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The British Are Coming! (Even though Gleb has left)

Yes, the second wave of new pros have arrived, and those of you who were wondering why Mrs Katya Jones had been initially announced as a pro but not Mr Neil Jones got your answer, as it became clear that the powers that Beadazzle were holding back a whole dollop of British proness to unleash all at once. Presumably so the press could come up with plenty of Hot Takes about Brexit and national identity and all that jazz. And of course the usual comments sections are on fire, full of the usual people who repeatedly beg for more good old British homegrown talent, and then then when they arrive in the form of a Karen Hardy or a Kevin Clifton go EURGH NO THEY’RE REALLY ANNOYING. So here they are

Neil Jones : I feel like I’ve covered the Jones’ contribution to the show already in the first New Pro Update (pro dances, snarking on twitter, World Latin Thingummy Whatsits), so what is there really to say about Neil in and as of himself, other than he’s already becoming the new pro with the most vociferous habit for retweeting praise? Well as far as I can remember he’s the first ginger pro that’s ever been on the show, he’s an army brat, and he also, thanks to my alphabetical habit of labelling my spreadsheets, has the honour of being the FIFTIETH PRO EVER TO COMPETE ON STRICTLY!!!

(*balloons release, trumpets play*)

Probably. Depending on how many celebrities we have this year and which pros sit out in the Joanne Seat, periodically appearing on It Takes Two doing awkward interviews and having to talk about what a visionary choreographical genius Jason Gilkison is. Also there are rumours of a return of the dreaded DANCE TROUPE complicating matters and always the possibility that someone buggers off to do Dancing With The Stars before the series begins to do that instead. But you know, he COULD be. COULD be the 50th pro. Erm…he looks a bit like the Shermanator? Let’s move on.

AJ Pritchard & Chloe Hewitt : Let’s add these two together (and if you did their combined ages would barely add up to one Brendan Cole). Yes, at 21 and 20 years old respectively, AJ and Chloe are the youngest pros ever to land on Strictly, a state of affairs that isn’t going to be helped by the fact that both of them look at least 5 years younger than that on top. Get ready to hear lots of stories about how Chloe watched the first series from over the side of her cot dressed in her favourite S Club 7 pyjamas or something similarly depressing. Don’t be fooled by their youth though, these two havve bags of experience as British National Youth Latin Champions for three years running. Seasoned reality show veterans may also recognise them from their appearances on Britain’s Got Talent, where they were beaten in the semi-finals by Francine Lewis and a sexy magician. So slightly less auspicious there. In other exciting news, AJ is from Stoke-On-Trent so not only am I rooting for him because he’s British, but also because of MIDLANDS PRIDE.


7 thoughts on “More New Pro News

  1. Huriye

    I’m rooting for AJ to get a celeb, make all the girls and boys swoon, and do a Leicester, winning the whole darn thing in his debut season. You know it makes sense. #YearoftheMidlands

    Exciting move Producers putting such a young talented couple in the mix this year.

    Monkseal, will Neil’s gingerness rival the Floor Manager for your affections?

  2. Sue Howarth

    So I am North West never Midlands
    Crewe the rather grubby town of my upbringing is between SoT and Chester, so I claim AJ and Chloe
    “periodically appearing on It Takes Two doing awkward interviews and having to talk about what a visionary choreographical genius Jason Gilkison is” Now as you put it like that I can see Janette making a good hash of this.

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    AJ Pritchard sounds like someone who presented an epic 1970s historical documentary series called Reformation Europe, or something.

    Going Scrappy-Doo and skewing young never works. Did they learn nothing from Jared?

    Neil and Katya already annoy me. I’m pinning all my hopes on Gorka being hot and Oksana being Kristina levels of over-invested or Aliona levels of Aliona-ness.

    1. monkseal Post author

      In fairness, they didn’t actually scoop up Chloe & AJ direct from High School Musical 3, they do have a pedigree.


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