Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 10 Results Summary


24 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 10 Results Summary

  1. catherinehirst

    If the Natalie and Gleb routine doesn’t win best pro dance of the series in the Monkies, I don’t understand the audience of this blog anymore.

    After finding Pandre progressively more irritating in the last few weeks, I ended up finding him quite endearing in his goodbye dance with Janette. After she stopped trying to force him to do a bit of ballroom, he reverted straight back to his pop dancing roots (as if he’s learnt nothing at all this series, and with what I hear about his lack of training hours, he probably hasn’t) and genuinely looked like he was having a ball. Eh, fuck it, Pandre, what happened last week wasn’t your fault and I never hated you as much as everyone else seemed to. We’ll always have the Charleston.

    1. Gerry

      I didn’t hate Peter Andre, although the main positive thing I seem to be able to say about him is that I found him comparatively harmless and not quite as boring as Jason Donovan — at least I don’t feel I want to O/D on the old brain bleach!

    2. monkseal Post author

      I’m still trying to work out my rules on pro dances to guest performers. Then again it’s been such a weak crop this year (AGAIN) that I might have to…

  2. Huriye

    Can I say a few things though? Cheers!

    1. LOL at the Producers making each Judge say CLEARLY WHY they made their DO decision. Let’s hope they keep it up. #ViewerPower. They don’t want the BBC’s crown jewels to be dragged through scandal again. Also LOL at the show Director posting that wide-screen video of Andre’s SO last week and her interminable explanation. Yes! It is OUR BBC innit!

    2. I have no idea who Adam Lambert is but I dug his nail varnish very much. Also liked the Contemporary choreo of the Clifton’s Dance.

    3. Who knew Natalie in Dance shoes is TALLER THAN GLEB?! Enjoyed them together and that was the only IL Divo song I’ve ever liked.

    4. The Opening WOMEN Pro routine was a bit tacky for my taste. Very Hot Gossip circa 1979.

    5. LOL at Tess grooving to Simple Minds. ❤

    6. He forgot there was a Farewell Dance. You just know he watches XFactor anyway.

    7. Please stop with the nauseating "Friends For Life" Pros. You know you're gonna delete their number from your phone soon.

    8. Thank God they're both gawn. Janette sometimes sounds on Twitter like she IS Strictly! You've only been there 3 years luv, and we know the reason why. Perhaps in the off season maybe get some lessons in the fundamentals of Ballroom. (That applies to Karen too).

    9. I can't believe there's only a few weeks left. This season has gone quickly for me.

    10. In Len's Lens they highlighted Jay's supposed Tango face. WHAT TANGO FACE? Still looking like a little boy lost mostly.

  3. ChaChaChavvy

    I’m guessing Strictly’s first ever same-sex couple might be Iwan and Tristan in the series finale. CJ de Mooi will be spitting!

  4. DeltaBlues

    In my head Jamelia was watching at home stuffing a mountain of cupcakes into her mouth and laughing so hard she covered her TV screen with crumbs.

  5. BeyonceCastle

    In my head Jimjams was doing a paso this week, the likes of which no one has ever seen before, think Mel B on uppers, before doing a QS at breakneck speed ploughing through the gap between Helen and Aljaz, before knocking out Kellie in her 6th successful consecutive DO, earning her the name Jammy Dodger. Next week she would have done an American smooth foxtrot to Big Spender, whilst cackling at Janette and pointing at Helen while miming a slit throat.

    I think I get a bit over invested.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Anton and Katie are doing a foxtrot though so if they are not recycling Audrey Hepburn, they could do Big Spender.
      Georgia is doing Belle, presumably foxtrotting to Beauty and the beast or something there, complete with gold dress. Can’t wait to see Gio as a beast though.
      Helen has a paso. Am surprised, thought Aljaz was avoiding it. People are guessing Bohemian Rhapsody stolen from Jez (do not shorten the title or you are dead to me) or Don’t cry for me Argentina.
      Personally if it hasn’t been done already I would like to see a group dance to One night in Bangkok, with or without ping-pong balls.

  6. Isolde

    In this dance-off, I’d have saved him. Kelly looked very ropey, I thought, and that lift was still really clunky. I think the production team lost their nerve.

  7. Perfect Custard

    YES, very happy now. We are left with some really talented and hardworking contestants.
    I will really enjoy the next few weeks.


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