Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 4 Performance Summary

Officially there’s no Theme this week but over the course of the evening, an unofficial thread of redemption weaves itself through several couples performances, with a number of pairs either pulling themselves up from previous mistakes or reaching their own personal pinacles. Carol and Ainsley for example both reach their best yet in terms of actual content and performance, and in dances (paso doble and waltz respectively) that are relatively straight unmuddied attempts at dances you wouldn’t think would suit them. Peter and Georgia both manage to overcome slightly…leftfield dance choices (a tango to Blue Monday and a quickstep to an incredibly manic doublespeed version of Reach that I like to think matches the noise in Rachel Stevens’ head any time she got a 10) to be as good as they’ve ever been before. Which is to say that Peter is still too snappy and aggressive and boxy and Georgia still needs to work on her stamina and being less stage school, but you know…good for them.

Clear top of the Redemption Arcs Of The Week though are Jamelia and Katie, both embodying the best of New School and Old School Strictly. The former really finds herself in a Paula Abdul Charleston (?) with a fun and carefree performance that’s still a little muddy and unpolished but which at least looks like she’s having a laugh doing what she’s been told to as opposed to being miserable doing whatever she wants. Katie though gets gifted one of the greatest pieces of Anton choreo ever, whirling and whirling and whirling almost non-stop to an Elvis ballad without significant gimmicks, right in the Pimp Slot. She’s a little wobbly, so it’s only the one 9 rather than the Len 10 you’d think it was storylined to get, but it’s the most obvious moment of triumph this show’s had since…well last week.

As some people crest, others plateau – Anita’s beach party massacre samba is fun and flirty but is fatally lacking in bounce and when called out on it Gleb resorts to stripping off in a most Glebby manner, that leaves even Claudia at a loss as to what to say. Helen’s salsa is basically her cha cha with a different softcore theme (doctor and nurse rather than mechanic and customer) and some ridiculous lift and isn’t as much of a leap as she probably needs this week to keep pace with the other frontrunners, impactwise. Jeremy’s back to full on comedy of ineptitude as he takes the “TALL PEOPLE CAN’T JIVE” mantra and sprints to the endzone with it, flailing all over the place and spinning around on the floor with a fully clothed bathtime themed jive with Karen as rubber ducky. Daniel does his best with an airport themed American Smooth, but if there’s anything that highlights his lack of charisma it’s being asked to provide old school Hollywood glamour to a Frank Sinatra soundtrack, and Kellie does a good, classic foxtrot but maybe pushes it too far into the zone of X Factor sentiment by having the ghost of her nan and granddad literally floating over the dancefloor the entire time via photograph.

Only two dancers really crash though – Jay’s quickstep is an overambitious deflated souffle, as he crashes, skids, slides and trips calamatously around the dancefloor to My Generation like the Andrex puppy in a Louis XIV wig, and Kirsty’s paso doble is awkward, stilted, and cringy to levels that even Pendleton (EVEN PENDLETON) would find embarassing. One of them responds slightly better to adversity than the other, as Jay cops to all of his mistakes and reacts appropriately to the low scores, and Kirsty whines non-stop about the poor music choice (U2 – Beautiful Day) from the second the orchestra stops. By rights it should win her the boot in a week where all the other duffers at least hold their own, but stranger things have happened…


31 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 4 Performance Summary

  1. Huriye

    You just know the Producers foisted that Nan and Grandad scenario onto Kellie. They even put her in 1940s curls. Remember Trent & Pixie’s wartime sublime Foxtrot last year to “When I’m 64” in more stylish curls and gorgeous red frock? The flippin’ Producers need to be careful they don’t make this show as contrived and tacky and predictable as XF. Comprendez Moira?

    I felt so sorry for Anita. 😦 I thought she danced really well, and yet again received mostly bad comments and low to middling scores. #JUSTICE4ANITA and of the new Pros, I like Gleb’s choreo. So cut this couple some slack Judges! Innit.

    According to Len, Georgia was top with his only 9. I enjoyed her performance, pity they weren’t given a better, more suitable tune. But you could say that about so many this week. So I say good on Kirsty for speaking out!! I hope those in charge take note. Until someone flat out refuses a hideously inappropriate music choice, nothing will be changed and it’ll only get worse. Jay & Aliona were stymied with that ridiculous choice. And I didn’t like the Blue Monday Tango. Far too fast. A Ballroom Tango should be stalking pace with some stops, not continuous frenzy. Psycho Killer by Talking Heads would’ve suited them better, it was so manic. Vicky Gill said she got Janette’s cossie from the High Street, must’ve been Primark, it looked so cheap. Unlike Peter’s wife, who was surprisingly middle class and almost posh. What a contrast to his previous.

    I take my hat off to Jamelia! She totally out danced Tristan, who is so anonymous as to be almost invisible in this competition. But full marks to her for giving it her all and succeeding. She deserved it and nice to shut all the nasty comments up that were uncalled for IMO.

    Aljaz is having a whale of a time, and have you noticed, all his partners have been tall? Yet he somehow managed to come up with two spectacular lifts. I love Helen. She’s keeping up a good standard, but Ballroom is definitely her forte.

    You just know Carol and Jezza will be kept in, and they deserve to be, as I enjoyed both. Jezza is definitely an entertaining turn, even if he doesn’t actually improve. Bless Pasha, he was very protective of Carol. Wonder if Numbers Bitch has had her round for tea?

    Finally Katie & Anton, Top of the Leader Board!!!!!!! If only for those Fleckerls and constant motion with no faffing abaaht. Even Gleb looked impressed, applauding wildly. Katie is one competitive lady, don’t let the constant smiles fool ya, she wants to succeed alright, so Anton now knows he can’t slip up again. Please Dancing Gods, let his Saaaamba be half decent. Katie is part Brazilian, dont’cha know?!

    My best moment was when Carol and Pasha just ran away from Tess whilst she was still wittering on saying they’d improved, like she didn’t exist. They’d got the Judge’s verdict and that was all that mattered. Don’t big up your part too much luv.

    Crap version of Dream a Little Dream. Hayley totally ruined it with her Minnie Mouse insincere voice. Shame. It’s such a beautiful song. 😦

    1. catherinehirst

      Agree completely re: Anita – I thought she danced well and can’t understand the poor comments and scores for her throughout the series so far. Gleb put her on a freaking pedestal by herself to writhe around and open the bloody show – and she didn’t look awkward or embarrassed! She went for it.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I know Abbey was tall but I have no idea how tall either Allison or Helen is. In fact if you’d asked I’d have guessed that Helen was quite wee. I’m bad at heights, is the conclusion here.

  2. DJMikey80

    Being entirely fair to Kirsty – that was the worst music choice for a Paso Doble ever. Yes, U2 make me angry – but that doesn’t make it good music for a Paso..

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Another one who thought Kirsty was right to speak up. Brenda couldn’t say that song was foisted on them by the producers, not if he wants a job next year. The only one more stitched up has been Ola. Beautiful day for a paso? she did not stand an earthly.
    An example of a more aggressive U2 track, not advocating it, but she could have sold it more. French strictly Sunday bloody Sunday paso

    Watched her back four times, Jeremy should go over her.
    Peter’s card sharp tango good but stompy. But I like choreo with rows over tables (sytycd Mandy Moore sweet dreams) except drunken debs table.
    Got caught out with the music though, was expecting tanghetto accordion version , having been deprived of gaga. Maybe they thought two lots of accordion in three weeks would be pushing it.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      Oh FFS. Brenda. (Bangs head on desk repeatedly). Really? That’s it. I withdraw any and all further support as you are clearly insane.
      What makes this even more unfathomable is the French pro Fauve in that link above, you know, the one where it’s actually a paso, she is costarring in his show and is now on his posters. He still chooses beautiful day? Can’t chill out, it’s ludicrous. His own partner calling him on it is too funny. Aliona for the win.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I can only imagine the tabloid reaction if the BBC aired a paso to Sunday Bloody Sunday. I know it’s not the 70s any more but I’m not sure we’re ready. The Daily Mail would roast them.

  4. missfrankiecat

    I’m finding Pasha more attractive now he’s starting to look a little portly (even in black!) like a sulky teddy bear in that Paso.

      1. DJMikey80

        The man has perfected the art of distraction, “don’t look at her sloppy technique, look at my perfect ass instead”.

  5. Lauren

    I do feel for Helen though. Out of all the contestants this year she’s the only one who hasn’t had one of the more bombastic or crowd-pleasing dances yet. Waltz and Foxtrot? Pretty and elegant but neither of them have the impact on the audience that the Tango or Viennese Waltz or Quickstep usually carry. Her Salsa and Cha-Cha were fine too, and better than I expected from her to be honest, but she hasn’t had a Jive or Paso or anything that’s halfway interesting to play with yet so I’m really looking forward to seeing what brand of madness she stamps onto something a bit more fun!

    1. Penny

      Actually I think that’s going to play into Helen’s hands. It’s not as if there’s any chance she’d go out in the first three eliminations and she can blast out her more crowd-pleasing dances later when she needs the votes.

    2. monkseal Post author

      I bet her tango is really borin’ now, thanks for jinxing it, this is going to be worse than Natalie’s…

  6. Miss Cavie

    Gotta hand it to Anton. When he choreographs a proper ballroom routine, it’s a thing of beauty. If they get the party latin out of the way before it gets serious Katie has a decent shot of making the final. The Year of Anton is alive and kicking!

  7. KM

    I have to admit, I did feel a *tiny* bit sorry for Kirsty over the song. I think they just about got away with the almost-as-baffling Blue Monday choice by doing a tango on fast-forward, but I’m not sure any amount of reworking (ala Katie and Anton’s Telephone) would have made Beautiful Day something that would compliment a paso doble.

    That said, she was crap and still would have been crap whatever music she was given.

    Kellie and Kevin’s routine summed up to me why, within reason, I’m willing to have some of the marking based on performance despite questionable technique. It was undoubtedly very competent, but my word was it dull as a spectacle to watch. Although Mark Wright must be spitting that they couldn’t have come up with an ode to one of his 73 nans as a concept last year.

    Also, I think Jamelia’s natural haphazard approach to dancing ended up suiting the Charleston more the accident that anything else. But, you know, good for her.

    1. monkseal Post author

      It *was* a foxtrot though. They’re only a thrill a minute when Helen’s channelling…whatever Helen’s channels.

  8. Minxy

    As KM said
    Also, I think Jamelia’s natural haphazard approach to dancing ended up suiting the Charleston more the accident that anything else. But, you know, good for her.

    I think she actually worked at it this week too! Will be interesting to see next week’s dance

    After seeing the clip of Jamelia in a film last week (who ever posted link in comments thank you) she obviously has no natural rhythm . Good lord it was badddddddd.
    So I can only presume that Darcy is trolling her whenever she talks about
    J’s natural musicality ” (no I haven’t heard her sing – and I doubt D has either for some reason).
    Darcy is either outright trolling or just presuming that singing = ability to move rhythmically. So massive side eyes from me till I decide. Hopefully it is trolling


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