Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Safety Sex Faces

Oh it’s time.

So they’re all done. All the faces have been pulled. All the arms have been flailed. All of the hips have been popped out and the headboards shattered. It’s time to vote on your favourite Safety Sex-Face of the series to join Anita Dobson, Kimberley Walsh, Deborah Meaden and Tim Wonnacott on Strictly Mount Shagmore. One favourite from each couple will advance to the final, where you will choose your champion. Get voting.


21 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Safety Sex Faces

  1. Agrippina

    Not a vintage year for safety sex faces, I have to say. Katie is the only one who really seemed to get with the programme, and I’m sure that was mostly because of gin.

    1. Fenweasel

      I think everyone else looked at Daniel (who is mysteriously absent from this poll) in Week 2, realised they could never compete, and gave up.

  2. catherinehirst

    Man, Kellie’s just reads like a gallery of sartorial and hair disasters over the whole of the series doesn’t it

    Did I vote for the Katie SSF where she looks drunkest? I couldn’t possibly comment

  3. Minxy

    Lol at Gleb and his smoulder – chose his smiling one just because it was sweet

    Brenda, oh Brenda, he so wasn’t happy at being safe AT ALL was he? Pml

    1. DJ Mikey

      Wow – I didn’t notice, but Brenda’s competing with Helen (getting judges comments) to see who can look most like their appearing before a Firing Squad.

  4. tabithakitten

    Anita and Gleb are really crap at SSFs whilst Katie and Anton are clearly professional overactors (or permanently pissed – either works). There’s your reason for that dance off result right there. Katie and Anton put far more effort into looking like they wanted this than Anita and Gleb did.
    Also, that post above about Peter looking creepy in some of his pics in spot on. He looks like that teacher your mother always warned you about.
    Kellie and Kevin are an odd pair. Rather like with their dancing, I can see their SSFs are proficient and that I should appreciate them more. But again, rather like their dancing, they just succeed in mildly annoying me.

  5. Perfect Custard

    Kellie’s hair and dress ensembles are a perfect record of what not to wear. The one with the hair done as 3 sausage rolls is particularly hideous. Still love Helen’s anime face,

    1. Christel

      I went back to look and realised just how bad they all are – particularly when you see them all together! For someone that’s quite thin without much chest – they really didn’t help her out at all!

    1. monkseal Post author

      For full clairty :

      Waltz – no Result Show
      Charleston – Safety Sex Face
      Cha Cha – last to be called safe therefore no Safety Sex Face
      American Smooth – eliminated

      Therefore his one SSF has been automatically passed to the final. Anthony’s the same but presumably nobody cares about Anthony

      1. Fenweasel

        I care about Anthony, the only good looking man in the competition this year (had hopes of Iwan right up until he started speaking). I thought he was missing because he was last to be called/in the bottom two the week he was saved but obviously not.

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