Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 10 Performance Summary

Poor Strictly. Having to lead out of last week’s scandal with the one show mechanic that almost everyone calls rigged, the “-athon”. This year though, I come not to bury the Quickstepathon but to praise it. For once it actually was a glorious mess, fun to watch, delivered incidental comedy both before and after, and it both visited righteousness to the leaderbord in terms of correcting some earlier odd marking and also gave Jay fans something to whine about on a night otherwise devoid of it. And if they go for 24 hours without whining it gets like Gremlins up in there, so I hear. He wuzz robbed though. A little.

But the actual dancing? A great night for both Helen, who FINALLY breaks through, delivering a beautiful and dramatic Viennese Waltz to “At Last” at last, complete with the ham acting and perfect technique I always knew she could bring to ballroom, and Jay who nails the tango, producing a dance that’s up there with both Kimberley Walsh’s and Rachel Stevens’ performances in adjacent genres to the same song. Yes you can expect a poll. Not just matching Rachel Stevens but surpassing her though is Georgia, although admittedly Rachel Stevens’ paso doble, complete with binky hurling toddler strop, is a pretty low bar to clear. Both ladies danced paso to “The Final Countdown” and Georgia’s rockier effort (complete with Giovanni on drums and taking the piss out of Gleb by yelling “STAY!” at the end <3) comes out the winner, although for once her raggedness around the edge catches up with her in terms of her scores.

Speaking of Gleb, he is the latest to get a bull's rollocking regarding Inauthentic Rumba from Len and also for including a dreaded ILLEGAL LIFT in his contempowaft rumba for Anita. None of this is unexpected, let's face it. Although what is unexpected is that on this occasion Craig doesn't much care for it either, leaving Anita looking positively imperiled. Also in danger at the end of the evening appears to be Kellie who gets overmarked for a truly arthritic looking salsa that Kevin proclaims (repeatedly) as the HARDEST ROUTINE HE'S EVER DONE ON STRICTLY (it doesn't remotely look like it) but then gets it in the neck in the quickstepathon, finishing second to last as she and Kevin spend most of it hopping on the spot. Conversely, Katie finds deliverance in the dance-off after a slightly inebriated but otherwise impeccably dramatic and OTT Argentine Tango to Libertango gets hit by the judges.

Oh yeah, and Peter's still here. Although you can tell the show kind of wishes he wasn't as he very delicately gets nudged down to the bottom of the leaderboard both his being first out of the quickstepathon and indifferent marks for an American Smooth based around cupcakes. All kudos to Janette, because she's clearly put a lot of effort into trying to rebound from The Debacle but…it's time now isn't it? Isn't it?



60 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 10 Performance Summary

  1. missfrankiecat

    After a very rocky beginning, I am beginning to love Joe Varney. HIS Paso was fantastic (Georgia’s not so much with those hunchy shoulders and teetering promenades, but kudos for the solo skirt flouncing) and the nose thumb to Glib was fantastic.

  2. Kayos Feary

    Anita And Glebs rumba was horrid. I expect all those strange people perving about him (and why is there no uproar at this sexist objectification) will be running up massive phone bills!

  3. dancing cake

    I was really hoping I’d got all my irritation with Peter out of my system and then ……

    Peter Andre/dancing/cakes.

    Gotta accept your own karma, haven’t you?


  4. wcs-wh

    Thank you for pointing out the genius of Gio’s “STAY!” It would have been tragic if I’d gone on missing that. I’ve really come round to Giovanni now, after really not getting him and his over-dancing. But I’m now suspecting a pretty dry sense of humour and a sense of the ridiculous has been there all along. Georgia- I’m gradually going off. Her paso feet looked had me thinking of a child drumming their feet in a tantrum rather than Spanish fury.

  5. Breppo

    Let’s hope Anita will not be in the DO. I’ve got a feeling they are going to sacrifice her on the altar of Andre.
    After the proposed cut-backs the Beeb must be pleased to know they won’t need to bring in a top psychiatrist to help Helen through next week.

  6. Plinkiplonk

    You know what ? I’d take Giovanni in black leather over Gleb any day. There, I’ve said it.
    Really enjoyed the show tonight, after making the massive mistake to visit DS during the week and nearly being put off for life. Claudia’s marble joke actually had me giggling, too. What more can you ask for ?

  7. BeyonceCastle

    Were these on Andre’s cakes, d’ya reckon?!
    Hilarious the emphasis everyone was putting on how many hours training they did this week.
    What has Persuasion got to do with the rumba? I suppose it is slightly better than having 50 shades up in the background. Oh my.
    Favourite routine tonight was Jay’s tango. Then Katie’s AT. Hope her and anita’s fanbases push them through tonight, resulting in a Pete vs Kellie DO.

  8. smaoifs

    Laugh out loud moment for us was Tess telling Anita and Gleb that viewer’s tv dinners would be sliding off their laps.

  9. Huriye

    Mostly enjoyed tonight’s show, apart from whingeing Len. Oh, do shut up Len, and just get on with your critique. *Yawn*
    The Quickstepathon was exciting to watch. Lol at Kevin showing off in the centre of the floor then coming nearly last! And him a male pro LEADING! 😛

    Helen & Aljaz VW was my favourite Dance tonight. It may be a schoolgirl thought, but I really want these two to have an affair, and Janette to have a melt down! Not only did she act it beautifully, but so did Aljaz. In another league to Pasha’s acting skills! (Sorry Monkseal). The way it started, with one of my all time fave songs, in B&W nostalgically, evoked swooning from me and genuine emotion rather than the contrived kitsch nostalgia of Clifton’s Ballroom choreo/styling. Lovely routine in every way, sublimely danced and presented. They’ve got to make the Final. 10 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Kellie & Kevin Salsa. So what happened to that "extremely difficult lift never seen before on Strictly"? Obviously left it out! I didn't see anything that resembled a dangerous death drop….? I know some may find this offensive or irrelevant, but to me, Dance is an aesthetic art form, and Kellie's body is so badly proportioned, and her upper body so manly and unflattering in shape that she never looks aesthetic. Energetic and busy, yes. Yet again, her costume looked drab, and I didn't see unbelievable technical content, as Kevin claimed. Not their best by a long way for me. 7

    Katie & Anton AT. I really enjoyed this Dance. Good for Anton for seeking outside help with the choreo. It had difficulty and she expressed the style well. Slinky and sensual. I didn't notice him much. But she looked gorgeous and I loved the dress. Yet again, I think the Judges were overly critical. Her legs are a Foot longer than Flavia's. Try getting retraction quickly with those pins, it's not physically possible without 10 years of training. Well done Katie. Final for you. 9

    Jay & Aliona Tango. Definitely his best Dance since the Jive. I liked the choreo and musical interpretation, and he danced well. Compare his expansive movement across the floor to that of the only other male sleb left. Incomparable! But not a 10 as his facials did not express the intensity of a Tango. I know past male winners haven't either, but I'm seeking perfection and comparing him to the other slebs this year. 9

    Georgia & Giovanni Paso Doble. Well he choreographed in keeping with a driving rock track, but it lacked Paso style and expression, and I didn't enjoy it too much, as I wanted to see Spanish lines and shapes. But what can you do to that music? Not her best Dance technically, and him starting by playing the drums was silly. Not for me (as a proper Paso lover). 7

    Anita & Gleb Rhumba. Oh how literal, a giant Kindle to 'Read all about it'. That plain white dress made her look shapeless, and I don't think Gleb's solo split to the floor was in keeping with the rest of it, but overall I enjoyed Anita's performance, she's so consistent and hasn't had a stinker. She's such a strong character, and I like the fact her hubby doesn't want to be involved in all this Showbiz mullarkey. Good for him! 8

    Peter & Janette ASFT. Sickly sweet and tedious. The only thing I liked was her Stepford Wife/Edward Scissorhands Avon Lady outfit. Not well danced. Terrible choreo again. Overscored for the umpteenth time. Natalie should give Janette and Karen Ballroom lessons. I had to laugh at the Stepathon Pro demo and without even trying Natalie killed Karen, with the Ballroom hold and head position. If anyone remaining leaves ahead of him GB will have a revolution! 6

    I voted for Helen, Katie and Anita. Hoping for a Peter and Kellie DO.

    1. Carl

      My only real criticism of Helen’s routine was her arms – I’m not sure if they were planned that way to try to create some halting or fragile imagery, but I mostly thought they looked like she didn’t know what she was doing with them. It’s a shame, as otherwise it was a sweet routine, and one of the first where she had chemistry with Aljaz.

  10. dancing cake

    For the first time in forever I haven’t looked at the spoiler and I’m going to wait till tomorrow’s show, because I know that I won’t be able to just stand on the edge of DS, read the result
    and go – I’ll get sucked into Hurricane Digital, which we all know is on its way right now, whatever the result.
    Also, I love watching Strictly with the sound off and the subtitles on – the translations into subtitles are hilarious, especially when Gleb/Gio/anyone with an accent is talking.
    Plus, you don’t hear Kellie screaming.

  11. Minxy

    Enjoyed so much of tonight’s show
    That VW was soooo good. Relaxed Helen in Claude9 was too!
    The marbles
    Really did giggle out loud at STAY! even tho I am home alone. Joe Varney’s is a keeper for sure

    Judges being all nervous and on edge ❤ ❤

    Pondscum being so horrendous even after all that training. Think he was supposed to put that cake down earlier lol Tess wiping the cream off his nose and then not knowing what to do with it ❤ lol finally wiping it round her hands and sneaky wiping it on his shirt ❤
    Hope you get a screen cap of his prancing pony step – I spotted at least one and close up too – far higher than he managed to get his knee in last weeks soft shoe shuffle. Poor poor Wilnelia oops Jannete. She deserves a medal

    Katie wasn't really very good and she still out danced Anton ❤

    And can you hear Jam sat at home giggling her head off?

      1. Minxy

        Hopefully we will continue to get more of them.
        We get to see the relationships, struggle and work
        The saved budget can go back to wardrobe. – to be spent on proper costumes for men and women and not for more sparkles
        And the time can be spent training

        Win win win

  12. Huriye

    Forgot to mention my funniest moment tonight was Claude saying after KK danced “people arguing over text, that happens sometimes”, and Kristina stood behind her laughing then suddenly remembering her own history and looking haunted.

    Also call Danny Boyle and the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony team for KK/Strictly ripping off their in vision text idea! Tealeaves!

    1. monkseal Post author

      Never mind Kristina’s history what about Tess’s? Or more specifically Vernon’s. It’s not just arguing that happens via text…

  13. Perfect Custard

    Great show – it was unbelievably just the right tonic after the trainwreck last week.
    I agree with everyone’s comments, it seems we all feel the same.
    Loved Helen’s VW – so smooth and fast she looked like a pro. Next best was Jay (he may not be my favourite) but fair is fair, that was well choreographed and he kept it clean.
    I would have put Anita & Katie in a tie for third. Katie got far more comments than I thought she would – it looked so beautiful to me. Katie does have the perfect body and long legs to show off in the tango – great lines.
    With Peter & Kellie giving performances that were not unfairly scored. They got the marks they deserved tonight. (For once)
    With the Quickstep you could really tell who could move around the floor and who couldn’t – Katie and Anton gained back some ground there.
    Peter & Janette will be in the dance off and we can finally be rid of Mr. Sincerity. Yay!

  14. Miss Cavie

    I can’t remember the last time a celeb was so thoroughly and efficiently thrown under the bus as Peter. He is surely toast. Poor Tess – winding up his farewell speech is going to be quite the challenge I imagine.

    Helen owned the night, pulling off the graceful ballroom that she’s always seemed capable of. Jay gave good tango, and Katie was an awful lot better than I thought she was going to be.

    Quickstepathon was a glorious mess, and pretty much came out in the right order. Shame they didn’t vote them off mid dance though as in previous years – would have avoided Craig and Bruno having to talk all the way through the Very Important Judging!

  15. Gerry

    I don’t claim to know all the niceties of the Argentine Tango but I love the sight and musical feel of it when it’s well done — Katie and Anton’s AT left me with very mixed emotions and I felt impelled to pass comment on it on the DS forum after another contributor had highlighted a possible undermarking.

    My comment was “I think the judges had a major problem — Katie’s AT was great and undermarked, but unfortunately Anton’s AT was turgid and overmarked!” Do you folk agree with me or am I deluding myself?

    It seemed to me that Katie looked the pro and Anton the tyro in that — how can someone who has danced professionally alongside the likes of Vincent and Flavia look so clumsy and crap? Any timing issues such as Craig mentioned I would lay squarely at Anton’s feet.

    Marvellous? Har bloody har, Mr Du Beke!

    1. Carl

      I felt like she was throwing herself into it (good or bad) while he looked very hesitant. I’m not sure he ever thought he’d have to actually do one and go beyond the comedy act of how he isn’t actually poor at Latin, he’s just above it all, etc.

      The usual poor camera work seemed even worse than usual last night, as I felt like they spent 30% of the Jay/Aliona dance focused on Jay’s bottom, and about 50% of the Anton/Katie dance focused on Anton’s bottom. I felt like I was in one of those Youtube social justice videos and someone was going to start yelling at me for my male gaze, or what have you.

      1. monkseal Post author

        Carl, I feel like I know you well enough at this point to know that you really can’t blame the camerawork for your noticing the men’s arses.

    2. monkseal Post author

      Yeah I don’t think Anton suits AT. Although there are a few who dodge it with a vengeance. I wonder if Aljaz will skip it again…

  16. BonaFide

    Small technical note: Rachel’s ‘When Doves Cry’ Tango was an Argentine one – her normal Tango was to The Eurythmics’ ‘Here Comes the Rain Again.’ It was still better than Jay’s, though, and she worked her red dress a lot more effectively than Aliona.

  17. catherinehirst

    I would love it if you could capture Georgia’s death glare at Helen when Claudia said Helen’s dance was joint highest of the series.

    Jay obviously got great scores but I did still feel he was undermarked. His tango was as good as Helen’s VW, perhaps just undercut by the music – those singers really should never attempt Prince. And he definitely wuzrobbed in the rigathon!

    But Helen was wonderful, and she and Aljaz are such a physically beautiful couple together! He choreographs SO well for her and all his partners. I’m very happy to have her in the final, hopefully knocking out Georgia, who I still haven’t taken to. My dream final: Jay, Helen, Anita, and Katie. Eliminated in reverse order with Jay winning

    At this stage (assuming Pandre is out this week) everyone is good. It’s all going to come down to personality in the votes. Which is why I suspect Kellie will be out next, rather than Katie, who is probably the slightly weaker dancer still left.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      I want Jay Anita and Katie in the final and one other, probably Georgia, as I haven’t warmed to Helen. Kellie out next week IF only up against Helen or Georgia. Anita and Katie will be sacrificed. If Kellie does go, the semis will be interesting as Anita and Katie’s fanbases are going to have to vote in droves, if either are up against Helen/Georgia they will be goners.
      Hopefully from my perspective:
      Quarter finals DO Kellie vs Helen Kellie out
      Semis DO Helen vs Georgia Helen out ( but would accept either one going)
      Think Georgia playing Belle next week is a shoe-in and Anton’s foxtrot theoretically safe.
      But given Katie was given death slot and Anita was most criticised I suspect one or other won’t make it unless public galvanised into voting en masse. To be fair, not sure Katie is finalist material BUT have enjoyed more of her routines than K/H and want to see Anton do a freestyle.

    2. monkseal Post author

      Georgia seemed…not here for Helen all night. Which is why I was amused when they got SSF’d together.

  18. Sue Howarth

    The proper VT’s have made the show much more enjoyable this year
    Overall it is a stella year, but I am wondering if the whole thing is running out of steam. There is so little variety in the challenges, we always have to get through Rumbas and Foxtrots, and I don’t think bringing in hip hop et al would help
    Did not enjoy Anita’s rhumba
    DS is dreadful this year. Although the suggestion for Northern soul routine was a great idea. I grew up in the North West and was a teenager late 70’s early 80’s. I did not get in Northern Soul massively but I went along to Wigan Casino several times to watch. I only found out recently that it was particular to that place and time and so should be celebrated

    1. Huriye

      Did you ever see a female dancing Northern Soul? No, because it was danced solely by Men on All Nighters. It’s also very much a solo dance, with basic rhythmical steps which you embellish with acrobatic spins and floor moves. Certainly not a couples Dance, so can’t see it replacing the 10 dances plus Charleston, AT and Salsa. No surprise that DS recommended it though.

      1. Baby Jane Hudson

        That’s just not true – plenty of women danced/dance to Northern Soul. I used to do it myself and it was always a mixed crowd. Not that I think Strictly should consider introducing it.

      2. Sue Howarth

        I was thinking as a demo/pro dance, like they used the Lindyhop
        Yes women danced as well. It did become quite competitive and then male dominated by the mid 80’s

  19. Rose

    I appreciated the training VT’s this week again.
    Kellie. Judging by the media comments she has made I’m guessing she subconsciously wants to be voted out. Maybe she is getting too exhausted. Outfits much better than usual.
    Katie. I’ve no idea if that was a good AT or not. Argentine Tango seems to be very difficult though.
    Helen. Good. Pretty dress. Can’t think of anything else.
    Jay. Excellent dance. Loved their training VT. Liked his dark outfit. I wish Aliona had worn the same colour dress though, the two different reds clashed a bit for me. I’m annoyed that the Youtube clip cut off the beginning of the dance.
    Peter. I refused to watch. Did he trot like a Friesian horse again, like he did in the Pirates dance? (Apologies to the beautiful Friesian horses for that comparison).
    Anita. Very risky of Gleb to put in that illegal lift. Was he betting on only Len to mark them down for it? I agree with Bruno about the not enough pronounced hip action, it showed when she was dancing facing the camera.
    Georgia. OK. Dramatic outfits.
    Quickstepathon: I couldn’t see what was going on. It didn’t help that many of the dresses were a similar colour. I watched it back on Youtube at half speed and full screen, to see if I could find out why Jay was fifth. That didn’t work either, it was impossible to follow one couple throughout the dance. Very convenient for the judges since we can’t see what they based their judging on. The Quickstepathon scoring didn’t change the leader board for the 2 top spots though. It separated Anita and Peter who were joint bottom before.
    Favourite 3 dresses: Helen’s Quickstepathon dress, Anita’s Quickstepathon dress, and Janette’s Quickstepathon dress.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Given it was a short QSathon I really wished they had shown it as a whole like they did but that they had also had five separate cameras on each couple and extended the show by ten minutes to show the individual cam footage. Do not know how practical/realistic that would be, but it would have been much clearer and more interesting rather than watching it back 5x trying to follow a different couple each time. Not that I’ve done that, oh no…;-)

      1. Huriye

        Or what they could’ve done is put up an overhead camera view of the whole floor on the website and YT, as they did for every Dance in the series with Rachel from S Club, was it in 2008? I remember posting them all on my blog at the time feeling all outraged that Rachel and Vincent’s Fox Trot barely covered the floor, yet she got higher scores than Jodie and Ian’s glorious Ballroom dances which were so expansive. You got a really great view of the dances on that camera, an alternative overview. Such a shame they discontinued it after one series. They should defo bring it back for the thingythons each year.

      1. Rose

        Agree Beyonce and Huriye. I wish they’d had at least one static camera, or one camera on each couple. Even if they don’t show each couple separately on the actual show, they could post the videos on their website.
        Sorry Monkseal, I saw your post on DS. 😦 I will try not to. But sometimes the dress is the only thing I want to talk about. 🙂

  20. PerfectCustard

    @Gerry – no it wasn’t just you – I too thought Anton was a bit rusty in the AT. I always check out The Guardian blog and many felt that way. They seemed to think it was clear that Anton was deficient. I’m no dancing expert, I think the fairest thing I could say is that I wish Katie had a chance to dance with Pasha, Aljaz, Gleb, or Giovanni for that AT. It would have been nice to see it with a male pro who was good at Latin.

  21. Christel

    I enjoyed tonight’s show – except for the cupcake thing – bleh!

    I loved Katie in the AT – I barely saw Anton the entire dance. Loved nearly all the girl’s outfits as well some lovely dresses (cept Anita’s – what even was that?)

    I started off luke-warm towards Georgia and Giovanni and now adore them as a couple – I think they’re so cute! Love Anita and Gleb – Anita always performs every week has had no hiccups – and improved steadily. Would love to see both in the final!

    I liked Kellie and Kevin at the beginning – now I’m so sick of PARTAYYYY theme every week.

    That quickstepathon was actually very enjoyable. The camera kept cutting away when there was the possibility of a crash which amused me. I’ve watched it back about 6 times on youtube trying to follow all the dancers and came up with the following:
    Anita and Gleb seemed to not get much camera time but the bits I did see looked great.
    Katie is so elegant – ballroom suits her
    Georgia and Giovanni did excellently (impressed with his steering)
    Kevin tried to show off and those two were totally meh for me (as they were earlier in the show too)
    Felt that Jay coped excellently with having to lead and negotiate other couples (though with Aliona bending his ear most of the dance probably wasn’t so hard) – except they ended very suddenly if you notice on the side it’s very abrupt and messy.
    Pandre looked like a deer in headlights and there’s a bit where on the edge of the camera it looks like he almost knocks Janette over!
    Helen was lovely as ever – love those two as a couple!

    1. monkseal Post author

      I did notice that every time anyone went near anyone else the camera sprinted away. I guess for all they were yelling “BLOOD! CARNAGE! GORE!” in the run-up, they really wanted it to look as smooth as possible.


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