Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 3 Results Summary

Movie Week results start with a film tribute to how Karen and Kevin met, complete with 1950s drive-in styling (lol whaddasurprise). Although this version of reality reveals that apparently once upon a time Tristan and Joanne were married which is an…interesting thought. It involves a lot of jumping in and out of video screens and apparently was choreographed by a regular SYTYCD hip hop choreographer. It shows.

Len’s Glans touches on Jay’s Jive, and the Charlestons of both Kellie and Jeremy and is very complimentary and quite po-faced about all three. Less so Peter’s paso which gets lightly toasted by Craig, although it’s mostly just an excuse for him to show off his Spanish lines. He gets lightly mocked by the audience and goosed by Bruno for his troubles, what price artistry on this show, really? Speaking of Spanish Lines, Andrea Bocelli is here to sing a translated version of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from Evita, whilst Aljaz and Janette whirl around romantically. It’s all about the couples this week isn’t it? I wonder what the opening routine would have looked like if it was choreographed around how Janette and Aljaz met. Bit less squeaky clean I’m guessing.

Our bottom 2? Boxers vs penguins as Ainsley’s cha cha faces off against Anthony’s paso doble. It’s a shame, because they’re both quite likeable and there are other people hovering around the duffer slots who are perhaps…less so, but in the end sending Anthony home to get proper rehab (no, samba does not come on the NHS for shoulder injuries oddly enough) feels like the right thing to do, as long as Oti gets a chance to truly shine next year in a talent sense as she did this year in a personality sense.

Next week : no theme. Yet. I think. Maybe it’ll be Grumpy Len Week and he’ll actually use a racial slur live against Giovanni who can say?


30 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing 13 – Week 3 Results Summary

  1. missfrankiecat

    Claudia on absolutely cracking form joshing Andre about how seriously he takes what judges say about him – totally over his head of course, though Mafia Dan had a knowing look.

    1. DJ Mikey

      “Oh Christ – another week of this fresh Hell. What on Earth did I do to Evil Moira Ross, to suffer the indignity of dancing with this bat – Do I want to remain the nice guy everybody likes, or am I willing to engineering a competition ending accident in training?” – Tristan’s Internal Monologue.

  2. BeyonceCastle

    Am rather hoping Lesley that Chris does a sex face photo of Jamelia compared with Tristan’s look of boredom mixed with resignation of a man at the gallows with a stay of execution who would really rather be put out of his misery.

    1. Lesley Rigg

      Let’s hope so!! Next week they can dance to “Love on the Rocks” or his duet with Barbra “You don’t bring me flowers’. I have no idea why they don’t consult us on these things…

      1. DJ Mikey

        “Love On The Rocks” and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” are good options for Tristan’s current dislike of Jamelia – I’d skip straight to “Thorn In My Side”, or maybe I’d abandon all subtlety and regard for people’s sensibilities with “Cannibal Corpse – I Will Kill You” (think Death Metal).

  3. BeyonceCastle

    Love to hate you
    Enough is enough
    I don’t feel like dancing
    I guess that’s why they call it the blues
    Stuck in a moment and I can’t get out of it…

  4. Jan

    Noooooooooo, not Oti! With her fabulous training outfits and her glasses and her plaits! It’s not fair! (Except possibly on Anthony’s shoulder.)

  5. Agrippina

    I don’t think Anthony should really have been participating at all with that injury, so I’m quite glad he’s gone. I was constantly worried about his shoulder actually falling off (can shoulders do that?) in the middle of a routine. It would be nice to see more of Oti so I’m hoping that she’ll be given prominent parts in the pro dances at least.

    1. BeyonceCastle

      It can dislocate but seeing as he carried on for four more rounds fighting one handed having had his dislocated shoulder put back in two consecutive earlier rounds I reckon he would have coped. Amazing courage or plain bloody stupid, I don’t know, but credit where credit’s due…I also am well aware that his injury is nothing like Amy Purdy’s or Noah Galloway’s but when the latter competed he was given copious amounts of slack. They knew Anthony was essentially one armed but he didn’t even get lauded for one armed lifts? Seems wrong to me.

  6. Huriye

    Thanks for explaning who choreo’d the Opening Pro Dance Monkseal. It was quite simply the biggest pile of shite so far seen in this new era of Butlins Holiday Camp mass routines. Not worthy of Strictly. Someone speak to Gilkison – we are NOT the US or OZ so don’t inflict your SYTYCD protégés on us anymore than you already do. Strictly is unique. Keep it so. Or else.
    It looked rank amateur compared with this version of dancing with yourself:

    The guest performance was dull too. Bocelli as Ava Peron….? With the ubiquitous Janette rotating in mid air yet again for the entire routine. Oh for the days of an Anton & Erin special Quickstep as Results Protainment.

    I was sorry to see Anthony go, Oti looked tres sad, but do agree, his shoulder is not up to giving of his best in future dances. Though how the GBP put them both in the bottom 2 is inexplicable.
    Ainsley, please get your wriggle on, and your head in gear. This Strictly lark is a tough gig, I think some slebs are only just realising. And it’s so obvious which ones usually watch XF every week. (Andrex, I’m looking at you). No-one should be allowed on Strictly unless they’ve seen the show!

  7. BeyonceCastle

    What a lovely vid Huriye. I do love T+D. I think Chris is right and the group dance from week 2 was more appropriate for movie week plus I would have had the drifters on main show rather than ITT

    1. monkseal Post author

      I still don’t understand why they did two routines in consecutive weeks based around iconic film characters, it’s not very imaginative.

  8. Stormy

    I’m torn. I’d rather Carol have gone (whoever would have thought a past it weather girl would have such a fan following to keep her in every week?), but I think Anthony needed to go for the sake of his shoulder and his career. I’ll miss him and Oti as a pair, though. They were nice.

    1. DJ Mikey

      I’d rather Jamelia went – Tristan’s facial expression is going to go from one of quiet disinterest and “Why are you doing this to me?” to one of homicidal urges.. I’d also rather the Judges started giving Le Andre the scores he deserves, after 2 weeks of actually quite liking him I’m severely pissed off that his abomination of Paso Doble beat out Anthony’s infinitely better effort. Seriously when the one-armed man can out dance you it’s time to go.

  9. Seronie

    I agree MS, Oti was lovely and I hope she stays. A pixieish little darling. Having Antony and Ainslie in the dance-off did make me cringe (as did Darcey’s ‘Wew Jamelia such natural rhythm!’ comment – and get a load of the boxing duo’s faces when she said it, lol), mind you many comments by Darcey this week were questionable. Much as I like her.

    Still not getting the whole Tristan hates Jamelia story. She seems alright to me, and laughs A LOT, which I like in anyone. But then again, I’ve never seen her on Loose Women. It does seem people are being a little mean spirited about her, like they WANT Tristan to dislike her. I’m not sure I’m convinced by the guy. I’m trying to figure out if he’s a good pro who deserves the fuss, or just there as the token oirish royde.

    1. MorticiaA

      Agree about Tristan. He doesn’t compare well with the other pros in the pro dances, hasn’t choreographed anything interesting for any of his ‘zlebs, and, if Jamelia’s rather lumpen technique is an indicator, maybe cannot teach or be arsed to… Exactly how did he get such a hotly contested gig???? I would say he’s no Gleb in the looks department either, i Gleb’s rather Mattel doll prettiness did anything at all for me…..

    2. monkseal Post author

      I’m still waiting for Tristan to do anything that interests me other than having a pretty face to be honest, but I will try not to turn it into a vendetta.

      1. DJ Mikey

        He did a really good Paso on DWTS – with Valerie Harper – even though she was a duffer, also despite being pretty – it will be funny when finally snaps and becomes murderous or turns into James Jordan/Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I’m truly looking forward to the day when his training VT contains the phrase “Look, it’s not that hard do it again and get it right you fat heifer”.

      2. monkseal Post author

        Just as a head’s-up, if you use “fuckmeraw” or variations as your comment name it’s going to get caught in the moderation filter and I’ll only be able to pass it through when I remember to check the comments.

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