Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 12 Performance Summary

So let’s do this quickly, because it’s 2am and I’m just back from a wedding and I’ve just watched the entire thing on fast forward.

Katie & Anton : Fall. To. Bits. Seriously, every year the change to two dances claims a life and this year it was Katie Derham’s. Her Charleston is a lacklustre out-of-sync flop that only really comes to life in the lifts, and her waltz, which should be an utter triumph and the scene of Anton’s first ever 10s, sees her apparently forget what a ballroom hold is. She goes as a low as a 4, the first time that score’s been seen in a semi-final since James Martin did the blokerumba.

Jay & Aliona : If Aliona is following the same path to victory with Jay as she did with Harry (and let’s face it, she is) then tonight she comes across two potential bumps to throw her off track – firstly, she did a much better job of polishing Harry into a Propah Ballroom dancer than she’s managed with Jay, as his Viennese Waltz falls flat, has technical flaws abounds, and relies on contempowaft spins to haul itself over the Finish Line. Happily though the comparison in Latin(ish) and the Charleston is a positive in the other direction – Jay’s Dw Who themed effort (…) is far more loose, energetic, and most importantly full of personality than Harry’s was at this stage in her series. A shame then that he utterly pancakes Aliona in the last lift.

Georgia & Giovanni : After the week from hell (pharyngitis to a level where she and Giovanni had to cop out and do a cha cha because she was too sick to even contemplate that Argentine Tango she so wanted to do), it’s a credit to Georgia that she even manages to turn up. And that’s pretty much all she does for her disco cha cha, which turns into something of a grim death march just to get it done, even with Giovanni’s nipples ahoy. Her Viennese Waltz is better, and gets 10s, mostly it feels because like something should tonight.

Anita & Gleb : Oy…so someone apparently tipped off Gleb that he was leaving this week, as he flicks the Vs to the blindfolded pebble chucking Genre Choice Turtles by ditching the salsa entirely in favour of the show’s first ever semi-final showdance, complete with club dancing, hip hop moves, and more Gleb Specials than you even know existed in creation. He’s a soldier and Anita is a cheerleader. They’re dancing to Pitbull. I hope she feels like she got everything for her experience now, and also that he doesn’t feel too stymied for things to do if he has to…you know…choreograph an actual showdance next week. (Oh and there’s also a foxtrot to New York New York. It’s there)

Kellie & Kevin : As annoying as it is for me to admit it…are the strongest pairing of the night. Their rumba is a sweet enough Len-Pleasing effort which is maybe a little lacking in her armography but still by some distance the strongest effort of Round 1. Not that that’s saying much. It all comes together though in the second routine of the night, and in which Kellie manages to break the Curse Of Eastenders by managing to get through the end of her semi looking alive, engaged, and most of all not half-dead as Kevin pulls out every choreographical trick he’s been holding back all series for an American Smooth to Let’s Face The Music And Dance. And it’s a good one.


46 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 12 Performance Summary

  1. DJ Mikey

    Semi-Finals Week and Kellie finally gets flattering and attractive costumes, I’m not her biggest fan – but seriously what did the poor girl do to deserve this level of sartorial abuse.

    Did anybody else notice that Georgia’s boyfriend bares striking resemblance to Giovanni? Also Giovanni did look delicious, those Grey Trousers in the VW prove – much like Pasha – he is a weapon of ass distraction.

    Aliona’s efforts to convince everybody that Jay was supposed to Pancake her are adorable.

    My brain has already gone on vacation at the prospect of thinking about a Gleb showdance, what fresh terror can he concoct when the dance actively encourages showboating. Katie is done – I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard Bruno be genuinely critical and it was brutal.

    1. Minxy

      Lol when both Jay and Aliona said it was intentional – I laughed and kinda hoped he would be in the dance off – just to see if they would intentionally do it again (but knew he wouldn’t be there)

  2. Carl

    I went back and watched Harry’s quickstep, and while I think Jay was much better at the actual fast, carefree dancing element (and even better, he didn’t make faces like William Shatner in Turnabout Intruder), which made me enjoy them a little more, I generally prefer the choreography for Harry and Aliona, other than the bizarre moment of near-analingus that Katie and Anton seem to have inherited. I was also disappointed slightly at just how little I felt like Jay and Aliona were actually dancing together compared to Harry and Aliona, or to Jay and Aliona in previous weeks. I don’t mean in hold, I just mean the connection between partners. I also could have done without the Doctor Who theme, which just took up time (although he dressed like my two favorite Doctors, with Katie borrowing the third [Patrick Troughton] favorite’s wig last week). I must say when I went back to watch this, and Harry’s VW, I’m reminded of some of the costumes he had – he had some crap (the rumba neckerchief, the leather fetish jive), but that sailor suit thing he had in the Charleston was just gorgeous. The wardrobe department in recent years has steadily decayed.

    I go on about Anton and choreography, but I actually thought he had his moments with the Charleston, but neither he nor Katie were able to execute it, especially the scissors at the end. And he repeatedly made faces that made me worry he was suffering from a stroke.

    I hope we don’t get so many Charlestons next series. It’s become like a rictus grin.

    I was so distracted by the horrible costumes in Anita’s salsa – although not distracted enough to be able to forget that Gleb actually choreography punching her in the vagina! Is this for a fetish audience? Anyway, the costumes were wretched. They looked like desperate Ariana Grande and Freddie Mercury impersonators. And let’s just say he isn’t going to beat Pasha in the wearing-white-trousers sweepstakes. I feel like Gleb is my penance for feeling that Artem was a selfish and closed-off choreographer and performer. Artem was a hell of a lot better than this.

    Poor Kellie – there was a line in Steel Magnolias where Olympia Dukasis) said that a woman was wearing an outfit that looked like two pigs were fighting underneath the fabric. That was how I would describe Kellie’s AS gown. I also kept wondering if her skirt was stapled on. And this gown was actually one she looked forward to getting! Anyway, I wish we’d gotten to see more of her American Smooth. It felt like it was just getting started when the fireworks came in. She’s quite an ungainly dancer, so if she was “Old Hollywood” it’s less like Ginger and more like Charlotte Greenwood doing high kicks and listening to Betty Grable and Alice Faye whinge, but those leaps were beautiful and even with the ugly skirt, I enjoyed her side-by-side with Kevin. The lift at the end was a thing of beauty. The whole thing made me smile, which is better than the general eye-roll or boredom I’ve felt with a lot of the last 3-4 weeks.

      1. DJ Mikey

        Also didn’t Aliona look glorious in Harry’s VW – the dress was great colour for her, it was very chic had an amazing cut/shaped and it moved beautifully during the dance.

  3. PerfectCustard

    The dancing level suddenly deteriorated to the point where we were transported (by Tardis?) to sometime in October. There were some nice wardrobe choices with Georgia’s red dress during the cha cha with all those straps. Katie also looked very glam in her red dress – her Charleston was more of a disappointment because she looked the part.
    Best dance of the night for me was G&G’s VW that deserved the high scores it got. Loved the music in that one.
    Jay’s Charleston was loose but that lift was a bad error. He looks totally anemic as far as I’m concerned during the waltz.
    Anita put a lot of energy out there, but I hated that Salsa. Hey some people may like it, but it seemed clunky to me. Gleb is not one to stick to the rule book and was clearly playing straight to the crowd at home.
    Kellie had a pretty good night wardrobe wise and in terms of dancing. I think she will be getting into the final. Even if she is in a DO – if she is up against Katie, Katie will be going home.
    I haven’t checked the spoilers yet. Let’s hope that Georgia doesn’t wind up there.

    1. Carl

      I agree that Georgia’s VW was the best of the night. Smooth and elegant and understated – seamless. The only problem I have is that I tend not to remember most of her dances, especially the ballroom dances. I guess at least this one didn’t have some massive throng of people standing in front of her.

      1. DJ Mikey

        Indeed even with an appreciation of Gleb’s general wackiness – I felt like they took a song I already hate and gave me free reign to continue hating it.

  4. Chris

    God bless Craig for trying to resurrect that Jay’s-facial-expressions performance arc and crowbar in a redemption Charleston (my least favourite kind – happily I loved that one, even if the last lift was… eccentric)

    Wowee. Have the producers made it a compulsory thing that all the first dances have to be shit so the second dances will redeem them all, X Factor-style? By my count, this is the first series since series 4(?) that hasn’t had a perfect score in the semi-final. Pixie going really deflated last year’s semis, and same with Helen going this year.

    I know she was technically the best, but is it wrong that I want Kellie to perform the first ever Pimp Slot Leaderboard Plunge into the bottom two? (I’m assuming it’s the first time that’s happened)

    1. Allison

      It really did the whole show felt really quite flat without Helen there.To quote Alesha “and we had to have ….that “. It really was a very flat show except for one horror, that really should never ever be seen again.

      Except actually I rather hope it is😳

    2. monkseal Post author

      I’m sure they encourage everyone to do their best dance second because it removed the faff of them having to change costumes/make-up between shows.

  5. Gusty Gusset

    Monkseal, I’ll never doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion now I know you’ve stayed up to watch these half-baked routines in the middle of the night. Not that I doubted it anyway but your name must be in the dictionary next to the word ‘trouper’ by now.

    1. phoebefair

      Seconded. It’s surely time to formally change one ‘Mighty’ to an ‘Almighty’. (That’s with an ‘m’, not an ‘n’ by the way.)

      1. Carl

        I’d say it’s a combo of his early jive, his being the anti-Andre at a time when the show and the media were really pushing Andre as THE male of the series, his being genuinely humble (not Andre humble), his not being hard on the eyes, his being blank enough to put your own feelings on but slightly quirky enough to not completely irritate, his chemistry with Aliona, and there not exactly being a lot of competition in terms of compelling teams. Anita and Gleb were probably my favorites before the entire pairing disappeared up his backside. Helen was fascinating but never really as much on the dance floor (bar her last few dances anyway) or with Aljaz. Kellie and Kevin are unbearable together, only made tolerable through the grind of the danceoffs and intense training. Otherwise the only two this series I’d say I have felt any real connection between are Georgia and Giovanni, and they’re so forgettable to me on the dance floor.

        I can’t say I’ll ever go back and watch these two for eternity, but when they have a dance I, for whatever reason, truly enjoy (like their salsa), I enjoy it the more I rewatch it. Something just clicks.

        This is one of those years where you hear about how great it is but then when you (well – me, anyway) look closer, you really aren’t that overwhelmed. With that said, it’s also the first series I’ve managed to get all the way through in 2-3 years, so I guess it isn’t too bad.

      2. Fenweasel

        One of the most fascinating and baffling things about this year has been the way that Jay has morphed into an English version of Daniel O’Donnell. The ordinary bloke clothes, the blank face and monotone voice, the hordes of hysterical fans who want to mother him. Half the audience in the final will have brought him cake jumpers. I like to think Daniel has been moulding him to take over his role so he can retire/return to his home planet.

        The babying of him has been deeply, deeply wierd. Tess and Claudia (to say nothing of his army of supporters) have consistently talked about him as if he’s about 15, and the Jay/Aliona pairing has been presented as a very 19th century, ‘femme de trente ans’ one, where the older woman is introducing the naive young man to the ways of the world. I know people mature later these days, but by Jay’s age Alexander the Great had made himself pharaoh of Egypt and overlord of Asia Minor, so managing to make it through 90 seconds of dance (in which he is “FULLY trained” – James Jordan) without a major attack of the woobies shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for a 25 year old.

      1. strictlydaniel

        I really think Helen IS the best dancer all-around of this series. People keep saying she can’t do Latin but I don’t remember her doing any bad Latin at all. Her Cha-cha was good, her Salsa was magnetic, her Samba was mummymazing, I could do with more hips on her Rumba but it’s still a refined performance, and her Paso only suffered because of the theme. And of course her Ballroom dances were fabulous.

  6. Isolde

    Such strange marking for Katie. It’s as though Craig immediately regretted his 4, realising that this would bring out the sympathy phone voters, and managed to persuade all the judges to then overmark her ridiculously for the waltz.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I thought he was hedging his bets tbh…him and Darce got obliterated when saving Peter having marked him so low, so they inflate the waltz to justify saving her if she’s in the DO, then Len and Bruno get to be the bad guys.

  7. Huriye

    You made more sense at 2am than I did watching it live, Monkseal! So deflated was I by Katie & Anton’s poor performances that I didn’t bother to vote for anyone, as I just couldn’t quite bring myself to vote for Kellie.

    Carl, I imagine it was Bill Deamer who choreo’d Katie & Anton’s Charleston (though please correct me if wrong). The song, which I love, was more of a Jazz freestyle than Charleston, but if danced well, the choreo would’ve been great, if a little sedate. But oh dear! 😦 I’m sorry, but Anton seems to have suddenly turned into an old man, and next to these young thrusting bucks, it’s almost pitiful. Katie’s dancing has shown not much consistency, she started of well with the Jive, and has been up and down since, and not lived up to her initial promise. I presume she was racked with nerves? But the Pair of them were off time, and it was such a disappointment.
    Their Waltz even more so. Anton just didn’t seem to support her, and again she looked too tall for him in Ballroom hold as he seemed to shrink under the burden of being a semi-finalist. It was so shaky and never flowed at all, and the aria was irrelevant to the Dance. 😦

    Gleb is the new Anton! That suit he wore for the Foxtrot stole Anton’s clothes, both metaphorically and literally! He was the perfect Matinee idol in New York New York, with lovely musical choreo, and Anita continued her ability to interpret the rhythm but still with those upturned toes, for which I blame her years of wearing Doc Martens as a stroppy teenager.
    The so called Salsa, which was nothing of the kind, was still fun to watch and reminded me of Kara & Artem’s awful Show Dance where she did that daft handspring and damaged her wrist. But Anita is made of sterner stuff and sailed though it all!! She really has been one of the best contestants ever, and so admirable! I enjoy Gleb’s choreo and even if he wants to do a competitive Dance Acrobatic routine instead of a Salsa, then I’ll forgive him as they’re such an endearing couple and a great partnership! Gawd help us if they win and Gleb gets a Pensioner next year!! :-O

    Poor Georgia ❤ Considering the standard of round 1, I enjoyed TeamGG's Cha Cha, even though she didn't straighten her legs. I really liked Giovanni's choreo, it's a pity she wasn't well or rehearsed enough to inject more personality and sex appeal into the presentation, but understandable.
    I thought their VW was gorgeous, and they have good chemistry. Really, the new Pros are leading the way with choreo this year, and it's so noticeable how staid others work looks in comparison. She's a very good dancer and I hope makes the Final and is well enough to give it a good go.

    Jay's Charleston was more of a Lindy Hop, unsurprising as the Choreographer was Swing Champion Ryan François, disgracefully uncredited.
    I didn't enjoy their VW much. I'm so bored with Aliona's repetitive spins as the basis of her choreo for seemingly every routine. And once they started to traverse the floor in Ballroom hold it was horribly clunky and stepped rather than danced with flow. Overscored.

    I didn't get the Judge's unanimous praise for Kellie's Rhumba at all. The basic forward and backwards steps Len described were not in the least swoon worthy or aesthetic, not compared to Cherie Lunghi's beautiful Rhumba to the same song, a far superior Dance albeit with JJ as partner. Kellie's body goes in straight lines from head to waist, she has no shapely curves, so lacks beauty of Movement. Sorry if this causes offence. I didn't like Kevin's choreo either. So "Matthew Bourne is the reason I'm a dancer" is it Kevin? Nothing to do with your parents then?
    Carl, I LOVED Kellie's AS dress, but unfortunately she didn't wear a corset. However the AS was fabulous! The Opening when they emerged from the 1930s elevator, to the blatant stealing/respectful homage to Astaire/Rogers choreo was wonderful, they danced it well till the final mistimed ending pose, and looks like KFG will be in the Final again!!!
    BTW did you see Brenda's Mrs tweet that she danced much better in the dress run and the Judge's scored that and not the live performance?

    1. tal27

      Glad it wasn’t just me that saw Anita and Gleb’s dance as just like Kara and Artem – and that is not a good thing! I still disliked both of Kellie’s outfits – they were not flattering – the most flattering outfit I think she has had was the oom pa pah dress of all things!
      I loved Cherie’s rhumba (despite her partner! 😉 )

    2. Carl

      Thanks for telling me who the choreographers were. I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling Katie and Anton just didn’t dance it properly.

      Makes sense about the corset or lack thereof.

      I didn’t see that tweet. I can see where they probably did it better in rehearsal. I wish we got to see those sometimes.

  8. ChaChaChavvy

    Words I thought I’d never say – Anton did my favourite rumba this series. Just proves Dame Shirl wins over woobie music every time. (Had to borrow your word there).

  9. BeyonceCastle

    Thank you for recapping Chris you star!
    Tess was a weird RoboCop gladiator hybrid.
    Georgia was Jessica Rabbit.
    Aliona was more Lazytown convention than Dr Who (Stephanie), Craig as Robbie Rotten obvs.
    Anita was nothing short of heroic: save the cheerleader! Save the world!
    Yet I am hoping for a Jay vs Anita DO just so we can have the Doctor vs the Rani (Boom!)
    Okay, I’m getting my coat, calm down.
    Loved : Kellie’s AS (grudgingly), Anita’s showdance
    Liked: Georgia’s VW (albeit cannot hear the Corrs without being reminded of being on hold to Ryan Air for 38 minutes. “Your call is important to us, please hold” “and I would ruuunnn-awaaayyy with you…Fuuuuccckkk!” Jay’s Charleston, I am a sucker for a glittery tardis
    Disliked: Georgia’s cha cha, Kellie’s rumba
    Meh: everything else, sorry Kanton. What will Anton choreo for a show dance if he does by some miracle get through now that Kev has totally nicked it?!

  10. Breppo

    Hope you had a fun day at the wedding Monkseal.
    Can’t wait for the full recap, I can’t remember a thing about Kate & Anton’s second dance.

  11. Catherine

    I’ve completely come round to Kellie. She irritated me for a while, but then I saw how much of a true grafter she is. She works so hard on every single dance and it shows. That American Smooth was the dance of the night and her scores were well-deserved. Everyone else paled in comparison. I wanted to like Jay’s Charleston more, but I’m afraid good old Pandre has won the Charleston battle for me this series – I even preferred it to Georgia’s.

    That said, I will throw a right strop if Jay doesn’t win. I’m not even sure why I’m so invested in him winning – I don’t fancy him (like I did Harry), I don’t adore his personality (I loved Flackers, sorry), and I don’t think his technique is the most AMAZING ever on this show (step forward, Natalie Gumede). I do think it’s actually just That Jive. It’s, in my opinion, the best dance EVER on Strictly. He earned his glitterball in week 3.

    1. DJ Mikey

      I somewhat agree somewhat disagree.

      Le Andre’s Charleston was good but Georgia’s was better, so was Jay’s for that matter.

      I don’t fancy him (like I did Harry), this is the correct response. Enjoy these treats ( ( ( I don’t adore his personality (I loved Flackers), M’eh whatever. I don’t think his technique is the most AMAZING ever on this show (step forward Natalie Gumede), she always had great footwork but no matter what dance she was doing it always descended into CONTEMPO-WAFTING – calling her technique into serious question.

      I think the Jaypet Army weren’t actually quite as ridiculous, as they are now, in the beginning – a lot of it has to do with Jay being the only male contestant left and his being young and fanciable (to some people at least). I’d like to see him win, because Aliona being the first pro to win twice – especially after all the drama with firing/re-hiring etc. – would just make me PMSL.


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