That Thing What Len Said VI : The Rebitterning

“Guys, stop complaining, we all know that Jamelia probably should have stayed in, but she only would have lasted another week anyway. Let’s all just draw a line under it, move on, and enjoy the rest of the series”

Say a whole lot of people who truly don’t understand the true spirit of Strictly. Complaining, bitching, and never ever ever ever letting anything go. Ever. To remind them all of what we’re really here for, let’s kick into gear this, the sixth iteration of an entry featurning two polls birthed out of a casual comment that he probably didn’t even mean that Len made on It Takes Two over half a decade ago about how he thought Lisa Snowdon was the best dancer never to have won. WELL I’M STILL PISSED OFF NOW!

And so every year we gather and vote on the best male and best female never to have lifted that Glitterball. Every year, every celeb that scored 36 or higher the previous series gets added, and every year anybody outside the top 10 of last year’s poll gets knocked out. Which is how we ended up with these :



18 thoughts on “That Thing What Len Said VI : The Rebitterning

  1. Huriye

    I was gonna vote for Lisa Snowden but she wasn’t in the Poll! Haterz! 😛

    Pixie and Ricky for me. #Nataliewuzrobbed

    1. Chris

      I blame the Charleston (I remember Nicky ‘No-No’ Byrne was once on this poll just because he got some random 9s for a Charleston) – and that’s the only reason Mark Wright’s on here too. It truly is the dance for mediocre men (see also Chris Hollins).

    1. Tal27

      I am still traumatised by the booting of Austin. Who would ever have guessed Jamelia and Pandre would bring that back? But more impirtantly i just find Pandre insufferable so i will just fast forward through his sections. Except the quickstepathon of course – here’s hoping he knees someone in the face with his pony knees up style!

    2. monkseal Post author

      And MISS HIM GETTING ELIMINATED? (Ironically enough, I was out for AustinWuzzRobbed. Or at least the Results part)

  2. dancing cake

    For the first and last time looked up Pandre on Twitter – not surprisingly no mention of it all – just a pic of him in front of the French flag.

  3. Plinkiplonk

    “Complaining, bitching, and never ever ever ever letting anything go. Ever.” – small correction there; that’s not the spirit of Strictly, that’s more the spirit of the Strictly DigitalSpy forums…

  4. Rose

    I think people have every right to be outraged, especially those who spend money on voting. As others have already said, they (meaning judges and producers) must be consistent. They have to decide once and for all if the dance off result will be based on that week’s dance (as with Pixie last year), or if it will be based on previous scores (as with Jamelia/Peter). They can’t keep changing the voting reason from one week to the next, without telling the voters first. And if they base their dance off votes on who has danced or scored better in the past then we don’t need a dance off at all, and it can be removed.

    My dislike for Peter is so big that I don’t watch his dances. So in all fairness I can’t personally say how I thought he danced against Jamelia, since I only saw Jamelia’s dance. (The only Peter dance I saw was the Pirate one). But I have not seen a single commenter anywhere say that Peter was better than Jamelia.

  5. Minxy

    Denise Lewis and Ricky nipple for me (hard choice between Denise and Zoe)

    And fuck off Len. Fuck right off.
    and no I don’t believe you would have saved Jam if it came down to it. I do believe you know she should have won that dance off, just like your fellow judges did, but you would have saved him if your vote was needed to.

    I remember the days before the dance off existed.
    I remember that the dance off came in because the viewing and paying public couldn’t be trusted to keep your (but not their) favourites in this KNOCKOUT competition. So you got an extra say to overrule the “oh so important” (trademark pondray “SO” quotes) viewer votes
    I remember that it is supposed to be judged purely on the dance off dance
    I remember that when it suits you all you judge it on that and when it doesn’t the old “potential” line is used. And that you switch between the two as it suits. Eh Pixie?

    AND I remember your spitting indignation when after getting the dance off, the viewing public put TWO of your more favoured dancers in the same dance off and kept THEIR shitty favourite safely in. Making you choose between 2 good dancers (tho I didn’t rate penny or gabby I would have saved gabby over penny lol). Oh how indignant were you then? How much did we hear from you then?
    And now you have the brass neck to say what you did on ITT

    Fuck you Len
    and fuck you the producers
    Fuck right off
    (Tho I am also enjoying the spectacle created by you pouring water on boiling oil)
    Jamelia and us wusrobbed of her record breaking queen of the dance off crown.

    Now she may never have got to the finals anyway, but then again given her improvement in dancing and increasing regard for her from the public she may have done.

    But she was much better in the dance off, much better in the show And has been at least on a par with pondray all series And as for potential she has actually been improving as weeks go by – not getting worse as pondray has.

    And I don’t even blame pondray for the shitstorm – much as he disgusts me.
    I blame the producers and the judges equally

      1. Gerry

        (Mind you, Natalie was by far my favourite contender for shouldabin winner and I think she proved it time and time again in the Strictly Tour)

    1. monkseal Post author

      It’s nice that Jameliagate infected even this post. Shows how much we cared. Briefly. For that one week.


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