Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 11 Performance Summary

It’s Musicals Week and really it’s one big encore, as deja vu and repetition and ghosts of the past abounds.

  • Anya’s back! Somewhere towards the back of the pro routine admittedly, a Musical Theatre Jazz Hands romp to “That’s Entertainment!”. Not the The Jam song. Thankfully.
  • Georgia has a new favourite film of all time! This time it’s Beauty And The Beast. Which is lucky, because that’s the “musical” that she’s dancing to this week. Sadly Giovanni wusses out of the full face-paint job as The Beast, for which I have to knock a mark off, but otherwise it’s hard to fault the effort.
  • Yet again it’s hard to tell what genre Anita and Gleb are supposed to be doing and yet again Gleb is dressed like a Theme Stripper. Their Cellblock Tango is high on drama and vamping but Anita’s never been one for clean sharp legwork and it remains so here.  It all causes Craig to get his 6 paddle out again, and also the usual audience outrage that inevitably follows in its wake
  • Kellie’s yet again playing an “East End landlady”. In much the same way Katie was playing an “enthusiastic shopper” in her Movie Week Pretty Woman routine. FAMILY SHOW. Her Oliver! Viennese Waltz is at least a slightly easier watch, even if she is dancing on the bleedin’ tables again
  • After doing a salsa at the big arena show, the next Latin Aliona has served up for Jay is a Movie Week rumba. She really is creating her own version of Vertigo with her as James Stewart and Jay as Kim Novak. When it turns out that he was Harry Judd all along in the final, don’t come crying to me. Whatever the motives, it sets blokerumba records that will probably never be surpassed with 3 10s.
  • Yet again Anton’s routine is set up for 10s it doesn’t ultimately get with he and Katie foxtrotting around to Maybe This Time. The show would very much like you to notice thank you very much. The judges slate her for taking too long to get started and relying on backing dancers too much which…tonight of all nights feels like picking on her in particular for the sake of it.
  • Finally Aljaz yet again raids a word of classic literature and yet again feels Bottom 2 bound for it. Helen is working the faces for all they’re worth, but her back just won’t arch and the entire dance feels overproduced. Whether Helen’s Les Miserables joins Abbey’s Great Expecations and Alison’s Wuthering Heights as winning said dance-off though, remains to be seen.

63 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 11 Performance Summary

  1. Martin

    If Kellie is as unpopular with the public as two dance-offs suggest, she could still be in the bottom 2, probably with Anita, due to the joint 2nd places hoisting everyone up by a point. I think that Katie might just get enough public support to ease Anton into the SF…

  2. Neio

    Loved seeing Gleb as the porno prison warden. I really hope he and Anita don’t end up in the dance off, as I have a nasty feeling the judges would sacrifice her to save the likes of Kellie or Katie, both of whom I’d rather see leave.

    Kellie and Kevin had a great song choice for a waltz I thought, but I’d have preferred to see more flow around the floor and less dancing on tables and backing dancers. And was the red confetti supposed to represent Nancy being beaten to death by Sikes in the following scene? A bit ghoulish!

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought Helen’s Paso wasn’t all that.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Given how they bowdlerised her…way of making a living, I would imagine Bill Sykes just gave her a bit of a tickle.

  3. Gusty Gusset

    Anita’s AT was basically a hybrid paso/rumba. Not an AT at all – where was the A-shaped hold? Having said that Gleb’s mesh shirt and truncheon combo was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen this week. I think he may have actually overestimated the campness of the Strictly fambase, if that’s possible.

    My ovaries (quite independently of my brain) appear to have registered for the BBC website and cast 3 votes for Joe Varney. I had no idea they were capable of such a thing – it appears he’s more effective than HRT when it comes to staving off the perimenopause.

    1. Gerry

      The AT has more going for it than an A-shaped hold! That’s what I understand to be the “close embrace” which is not the only possibility — there is also the “open embrace”, the main requirement being contact along the embracing arms for clear communication between the partners since real ATs are not set routines but improvisations.

      1. Gusty Gusset

        Fair enough – I’m certainly no expert! However for me, the best ATs are the more intimate dances where the couple seem to have such an intense connection that they’ve forgotten that they are dancing in front of an audience at all. The A-shaped hold helps to create that effect.

        I think Anita is fab but her routine last night certainly didn’t look improvised! In my opinion it had the potential to be a showdance – it will be great to see what Gleb can come up with if they make the final.

      2. Gerry

        Sure, the ATs you see on Strictly as well as the mindblowing one I saw Flavia and Vincent perform at the end of Dance ‘Til Dawn are staged routines, but the elements that make for improvisation should still be there. All I was arguing was that the “closed embrace” isn’t the touchstone for a good AT, in fact the dancers can switch from one embrace to the other or to none at all depending on the mood of the music and artistic ability.

        Our beloved judges seem to latch on to personal favourite aspects of dances often almost to the exclusion of others (fleckerl Len?!) Me? I like something that looks good and retains much of the character of the relevant dance, and if there’s something electrifying about the performance I couldn’t care less if “an illegal lift” is involved as long as it works!

    2. Lesley Rigg

      “My ovaries (quite independently of my brain) appear to have registered for the BBC website and cast 3 votes for Joe Varney. I had no idea they were capable of such a thing – it appears he’s more effective than HRT when it comes to staving off the perimenopause.”

      That’s hilarious!

  4. Kiki

    You making the point about Jay’s rumba score never likely to be surpassed reminded me that Rachel Stevens got 39 for hers first time, upgraded to 40 in the final. As much as I enjoyed Jay’s it wasn’t as good as Rachels.
    And as others have said, Anita’s wasn’t very AT and Helen was swamped by too many other dancers. I fear they are the dance off pair and they will save Helen.

    1. Min

      Rachel scored 39 in the final – Craig kept to the 9. He gave it a 10 in the Christmas Special but Alesha gave it 9 so it’s never scored more than 39.

  5. Mrs Arcanum

    I suspect Anton put Katie into the arms of the backing dancers to give himself a break. She has made him work for his fee this year!

    1. Carl

      He did that the last time they had backing dancers too. Sometimes he seems to excel more at choreographing how not to dance than how to dance…

    2. DJ Mikey

      Katie spent less time with dancers and props than Kellie did – Jive and Viennese Waltz are my bench mark dances. Jive is difficult and Viennese Waltz can lead to the temptation of dressing up a really simple dance.

      When the Jive is well performed you end up with classics like Jill Halfpenny’s Jive, Austin Healy’s Jive, Scott Maslen’s Jive and Jay McGuiness’ Jive.

      When the Viennese Waltz is well performed you end up with classics like Harry Judd’s Viennese Waltz – if it requires set dressing then the people doing it aren’t doing it well.

    3. monkseal Post author

      /made him reuse a bunch of routines from his tour with Erin and barely even bother to choreograph a cha cha.

  6. Minxy

    Ignoring Helen’s Paso face (but still pml laughing at the description of it as like two kittens fighting over some wool), physically she couldn’t keep the strength and character in her body. It was there and ooh there is soft and fluffy Helen. Shame as that had so much potential. Why didn’t she study how the backing dancers did it and treat it as an actress would?

    I thought that was one of, if not the best rhumba I’ve seen on the show But 39 was right. Not maybe compared to other overmarked ones maybe but as a stand alone score on its own merits and where a 5 is the median between absolute rubbish and absolutely perfect then 39 is 99% there. One sticky out one leg to balance was bad on the rehearsal tape and was the same in the show – really bad if it shouted out to me but the rest . The bit where he ran his hand down his face – wow I felt that! Well done Ali n Jay

    Aww that Beast make up worked really well

    Anita and Gleb from above the waist nailed it pretty much but oh dear lord from the waist down. . . Gleb was just as crap as Anita (without the flat footed pigeon toes) Staging and music did the Flash Bang Wallop! Anton did better than Gleb … ANTON! Sad that she didn’t get the deserved criticism all through the series. It was a disservice to her that she wasn’t as she may have gone further. After all Natalie sorted Ricky nipple’s out by the final.

    Kellie finally looked soft and feminine Loved the dance but yeah dunno if the table really added anything. She won babywarz. And was good to see a natural and real interaction.

    Katie’s faffing didn’t add anything to the dance or set up. If Katie could have performed that as well as Anita would have …..

    Dunno who will go
    Anita should
    Don’t even know who I want to go really

    1. DJ Mikey

      Cellblock Tango and Gleb in a sheer shirt – this should have been magnificent off the strength of those 2 factors alone, but it’s just a mess that even Gleb’s Torso can’t save.

      Katie wasn’t bad, if anything she suffered from the fact the Foxtrot is boring, but she was penalised too heavily for support from backing dancers. She barely interacts with the backing dancers at all compared to Kellie, overdressing a simple dance like the Viennese Waltz – is a sure fire killer, and the backing dancers weren’t used to distract from her weaknesses as in the case of Helen.

      Refusing to check the spoiler – but my first choice for retirement would be Kellie.

      1. DJ Mikey

        Also she assaulted my little shaved head hottie – who Monkseal and I have name Andy – again. She’s got to go before it ends something really upsetting.

      2. Minxy

        I really liked the foxtrot part. She danced that well. She looked gorgeous – yes I liked the wig even . The faffing let it down, even if the whole body lean was immaculate and it was, it looked and felt wrong The oomph wasn’t there and it needed to be. She got good advice from her daughter but didn’t take it. She was too busy thinking about how great she looked and felt and that is a shame. For it would have got 10 s then (from me anyway)

    2. monkseal Post author

      Ricky Nipple was a MASSIVE RINGAH though. (Also I remember the consensus at the time being that she never sorted them out, but this was when Natalie was an Overcompetitive Aussie Baddie so…revisionism has occured since I think)

  7. dancing cake

    So to add to the deja vu theme … I’ve been out so missed the show. Just got back , checked the spoiler first, then read your summary, now going to watch the dances. No idea what this reverse order will do to my head, or my temper.

  8. tabithakitten

    Yes, Aliona is recreating Vertigo but she’s properly recreating it. Jay is Harry but he’s better. He’s the one she’s been wanting all these years. Matt was the original “slung off a bell tower” partner. Harry has been kept in case of need but now is surplus to requirements so is about to go arse over pretty drum beating tit and Jay is now emerging to slay it to all his possible (now feeble looking) remaining competition.

    I think this week has done a lot to show us what the final might be like.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Harry isn’t Surplus to requirement – she might need him for an AT, Jay’s AT was seriously lacking in comparison to Harry’s – while Jay’s had some nice lifts in it, Harry’s had more content overall as far as the man in an AT can have more content.

      1. Carl

        Harry also did a much better quickstep…

        As analogies go I always wonder where Matt does fit into her “story.” Sometimes I feel like her time with him was to have her impulses somewhat reined in for future series. With that said, I still remember most of their dances, while most of my other memories of that series are some “Kartem” fans spending every week talking about how Len had a blood feud against their duo, and then the horror of the Pamela/James pottery and kilt VTs, so she did something right…

      2. tabithakitten

        Nah – Jay can do a propah AT now. His OMGhedancesbutdoesn’tshowitinhisface story arc is complete and Harry can finally be slung under the Strictly bus (or train). Aliona was keeping him in case of AT/quickstep emergencies but that’s not necessary any more.

      3. DJ Mikey

        I loved Harry’s AT especially when he performed it on tour in just the waistcoat – suck on that Jay!!! Also Harry is proven in terms of Quickstep, I can’t believe I forgot about that considering it’s my fave Quickstep of all time, Jay is still in Quickstep uncharted waters – what if he almost falls on his ass again – besides the original is always the best.

    2. monkseal Post author

      Wondering now whether to list the options for the “which is your favourite Aliona pairing?” poll in the final as Matt, Harry, and Harry/Jay now. You know, if they make it (*laughs up sleeve*)

  9. Mared

    Hi Monkseal, I saw on Twitter you’re interested in going on Pointless, I’ll be your partner if you like. I have learned much of the usual trivia: countries, capitals, state capitals, periodic table. My best subject for the final round is film, as it often comes down to Oscar winners I need to learn more of them but I do know the best picture winners, I’m also pretty good on literature. I have studied foreign languages if that came up. I’m pretty useless on sport but can at least name some snooker and tennis players, as I’ve watched quite a bit of that. I was raised in Stoke-on-Trent so your Midlands Pride would be intact. We would win.

    1. Marcela

      Should you want to make a team and take on The Eggheads I’m up for it. I went on The Weakest Link in 2008 and came out a “respectable” third, ahem…

      1. Mared

        That would be great, my best subject is arts and books there, quite good on film and tv but I don’t watch much new stuff so that lets me down. Also music, I’ve listened to much more classical music in the last couple of years and I find it sees me through music rounds on quizzes, even University Challenge. I think I could manage politics and food and drink too.

  10. DJ Mikey

    Jay’s comments on the character from Once – “He’s a slightly uninspired musician, who dresses like a bit of a scruff bag. So I’m digging deep”. I’m afraid I may be joining the Jay army, it’s a sad and tragic fate.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I mean if you’re joining this late you’re going to be WELL towards the back of the ranks, don’t expect to see much bloodshed.

  11. ChaChaChavvy

    It takes a lot to draw my eyes away from Aljaz but, last night, Helen managed it. Turns out watching a highly-strung Maltese Terrier doing a bolshy Paso Doble is my kind of entertainment.

    1. DJ Mikey

      Indeed it seems like Aljaz hasn’t made any real effort to distract from Helen since before Halloween – Rumba Shirt not withstanding..

  12. Carl

    Helen – well, the singing was nice. Between Helen’s Lucy Ricardo faces and general wobbliness, this was more of a PTSD than a paso. I will say Helen is a fascinating person and her dances are truly a psychological exploration, which is better than, say, two dolls twirling around in place.

    Jay – not really a fan of rumba – I only remember a handful in all the years I’ve watched or half-watched (Colin/Eric, Vincent/Rachel, and Chris/Ola). Jay was decent enough, the chemistry with Aliona was present, the hamminess was thankfully kept solely to one get-off-my-face-invisible-squid moment, rather than a full-on Andre, and he sure filled out those jeans, but it’s not something that made me cry, or appreciate love, or want to see a musical I mostly only know because Rory from Doctor Who was in it. The best part of this for me was the full-on meltdowns from some fans, some of whom will probably be bitter over Andre until 2025, some of whom whose love of pure dance was ruined by the horror of heel leads and the general Jayness of it all. The one I loved most was that he “sullied” “their” dance. It’s kind of like saying Karen Hardy and Gary Rhodes make you go into a berserker rage every time you see a jive.

    Georgia – you can’t really top that opening with Giovanni looking in a mirror at his own beauty and then Georgia sort of just being there. Maybe this was another p-take of Gleb? Or maybe it was supposed to represent going from beast to beauty? Who knows. The singing was nice. This and the “why am I even here” air from the teapot are all I remember of it.

    Katie – as staging this was the best of the night. Sleek, quietly sexy, full of panache. I can’t remember Anton being in all that much of it, but I guess you can’t accuse him of having a big ego. This is easily one of his most successful pairings, but it’s also one of his least Anton-y…for better or worse. With the wig, Katie’s facial features reminded me of the beautiful Lee Remick.

    Kellie – Such a jolly lovely ditty – let’s ignore the part where she’s beaten to death right after… This was a big mess in terms of production – they had to take out huge portions of the song and it left the band at a loss (at one point I swear they were barking, not singing), the rose petals just seemed to be coughed up from the sky for no apparent reason, and the actual dancing was choppy and a distant third to whatever else was going on. With that said, Kellie certainly was trying and performing her heart out, as she always does, and intentionally or not, her sheer desperation reminded me of poor Nancy in the end. I couldn’t help wishing I’d seen what Brendan would have done with all of this as a choreographer.

    Anita – I wouldn’t say it was the “worst ever,” but I would say that Anita’s struggle to properly use her legs in dance are a big distraction and the whole thing looked very ungainly. I don’t think it deserved a 6, nor do I think she’s a bad dancer, but I think there’s only so far you can get with performance over dance, and they reached that with the paso. Otherwise the best part for me was I could pretend the band was repeatedly saying “shit,” and it made me laugh.

    So, where I’d rank 1. Katie 2. Jay 3. Kellie 4. Georgia (although it was so boring) 5/6 tie for Helen and Anita.

      1. dancing cake

        Eric (l think) is the name of Simon Cowell ‘s son .. another 15 years or so and he’ll be on Strictly while 31 viewers continue to watch X Factor. Can you imagine the footage of Simon doing the surprise visit to the training room?

      2. Carl

        I imagine Simon would say that even though the immediate ratings say 31, they each watch a million times, so it’s actually 31 million.

    1. monkseal Post author

      I would happily never have to find out what Brenda’s Cockney Accent sounds like to be honest with you…

    1. monkseal Post author

      I think you’ll find all Jay fans agree that they definitely definitely don’t vote for him because they fancy him, it’s all about the purity of dahnce darling.

  13. missfrankiecat

    A lot of my enjoyment this series has come thanks to Anita and Katie – two ‘maturer’ women of admirable fitness, musicality, confidence and preparedness to get stuck in. My other principal enjoyment has been appreciating the respective game plans of their pros, who really represent the polarity of Strictly pro approaches. Anton’s choreography and styling (apart from that disastrous Cha) has been exemplary, throwing in enough judge appealing moves to keep them sufficiently in with a chance if DO hits but with all the audience appeal to his traditional fan base. And, despite all the ravings about his self-centredness, I think the choreographies have utterly showcased Katie’s strengths. If he has had any say in the running order of the dances (and in previous years pros have) then his tactics to get them to this stage, with her effectively polishing dances she has already learnt (FT and, if through, Waltz) and potentially the easiest point earner Charleston has been masterful. I am less of a fan of Gleb’s dancing and style but who can argue that he hasn’t done as good a job with Anita in terms of getting her this far in the competition? I think she and Katie started out as of roughly equal ability – Katie has more poise but Anita is fitter; they both have immense confidence and stage presence. Gleb hasn’t taught Anita technique and gone straight over the judges’ heads for audience approval – very successfully, repeating the mantra that Anita isn’t a trained dancer and throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the performance to get the votes from non-dance purists. The Chicago routine was ugly, badly danced and not an AT but the fact that so many people loved it, including the studio audience, shows he knows how to appeal to the masses. Sorry for the essay!

    1. monkseal Post author

      I generally come to the conclusion that whoever Digital Spy are yowling “THEY’D BE DOING SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER WITH [*insert this series’ pet here*]” about, as they sail on into the semi finals never having hit the dance-off despite not having trained in dance (either of them), has a pro who’s doing it right.

  14. BeyonceCastle

    I am upset about the furniture in GG’s foxtrot…not because they were intrinsically annoying and got in the way (they were, they did) but because, having been subjected to BatB by my five year old this afternoon (having caught me watching SCD on the tube of you) it is apparent that if Gio is dancing post-transformation, like in the movie, Mrs Potts, Lumiere et al have also transformed back and are human again, like the song they cut out of the film. Plus Giovanni vs Valentin. Val looks better in blue.

  15. Marcela

    Only you could manage to reference one of my top three films (I’m like Georgia, I have a joint favourite three and can’t choose only one) on writing about Strictly. I love you for that! ❤


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