up to be glued together like so :

Danny Mac & Oksana Platero
Ed Balls & Karen Clifton
Greg Rutherford & Natalie Lowe
Melvin Odoom & Janette Manrara
Ore Oduba & Oti Mabuse
Judge Rinder & Katya Jones
Will Young & Joanne Clifton
Anastacia & Giovanni Pernice
Claudia Fragapane & AJ Pritchard
Daisy Lowe & Aljaz Skorjanec
Laura Whitmore & Gorka Marquez
Lesley Joseph & Anton du Beke
Louise Redknapp & Brendan Cole
Naga Munchetty & Pasha Kovalev
Tameka Empson & Kevin Clifton

And if you’re interested in the raw results :


25 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 14 – Who Gets Who?

  1. ChaChaChavvy

    Rinder and Brendan would be my Ultimate Strictly Dream Team. Hope he gets Katya as she seems … confident is the nicest way I can put it.

    I’d like Lesley and Aljaz and Anastacia and Giovanni but I guess heights and practical matters (like the tendency to give the travelling Up North to the poor newbie pros) will come in to play.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Dammit I have just spent an hour matching heights and looking at who should be getting ringers and duffers plus politics of some pairings and I forgot all about commuting!
      Acc to Ladbrokes and my current pairings these are in the final πŸ˜‰

      1st Claudia and AJ
      2nd Danny and Oksana
      3rd Will and Joanne
      4th Greg and Natalie

      Need to go and have a lie down now.

  2. Laura

    This is when I miss Aliona, because you know they would have given her Ed Balls and it would have been all kinds of brilliantly awful for the two weeks they were on it.

    Also, Anastacia to get Kevin and be rubbish. I don’t *want* her to be I should add, but he needs a mediocre partner to prove whether or not he’s actually a good pro – it’s easy to get talented people to the end but less so to get someone less good to mid-series. And Natalie to have someone good; I had hoped for Greg or Will but I fear they’re both too short, so Judge Rinder better have some moves…

    1. redfred

      Greg is definitely over 6′ tall, so I think we can count him out of a ‘too short’ list πŸ™‚

      I think Natalie and Ore could be a good mix though.

      1. Huriye

        Greg is definitely the tallest male celeb and if he doesn’t get Natalie I will be very surprised.

        I think Tameka will get Kevin.

        Genuine excitement about the line-up in Stoke Newington.

      2. redfred

        Fair bit of excitement here too, this definitely looks like a better cast year.

        I kind of want to put Tameka with Aljaz, I just kind of imagine them having a massive laugh and really enjoying it. Plus camp competitive Aljaz is the best sort.

  3. Krumholtz

    I really want Kevin to have Lesley. That’ll tell us anything we need to know. But I gave no idea if that’s what I voted for because I got all confused…

    1. DJ Mikey

      That’s absolutely what I voted for – also I need her to be another BLOODY LULU so Kevin can really suffer before he inevitably has to sod off..

    1. Huriye

      I second that. Monkseal’s Spreadsheets for the next General Election Results. Would be more accurate than YouGov opinion polls. Thanks for letting us into your inner sanctum.

  4. BeyonceCastle

    Ooh, that’s interesting. So majority vote put Lesley with Anton ^but^ looking at the pros individually loads want Kevin to get her. And Pasha with Lou.
    For those who are interested: excellent red carpet photos in the Daily mail SoS with particular focus on Daisy’s boobs, Ed Ball’s moves and Anton’s hairy chest!! Also the Pairings spoiler will be on Digital Spy tonight (if, like me, you peek at the end of a book). Obviously no spoilers or hints on here though as will totally ruin it for the more patient viewer.
    *Mikey* i am sure I would have loved the link but sadly cannot access it. Will use my imagination… πŸ˜‰

    1. Huriye

      The Red Carpet show on iPlayer is brilliant! Thank Gawd Zoe was doing it. So many interesting pointers came out of it:
      Greg wants Natalie and must have her or Monkseal’s readers will burn Elstree!
      Danny Mac has no personality and is already intimidated by Greg’s uberness in the hunk department.
      Both Natalie & Joanne have a strong chance of winning as the only female Pros who can Dance Ballroom.
      Of the new Pros, thank Gawd for AJ and Chloe, the others are less appealing, apart from Neil & his wife. If he’s benched it’ll be a shame.
      I have already trolled Ed Balls and told him to put his back into it for the sake of his pro, as he and Yvette live in my manor in N.16. His book promotion seems uppermost on his mind.
      Lesley has an incredible figure for 70, and think she could put the BGT Salsa Woman to shame if she gets a good partner.
      Could Ore be any more into it? Boy, he’s good value already! Top signing!
      I’m so pleased Cloudia has progressed from just saying, “Amazin'” and is giving good interview.
      Claudia’s facials are quite frightening.
      Len clearly still didn’t know who anybody was.
      Craig already has the Judge’s card marked.
      Is the announcer really going to call “Judge” and not Robert Rinder?
      Did Daisy really go out with Matt Smith? I expected her to be posh, but no, quite common sounding.
      The two female ringahs, Louise and Laura, already seem dull contestants compared to the likes of Tameka.
      Eville Moira had so better get the Pairings right or Elstree will burn!

  5. Huriye

    Not totally happy with the Pairings. Both Kevin & Karen get ringahs, and who says they’re not favoured? I feel for Chloe and Neil, hope they don’t feel too much like spare parts.

    Too many couples could become my favourite, it’s a great cast and mostly super excited about the whole thing. Loved the Group Dance. The Opening Sequence not quite as clever as last year, but alot of fun. I’m sure in the Pro Dance to Conga, Tess said “Kerry” instead of Chloe.
    Really enjoyed the Launch Show, apart from when the sound went strange and muffled (unless it was my telly). Can’t believe it’s Len’s final series. Darcey already looks detached, as usual. Not liking her new hairdo, doesn’t suit her. Craig was particularly Ham in the Judge’s intro Dance.
    Jay, winner of every poll, looked a bit Porky, but unlike Caroline last year, not as out of touch with dancing, though not as sharp a performance as Movie Week last year. Nice that Aliona had a good send off in person, and as she reminded us, the only pro to have won twice. The Producers keep trying to get KFG there though. Daisy looks slightly tall for Aljaz, so hope they cut the size of her heels. Can’t see them doing many lifts successfully. Anastascia is way too short for Brenda. Found that pairing weird. Loving Tameka even more than I thought, even though I don’t watch EastEnders. I just hope a) she doesn’t flag and b) Corker can understand her humour. It’ll be a waste otherwise. Lesley is fab. I can see her and Anton going far. I just hope his choreo brings out her best points. AJ & Cloudia. ❀ Well done Tess on pronunciation . Please ditch the moment of unfunny slapstick visual gag mid show Claude. So not working.
    Rinder and Oksana is another strange pairing. Don't know what to make if it yet. Can't wait for ITT to get started. I personally don't believe that Joe Varney & Georgia have really split up. I think they knew whoever he got paired with the press would have a field day and she's busy aswell so they've just put their relationship on hold. All we need is Gilkison to have a good series and I'll be happy.


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