Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 11 Results Summary

Musicals Week keeps on rolling onwards with our guest performances – Josh Groban bleating his way through Over The Rainbow accompanied by Joanne and Anton on twirly ballroom (normally I am somewhat distracted from Josh’s horrible voice by his cootness but he’s turned up really needing a shave so…not even that) and also what is basically an advert for The Lion King on stage, complete with the actual puppets from the show and minimum pro involvement. Somehow it makes me want to see the show less than Mark Benton’s Series 11 samba did, but here we are.

Less musical is Len’s Glans focusing on Kevin and Kellie HONKING their way through “Oom Pah Pah” from the Live Show. Absolutely HONKING it. Otherwise it touches on Jay’s feet, Helen’s lack of Spanish Line (AGAIN WITH LEN’S GLANS OBSESSING OVER SPANISH LINES), all the times from the live show that Len nearly got hit in the face (ie not nearly enough) and a montage of the lady celebrities BEAUTIFUL HANDS. Yes it is a bit fetishy this week, why do you ask?

But now we must get to our Bottom 2 – a one-two punch of first Helen (looking like she’s going to vomit) and Georgia (actually in floods of tears) given their first taste of danger as Jay, Kellie, Anita and Katie all sail on through to the semis leaving them behind. Anita and Katie both seem pparticularly shocked by this turn of events. Out of probably the most emotionally volatile Bottom 2 of this, if not also possibly any other, series, it’s Helen getting the flick, despite fairly consistantly leading the overall series leaderboard up to tonight. Happily, she goes out exactly as I’d want her too – looking absolutely insane on top of the Les Mis baracades overacting her little face off.

Farewell Helen. Your ballet crazy will be missed


45 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 11 Results Summary

  1. dancing cake

    I’d seen the spoiler so watched with the sound off cos I cannot deal with Kelly’s screaming. And I was rewarded with this little gem from Strictly’s subtitles department:
    Bruno (talking to Georgia): “That dance was beautiful. A tiny little flaw maybe, but this is a tiny, tiny flaw in a diamond”.
    Subtitled Bruno: “A tiny little flour maybe. … a Tinie Tempah key in a diamond”.
    I know Bruno rarely makes sense , but …
    And I’m a bit sad for Helen. I picture her lying at the back of the toy cupboard, still in her party dress, all dusty and tear smudged and with nothing to think about except scary reindeer heads forever.

  2. Nick Davies (@nickdavies1978)

    I’m proper cross with that SCD bottom two. The public vote this week has angered me more than that one in The Commons which decided we’d bomb Syria. What are the public on? Dancing competition, not popularity show. How soon can we implement eugenics?

    1. BeyonceCastle

      It’s always been both…otherwise Colin, Natalie and Denise would have won their respective series. It is a!so the case that the GBP will support the perceived underdogs…in this case, the two with the least dance training compared with the other four. Tough but them’s the breaks.

      1. Nick Davies (@nickdavies1978)

        Aye. I know that’s the case, but can fool myself otherwise as long as it’s not as blatant a ‘two best dancers’ (Jay excepted, probably) bottom two as this one. If it’s just meant to be a show that allows ‘the most popular person not to have had any prior dance training’ to win, why bother with all this time-consuming dancing and judges marking stuff? 🙂

    2. Fenweasel

      In the case of Helen the public were presumably on a pill that encourages them to follow the judge’s lead, since like the judges they placed Helen in the bottom two. I know it’s all froth and theatre, but even by the standards of the Strictly judges it took more front than Blackpool for Craig to get all huffy about Helen not deserving to be in the dance-off when he’d helped to put her there about two hours earlier.

  3. BeyonceCastle

    It has all gone wrong for me…THIS dance off was supposed to happen NEXT week when Helen opened the show for the first time with her CV jive. THIS week was meant to be Helen vs Kellie Kellie out. Now I am not going to have Katie and Anita both in the final, which I admit was always going to be a long shot…because Georgia will get the inevitable bottom two bounce along with Hellsbells fans’ switching allegiance and the judges will boot out whoever is up against Kellie.
    All I can hope for is Anita doing an amazing salsa and Katie doing a fantastic Charleston and Kellie doing a mediocre rumba. Oh and Jay needs to gurn and be safe at the top of the leaderboard or he will get the emergency votes.
    Any idea on patterns of voting Chris?

    1. BeyonceCastle

      It has been a mixed bag though, hasn’t it?
      Those with no experience Natasha Mark Abbey
      Those who won it with personality Darren Chris
      Dirty ringahs Jill Alesha Tom Kara Caroline
      Ovary vote/contrived J word Harry Louis
      With overlap between these four categories.
      I am not that bothered who takes the title this year to be honest…
      Jay has had 5 of the top ranked dances and is an unassuming guy with humour
      Anita has produced for me certainly the most memorable/entertaining (subjective)
      Georgia has had 4 of the top ranked dances and is beautiful to look at
      Katie has produced dances I have wanted to rewatch and Anton doing well is a sentimental plus
      Kellie has worked her ass off in the face of terrible costume, hair, make up, music, theming

      But rightly or wrongly, I would sacrifice Kellie in order to see an Anton show dance. Curiosity and having seen Kevin in two consecutive finals. But I won’t begrudge Kellie if she gets through as she is above both Anita and Kellie on points average and juggling kid, EE and training must be backbreaking.

    2. wh-wcs

      Even if you’d got your wish of a Helen v Kellie DO, given the scores the judges would’ve still booted Helen. So you were saved that particular anguish.

      1. BeyonceCastle

        That is true. Kellie’s oom pa pa was meant to be shite. On paper it looked appalling. But I hate to admit it, despite her channelling David Gray’s head wobble, and the table again (was she meant to do something and forgot?) it was better than expected…someone said more of a polka but nonetheless good given theming and tune. I did not see the whole a show on Saturday so missed baby warz but daresay a cute four year old on his birthday with a robot saying his mum dances like a crazy fool, would have been worth a vote or two.

    3. Girlywop57

      Correct Beyoncé Castle. Jellies was supposed to go this week. Can’t believe their cockney tosh is still being wheeled out. It is now more a popularity contest . You are correct people will vote for who they like best not best dancers. I want a Jay to win but he needs to pull out amazing dances with feeling from now on!! Defo do not want Kellie to win.

    4. monkseal Post author

      I’m guessing (Jay, Anita/Katie, Georgia, Kellie) is probably a safe bet, although I could see Georgia bobbling up a bit higher I guess.

  4. Simon H

    Crowd-pleasing routine + Craig underscoring it contentiously = enraged viewing public. Happens every year. I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to get Gleb in a see-through shirt…

    I think the running order did for Georgia & Giovanni this week – it was pretty much their turn to go first and actually none of this week’s routines were suitable to open the show (did the production team forget that little matter ?), so the judges ended up giving a ‘hedging our bets’ score or 4×9 when it probably would have got a bunch of 10s had it gone later in the show.

    And I think the song choice did for Helen & Aljaz – that felt like a bunch of Paso steps crowbarred onto a song and to hell with whether it really worked or not.

    1. Minxy

      “Crowd-pleasing routine + Craig underscoring it contentiously = enraged viewing public. Happens every year. ”

      Like clockwork
      And like clockwork so many fall for it.
      And cue the outraged comments and threads along with massive over voting “to show him”. (Folly eyes)

      1. Gerry

        …and while we’re at it Craig dahling, blaming the public for them being in the dahnce orf won’t wash!

        You and Darcey were the main ones making sure that Helen was not just in the public’s bottom two but the JUDGE’S bottom two as well — one more point and you could have said that without crossed fingers behind your back or having to get a stage hand to use a fire extiguisher on your underwear!

      2. MorticiaA

        Given the plethora of inflammatory, insulting thread titles that have sprung up on the illustrious DS overnight – Jay is pants ‘coz he is better than Anita etc – I’d say that Anita’s fanbase has already gone into panic stricken overdrive ahead of the voting line even being open for next week. I think there is little chance that we will not see her overblown, technically poor show dance in the final. I, for one, am severely over the whole “never even done a cartwheel, let alone danced at a wedding” schtick she keeps giving. Boooooooooooooooh to the loss of Helen. I couldn’t watch the results show last night as I already knew she was going, and the thought of watching a full public meltdown was beyond me. In my head, she has been adbucted by the ghosts of the reindeer in the training room…

    2. BeyonceCastle

      It was Helen’s turn to go first – she had never opened the show. But I think they would have rectified that next week with her jive. But I agree with you on the song (biased, got dragged to Les Mis when younger. Entertained myself by renaming Jean Valjean Jean Claude van damme and Cosette courgette, what can I say? It was a long night). That said, I have rewatched that routine four times now and it has kind of grown on me, whereas both foxtrots, manic teapot aside, are dull by comparison.

      1. MorticiaA

        I’m with you on musical theatre generally. On a family birthday outing, we were forced to endure what felt like 4 hours of the Woman in White in the West End. One of my favourite books but does not translate to musical. My niece and I only got through it with the aid of a hip flask, and the benefit of being in the back row….

  5. Minxy

    Josh really was bleating wasn’t he? Saw him once on buzzcocks and liked him, never seen him since -and wish I still hadn’t.

    Ah Helen was such a brave little trooper as she left. And it felt sincere too.

    I liked Gleb showing some humour re next week’s dance. Tho I also fear it also has the ring of truth about it lol. And Anita’s AT was still way better and more representative than pondray’s soft shoe shuffle

    And since I am not invested in anyone that is left – either for or against – look forward to some really juicy meltdowns on DS (so I hope Gleb is true to his word mol)

    1. monkseal Post author

      I don’t think it’s going to get better than Jameliagate meltdowns wise, but we shall see. I live in hope, eternally.

  6. catherinehirst

    Helen was possibly the best ballroom girl left. Her Latin was pants though, and I don’t like it when someone who can’t do both genres wins (looking at you, Clancy), so I’m ok with her not winning the whole thing. I would have liked her to make the final though. She has beautiful legs and feet in dancing (looking at you, Rani). And I will miss the heck out of Aljaz for these last two weeks – my favourite male pro by a long, long way.

    Helen was utterly mental this show. Delightful. I’d have liked it if one of the judges had voted for her after the DO, sort of an acknowledgment of how good she’s been over the whole of the series.

      1. Catherine

        To be fair, Darcy did look like she had a gun to her head during the judging. Maybe she struggled with it…or maybe she was trying to remember if she’d turned the oven off.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Isn’t “someone who can’t do both genres”…most winners? Cazza couldn’t ballroom, Harry’s latin was pants, as was Wardrobe’s, Jill’s ballroom was a bit iffy, as was Mark’s, Alesha’s latin always gets whammied by the “people who know” as her just doing pop dancing, Chris and Natasha couldn’t reeeeeeallly do either…it’s basically just Tom, Kara and Louis for the all-rounders.

  7. Katie

    I feel like Helen never got to go full, complete, committed crazy and I weep for the loss of it. Props to you Monkseal, as ever!

  8. Martin

    I’ve got this feeling that Craig’s 10 paddle will appear next week for Georgia, maybe twice – Georgia at the top of the judge’s scores, Jay almost certainly second.

    Kellie, Anita and Katie to fight it out for the remaining last safe place and the winning D/O slot. I think that Kellie will go into meltdown with two dances / Enders and so we will finally get an Anton Final!

  9. Seronie

    I would LOVE a Georgia / Kellie DO next week just so we can get rid of Kellie. She is a trooper, but there’s a weird glint in the eye that I can’t like. Also Kevin.

    But a top 4 of my favourites seems too much to hope for. I think Craig has other ideas too…

    Seeing Anita or Anton fail to make it will be tough though. UGH.

    1. monkseal Post author

      We can always root for Kellie to be too tired to perform. That seems like the sportsmanlike thing to do.

      1. DJ Mikey

        Or we could be honest and declare “I hate her, she has to go”. Having said that I’m finding her marginally less objectionable than Kevin from Grimsby, but it’s a bit like finding a broken arm marginally less objectionable than an amputated one.

  10. StormyTV

    I was worried this might happen. There were just so many things that could go wrong with Helen’s performance, including the fact that the song didn’t fit a Paso at *all*. However, I thought she’d just be in the bottom two with Kellie, (This was all before the Saturday show, so I didn’t expect Helen to be scored nearly *that* low.) with Kellie getting offed and Helen losing her everlovin’ mind.

  11. phoebefair

    I can’t help but wonder whether the teapot, candlestick, etc. had to sit around backstage in full rig all evening in case the dance off involved them? But at least they got overtime, so not a total disaster. (oh silly me – of course the results show is not filmed on Saturday. Strictly never try to deceive the public do they?)

  12. Huriye

    DEVASTATED! 😦 😦 😦

    But let’s face it, Ballroom was Helen AND ALJAZ’S forte. Still think she should’ve been a Finalist though. Some of the most memorable dances this series have been hers. I felt the same pit in my stomach sadness when Pixie & Trent left last year. A light has gone out, and the show will be duller without that blonde hair and leggy loveliness. Helen’s Farewell Dance was so charming and has overtaken Ainsley’s in my affections. 🙂

    Can we be rid of CRH next year? He’s such a crashing bore and his tedious lists of faults before uttering praise is just ridiculous. So predictable too. *yawn*
    Also bored with Claudia’s “you’re so cute” to Jay. He’s now the one I want to win least (apart from Kellie). Anyone who’s an adult but talks like they’re five shouldn’t be allowed on telly. That Rhumba was not in the same league as Rachel’s, Kara’s or that actress who Rhumba’d to Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird with JJ.

    Bit of goss for you ICYMI on 5Live last night. Jenni Bond talking about IACGMOOH/Reality shows. She’s been invited on SCD twice, including this year, and both times said yes, had meetings, discussed dresses, partner, etc. Thought she was booked then gets an email saying her face didn’t fit this time. So I reckon either Pasha or Anton would’ve been her prospective partner but they went with weather blonde, alternative posh. Bad luck Jenni!

  13. Nicky91

    well i was shocked to see Georgia in the dance off, she’s my favourite and she really danced well, but maybe people thought she was already safe and only a few times.

    please no shocker for the semi-finals

    1. StormyTV

      I think part of it was that it was a very safe performance and nothing mindblowing, so it kind of slipped a lot of people’s minds. I know I had forgotten most of it by the end of the show.

    2. Catherine

      At the end of the evening when Claudia said all 6 couples had dances, I counted them off in my mind and only had 5. Could not for the life of me remember who was 6th, until I saw the leaderboard and remembered Georgia. I too thought she danced very well, but that routine was somehow extremely forgettable. Add to that not many people left (so top and bottom of the leaderboard aren’t far apart) and panic voting for Anita, and I’m not surprised people forgot to vote for her, assuming she was safe.

      That said, despite that I still haven’t taken to Georgia, I do think she is an excellent dancer and deserves a place in the final.

      So did Helen, but alas, ship, sailed etc.

  14. Perfect Custard

    OH NOOOOO!!!!
    I watched the performance, thought Georgia was a little bland, loved the drama of Helen, and then read the spoiler… Damn that GBP. & wonky SCD judges, and wonky format.
    I have loved watching Helen & Aljaz throughout the competition and even though she is weak at latin she still deserved to be in the Semi-final and final. I know a shock boot is typical every year but it can still hurt like Hell when it happens. And it serves as a reminder that GBBO is far better at getting the top 4, then 3 best bakers into their semi’s and final.
    I wish SCD had the integrity of GBBO – is there a Mary Berry clone that could judge on Strictly?

    @Nick – I feel your pain, and for what it’s worth – why was the QSathon last week instead of this week? It seems to me that part of the problem is that there isn’t a straight up technical challenge that is a requirement for advancing. Plus these judges are so inconsistent.

    But when all the thrashing & hashing is over, at least Helen & Aljaz took it with a measure of grace and left us (well at least me) wanting more. They will be missed. 😦


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