RuPaul’s Drag Race 8 – The Monkies

The Results!

Best Regular Judge :

Congratulations to Michelle, whose valuable insights this year ranged from “stop being poor” to “I’m not getting roller-girl from this look Robbie”, but who nevertheless managed to increase her margin of victory in this year’s Drag Race Monkies, pulling in 50% of your votes for best judge. Possibly because increasingly…she seems to be the only one doing any actual judging? Maybe? Ru’s share of the vote stayed fairly steady this year % wise, but he rises from 3rd to 2nd most useful panel member (ON HIS OWN SHOW) because Carson appear to have stolen some votes off Ross. I guess you all really love Nancy Grace impressions.

  • 2nd – RuPaul : 27%
  • 3rd – Ross Matthews : 15%
  • 4th – Carson Kressley : 8%

Best Guest Judge

SHE’S GOT A BOOK! 42% of you selected the lady behind Jerri Blank as one of your interlopers of the season. Possibly because watching Derrick’s attempt at the same character reminded you all just how difficult that sort of character comedy is. Elsewhere in this category it’s good news for Blondie and bad news for news anchors with no public profile in this country whatsoever as Thomas Roberts finished dead last.

  • 2nd – Chris Stein : 38%
  • 3rd – Debbie Harry : 37%
  • 4th – Faith Evans : 17%
  • 5th – David Sedaris : 16%

Best Mini Challenge

Everybody really does love puppets! Well enough of you for it to win this Monkie. Which is 34% of you. Certainly it’s looking like a stronger mainstay than the Library, which puts in its second limp showing in a row.

  • 2nd – Past Winners Photoshoot Challenge : 23%
  • 3rd – Drag Queen Supreme Court : 17%
  • 4th – The Library : 15%
  • 5th – Latin American Dance-Off : 6%

Worst Queen (Personality)

An easy victory for Derrick Berry here, as despite Acid Betty’s best efforts to come across as the bitch to end all bitches, this knock-off Britney pulled in votes in this category from just over half of you. 52% to be as precise as it’s possible to be under this format of polling. Betty in fact could only place a distant 3rd, as apparently Dax! did something to offend a number of you in the 5 seconds of screentime she got.

  • 2nd – Dax! : 34%
  • 3rd – Acid Betty : 33%
  • 4th – Thorgy Thor : 29%
  • 5th – Robbie Turner : 16%

Worst Queen (Talent)

Yeah, she didn’t really SCREAM America’s Next Drag Superstar from the jump did she? Still, Laila sticking her butt out like that probably got her plenty of…………interest, so it all balances out in the end right? 47% of you didn’t think much of Laila’s stripping abilities. Oh and congrats to Naomi Small for being the only queen to get no votes in this category. And people said she just floated to the finale.

  • 2nd – Dax! : 46%
  • 3rd – Naysha Lopez : 45%
  • 4th – Derrick Barry : 33%
  • 5th  – Cynthia Lee Fontaine : 12%

Best Lip Sync For Your Life

And also Thorgy was there. Doing a cartwheel and stuff. No surprise here, as Chi Chi’s Jennifer Holliday theatrics took the category with 62% of the vote. Hopefully at some point we get to see her duet with the real deal, a la this truly iconic reality show moment.

  • 2nd – Chi Chi vs Naysha – Call Me : 12%
  • 3rd – Robbie vs Cynthia : Mesmerised : 9%
  • 4th – Bob vs Derrick : You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) : 7%
  • 5th – Naomi vs Betty : Causing A Commotion : 4%

Most BS Elimination

*sniff* Another strong win for Chi Chi here, as 46% of you felt the season die as she walked out the doors. If only we’d all lived in a fairer universe and been able to watch her finish 3rd in the finale instead of Naomi. I can only imagine how unstereotypical and edifying the song Lucian made up for her would have been. I bet it would have involved dancing turkey necks.

  • 2nd – Acid Betty : 22%
  • 3rd – Thorgy Thor : 16%
  • 4th – Robbie Turner : 4%
  • 5th – Laila McQueen : 3%

Best Queen (Personality)

Now let’s all get Chipotle and watch Clueless. 60% of you have got love for Miss Chi Chi Kat DeVayne, as if the other results in this ceremony hadn’t already clued you in to that fact, and presumably are sat right now grumbling about how Miss Congeliality always goes to the wrong queen. After last year we can still at least take comfort in the fact that we had a likable Final Four this time around, as the top 4 on the show form the top 4 here.

  • 2nd – Bob The Drag Queen : 51%
  • 3rd – Naomi Smalls : 30%
  • 4th – Kim Chi : 23%
  • 5th  – Cynthia Lee Fontaine : 17%

Best Queen (Talent)

But the biggest win in any category still goes to Bob, as a whopping and whooping 82% of you recognise her ability as a queen, and deem her (presumably) to be a worthy winner for this, the 8th iteration of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now…ON TO ALL STARS AND THE RETURN OF ROLASKATOX!

  • 2nd – Kim Chi : 34%
  • 3rd – Chi Chi DeVayne : 32%
  • 4th – Acid Betty : 23%
  • 5th – Thorgy Thor : 14%

4 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race 8 – The Monkies

  1. J

    Genuinely struggled to decide Best Personality. I kind of loved them all this year*. Even Derrick who was wonderful in a no self awareness Alyssa Edwards kind of way.

    (*Other than Thorgy, she was insufferable).

  2. Sue Howarth

    I thought I had come to terms with Chi Chi going out 4th. The crown is between Bob and Kim Chi, so is 4th very different from 3rd? also she did great and is having a lot of fun.
    However now we are getting close to the final Naomi being top 3 really is niggling. Yes a tall, skinny, black, model will always get Ru’s attention, but she is going to be dull in the final compared to another stella lipsynch from Chi Chi
    grumble grumble

  3. Chris

    I’m going to read the Puppets mini-challenge as another Chi Chi Monkie victory (for a grand total of FOUR, what a sweep), because she’s the only one I can remember.

    (Did we vote on Best Week, I can’t remember? If not, I want to give props to the Shady Politics week – Bob and Derrick’s performance, Thorgy’s trainwreck, Chi Chi’s lipsync)


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