Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 4 Results Summary

Our opening pro routine tonight was a nostalgia purge – a medley of Wild Boys and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with a giant pool table and Cocktail set and rancid neon 80s fashions throughout. You’d think Brenda would be front and centre and Johnny Castle’ing it up all over the place, but then it turns out the entire routine hinges on the male pros all ripping their shirts off as soon as the audience start getting bored. So it’s Gleb and Aljaz duh.

Tonight’s guest star is Will Young, dressed like he’s just come fresh from his Alpha Course to sing us all a song about hope, balloons, tasteful pastel trousers and a man you may have heard of called Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ. He briefly interacts with some of the backing dancers so get those rumours about him competing next year ramped up right now. They’re going to need some strong men after what goes down later tonight…

Len’s Glans focuses on why Jay’s quickstep is bad, just in case his fans want to issue any more disputes on that score, why Ainsley’s waltz was so endearing, why Anita needs to learn how to spot, and us all wondering why exactly we needed to see Bruno teaching us all how to do the paso doble Spanish Lines in exactly the same way that Craig did last week. We also get some comedy business from the end of the main show where Craig and Bruno both apparently had to do “Keeeeeeeeeeeep Dancing” on their own, which suggests that either despite all signs to the contrary this is a tough group to mine comedy from, or that they’re actually focused on using this segment seriously to discuss the dancing. So the first one then.

Our Bottom 2? In a shocking turn of events, Daniel’s Grey Army has failed him early on, and he finds himself in a Bottom 2 with Kirsty. He then falls apart in the dance-off, leaving the judges no choice but to leave us with 8 women and 4 men. Expect Darcey to lobby for next week’s theme to be “IMMUNITY FOR THE BOYS WEEK” wherein none of Ainsley, Jay, Peter or Jeremy have to dance and also they get to be the judges and also they don’t wear shirts. Daniel gives a very nice, if monotone, speech about how he’s had a fab time and if we all new the real Kristina we’d love her. I mean I more or less love her (more or less) already, but ok Dan.


22 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 4 Results Summary

  1. KM

    I know we’re far beyond pretending that this show is about the purity of dance and that, but it’s been a while since a pro dance did so little for me. Also, sadly I feel like Anton pratting around doing nothing at the back draws more attention to his Antoness than those numbers where they just quietly leave him out all together.

    It hadn’t occurred to me just how much of a Year Of The Woman it was until you spelt it out like that. And given that Ainsley’s clearly not long for this competition either, and Jeremy has circa-Blackpool-that’s-enough-now-you’ve-had-your-fun boot written all over him…there’s no chance they’re letting Andre go for a while. I’m starting to think he was stealth introduced to encourage DS to implode from within around Week 10, taking down the spoiler thread with it.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Nothing will bring down that spoiler thread. Not even not having a spoiler. They’ll just fill the void with Haagen Dazs.

  2. Scott

    Craig and Bruno doing solos during KEEEEP DANCING was presumably because Len didn’t want people to think he was ONE OF THEM, YOU KNOW, LAVENDER TYPES now Bruce isn’t around to keep them in check.

  3. Madmags

    Wasn’t really a Kirsty fan but I did feel sorry for her when she had to dance a Paso to that crap music. Glad she said as much on Saturday’s show.

    Today, Brenda tweets that it was actually him and not TPTB that chose it.

    Now, I love her ……

    1. BeyonceCastle

      She deserves to stay on that alone but him? Picking that? As a pro with Latin background who puts on shows? Then tweets along the lines of people people people boring if we all do traditional now chill out. Patronising twunt springs to mind. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt over Sunetra. Ignored the “I want this one” blatant desire for ringah Helen from launch night. Defended his bacofoil snowdance a thousand times. Even skimmed over the “this girl” turn of phrase as a verbal tick. But Beautiful day for a paso? Self-sabotage that makes the girl from Ipanema look benign.

      1. Isolde

        Obviously I’m guessing, but he may have had to pick it from a shortlist of even more unsuitable songs.

  4. Huriye

    My Monday morning was greeted with people tweeting Jason Gilkison to do something about the dreadful pun filled VTs and bring back training footage. I thought, shall I bother telling them he’s Head of Choreography not Eville Moira? Naaah. I was desperate to tell him to stop with the SYTYCD shenanigans, two weeks in a row now, and Bring Back Propah Results Show Pro Routines, but I don’t think Gilkison reads tweets unless they’re from his mates.

    1. Huriye

      Thanks to Natalie tweeting, this week’s Pro routine is choreo’d by Karen Bruce. Thank Gawd for that. But worryingly, she isn’t due to start training with Ainsley till Tuesday, for the Jive! Hope he picks it up in time for Saturday.

  5. Agrippina

    Ah, I can see now why Peter Andre is being so horribly overmarked – they’re desperately trying to hang onto the few men they still have left. I was expecting Daniel to be around for another couple of weeks yet, and I’m therefore quite surprised that all the judges chose to save Kirsty instead. I’m no dahnce expert, but I thought she sucked ass in the dance off and Daniel was about the same standard as he was the first time around, so he ought to have been given another chance. It’s not as if either of them would have won, of course…

    If there’s one aspect of this year’s competition that I’m enjoying, it’s that somebody seems to have had a word with Len about making better use of his paddles from 1 to 6. He is being positively mean in comparison with previous years.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Nah, Daniel was all over the place in the DO. Like, Ben Cohen levels. Even loving him and finding Kirsty…problematic, she deserved to stay on that one.

  6. Huriye

    I know most of you can’t stand him and don’t care, but Andrex was on 5live talking about SCD (not his album/tour) and he confirmed that the Pros do choose the music from a selection given to them. He said Janette chose Blue Monday, “cos she wanted something really different”, and has chosen something equally unusual for their Rhumba this week. So now we know. The Producers/Dave Arch obviously put up a List of songs he’s already arranged to be divvied up, and it probably includes one Trad choice, the rest Rock/Pop/Pap. (Not enough Musical Theatre IMO).

    On the domestic front: He loves ” her fiancée ” (good taste) and plans to invite them round for a taste of his Mum’s Greek Cypriot food. Make them Flaounas pleeeease!! 😉
    (GBBO Masterclass tonight at 7pm. If Hollywood puts any of his weirdo ingredients in, I’ll scream and throw things!)

    Interestingly, Andrex also said that if it’s a Dance Contest based on Technique, he won’t win, cos Jay has the best of “anyone in the world”. But he has other qualities that may keep him in.
    Say what you like, he seemed like not a bad person, but this is the first thing I’ve seen him in since I’m a Celeb and the famous hard on.

  7. Minxy

    I have to admit I had been a tad worried for Jeremy and threw him about 10 landline votes. I only ever vote in the final and then only if someone really gets me in my feels lol

    Jeremy better stay till Blackpol Maybe even the finals!
    He loves it He works so hard He is improving
    I laugh with him and not at him

    Dan was a shock boot (but not quite a SHOCK BOOT)


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