Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 6 Results Summary

Having had our goofy and fun Hallowe’en routine to open last night, tonight starts with the annual Dark And Moody number. This year it’s Pasha and Ola serving as Red King and Red Queen over a chessboard of both black and white pros representing chess pieces, all dancing…like chess pieces. It’s very dramatic and theatrical, and in the end the white pieces win because Pasha and Ola wave and the other team fall over. Which isn’t how I remember most chess games ending, but there we are.

Shockingly, Len’s Glans manages to be mostly useful for the second week running, with Peter’s foxtrot getting the sort of technical eye passed over it everyone’s been asking for with his dances since the start of the series. We also cover the tightness of Georgia’s tango, the lack of swivel in Kirsty’s Charleston, and Jeremy actually doing a sort of alright dance for once. Also the comedy bit is Bruno popping manically like he’s at an Ibiza Foam Party, so even that’s fun, of a sort. Good job again, Len’s Glans. Less so this week’s musical guest, James Morrison, chainsawing his way through yet another “new single”. It sounds mostly like someone yelling “CHAKA DEMUS!” over and over again. No pliars though. Except the ones that sound like they’re being applied to his nads. (Do any of these new singles chart, can someone check?)

It’s said multiple times tonight that we’re now entering the second half of this series, so it’s time to trim off some loose ends. After the saved women celebrate in their own various ways (Kellie by having a terrifying sleep-deprived manic episode, Helen and Anita by flirting like two girls after lights out at boarding school, Carol by openly wondering why the hell anyone’s voting for her), our bottom 2 is an entirely unsurprising one. Because neither Jamelia and Kirsty can dance generally, and neither of Jamelia and Kirsty danced well on Saturday in particular, and neither Jamelia or Kirsty are popular so…you figure out. Jamelia’s lightbulb moment that nobody at home really likes her very much, as she wades into her third dance-off, seems to be a particular punch in the face for her bless her. It’s Kirsty who gets snipped this time, but the whole thing has you wishing they’d just called a double elimination and gone to a 3 person final.



13 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 6 Results Summary

  1. Minxy

    I actually saw that pro dance for once, couldn’t work out who was partnering Pash. So thanks for that. That outfit really did Ola no favours and that final lift … So freaking ugly. Was it on purpose?

    Kirsty was so upset and holding back the tears still I ALMOST felt sorry for her
    Then I got over it

    A double elimination would have been the perfect result – I forgot they were even a thing!

    Can someone explain how Aliona gets to choose her music and others don’t?
    I loved Little red riding hood – especially when I checked out Sam the Sham and this cartoon version which obviously inspired Aliona’s fantasy

  2. Isolde

    Even though I had money on Kirsty to go, I did feel she danced way better than Jamelia in the dance-off. I think, up till now, they’d both assumed that saying over and over how much they wanted to stay in the competition would actually keep them in, and yet, ironically, it was on Halloween that the spell was broken.

  3. Agrippina

    I nearly felt sorry for Jamelia. Then I remembered that, as a fatty, she thinks I shouldn’t be allowed to buy any clothes or leave the house. So then I didn’t feel sorry for her at all. Ha.

  4. DJ Mikey

    Kirsty now holds the dubious honour of being the first female victim in this year’s Strictly Male Genocide. I remain convinced that the judges know even less about dance than I do, knowing less than nothing is however quite the achievement.

  5. Seronie

    Ah, so the source of the invective for Jamelia becomes choate, if the comments are anything to go by. Still, she’s no Katie Hopkins. I have only seen her laugh and cry (and dance well, and badly) on the show, so I’m still a little bemused. The received wisdom really is ‘What a witch let’s give her a kicking’. Can’t blame her for mentioning it really. And I love seeing Tess struggle to cope with off-script moments.

    I did read something interesting about how these well paid slebs have egos beyond their talent and it’s probably true. You can tell Kirsty and Jamelia were frustrated by the continual dance offs. It’s not surprising Jeremy and Caroline are still in. They know they suck but smile and have fun with it. People respond to that better than competitive people who need to wind it in a bit. Kirsty’s attitude in particular was very negative.

    On the plus side – Jeremy’s and Anita’s dances were a highlight.

    1. catherinehirst

      It wasn’t a secret or anything. *shrug* It was on the front pages of the papers when it happened (EARLIER THIS YEAR; she may have wanted to wait a bit before signing up for any project that relied on popular support). As an expat, I’d literally never heard of Jamelia before the “fat people shouldn’t be allowed clothes” debacle. But really, that was quite enough to be going on with.

      The point is, there are a lot of fat women (we all know she was talking about women, yes?) in this country (I should know; I am one) and we are really not going to think kindly of a woman who no exaggeration thinks we shouldn’t have clothes manufactured in our size, implying we should either run round sporting a 4-person tent or never leave the house. And guess who votes on Strictly? As Woobie Jay could tell you, it’s WOMEN.

      1. Agrippina

        I don’t actually hate Jamelia, despite what I said above, but I can’t bring myself to be bothered one way or another about her “journey”. I actually wish she would do something interesting; I was expecting her to be entertainingly cracked (who would have thought that Helen would have to fulfil that role instead?) but she must have been told to dial it down and be polite and gracious, because she’s just been so blah.
        But yes, the old “but if you make clothes in larger sizes people will get fat on purpose so they can fit into them because who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the exciting range of fashion available in Evans” argument does get in my nerves.

    2. monkseal Post author

      There are also of course Strictly’s vast audience of MRA viewers who object to the very principle of Loose Women.

  6. Seronie

    I have a bit of a thing about people getting hanged for their opinions as opposed to their actions, but won’t derail the thread. You’re right to say ‘what does she expect though’. There’s an overlap of the shows demographic and the people Jamelias naffed off this year.


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