Strictly Come Dancing Pro Poll 2015

OK, let’s roll.

41 (37). Kylie Jones – 2.16 (2.96)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Jason Wood – 8th place

Fewest 7s
Fewest 6s
Most Forgotten Pro
Lowest One Season Wonder
Lowest Former Pro
Lowest Female Pro

This year, after a brief sabbatical, Kylie is reclaiming her crown as the anchor of this poll with her lowest score yet, and indeed the lowest recorded score in the five year history of the Pro Poll. So erm…that’s something I guess. Kylie Jones did two dances with Jason Wood in Series 1 and they were the first first boots ever and…there’s not much else to say about Kylie Jones. Good job having a fun name I guess?

40 (32). Andrew Cuerden – 2.96 (3.44)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Jaye Jacobs – 11th place

Fewest 10s
Biggest Faller (Positions)
Lowest Male Pro

Poor Andrew. A rough year in the Pro Poll, and based on the above Gleb’s stolen his facial hair.

39 (36). John Byrnes – 2.97 (3.12)

Most Common Score – Don’t Know
Best Finish – Claire Sweeney – 5th place

Fewest 4s

That’s him on the far left. John is chiefly known as being one of the professional ballroom dancers who helped devise and launch Strictly, more specifically he was the one who, after the first series, thought it was a bit tacky and unrepresentative and that he could find better uses for his time. After the FIRST series he thought that. Can you imagine if he saw the show now, rather than…I dunno, running a llama farm in Peru or whatever it is he does? He would DIE.

38 (38) – Jared Murillo – 3.05 (2.72)

Most Common Score : 1
Best Finish – Tina O’Brien – 11th place

Most 3s
Most 2s
Most 1s

Jared’s ascent to hot(ter)ness continues apace! Seriously there’s a picture on his Instagram of him looking well buff and ting but I couldn’t find a way to ste…borrow it in order to best increased the Jared fandom so you’ll just have to make do with this. Jared is currently putting on yeoman’s work partnering Katya and participating in Puttin’ On The Ritz with Anya, Robin, Trent and Gordana. Very much a ghost ship of Strictly’s unquiet dead there.

37 (31). Hazel Newberry – 3.10 (3.64)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Quentin Wilson – 10th place

It’s so ironic that for Strictly’s losingest pro, literally the only pictures I can find of Hazel are of her winning stuff. Such a dichotomy. Who knows why Hazel took a tumble this year, maybe one of the handful of people who even remember who she is gave gave her a 2 rather than a 4 on a whim, who can say? Such are the biosystems are the lower reaches of this poll.

36 (35). Izabela Hanna – 3.15 (3.32)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Dennis Taylor – 8th place

Fewest 9s
Fewest 8s

Thank you to whoever it was on twitter who donated this picture to me. I still don’t know who she is.

35 (34). Paul Killick – 3.33 (3.36)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Verona Josephs – 6th place

Doesn’t he look different now? Very Moby As Bond Villain, I approve. Very distinguished. Is it enough to forgive him for the Vorderumba though…

34 (30). Hanna Haarala – 3.63 (3.95)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Will Thorp – 7th place

She and Andrew drift further and further apart in this poll every year, it’s sad, in a way. I don’t even know if they’re still together, can anyone confirm? They seemed like perfectly nice people and I’ll always feel a bit sad they were binned off because the show bigger things with the Jordans and the Cacace-Simones on the horizon. I mean…accurately so, it turned out, but still.

33 (33). Hayley Holt! – 3.78 (3.39)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Mark Foster – 11th place

Yes, it’s that time, the time when we all find out what happened in the last year of the life of Down Under Megastar Hayley Holt. As you can see, Hayley Holt has had a busy year, ascending to the role of ACTUAL JUDGE on Dancing With The Stars New Zealand. Not the Head Judge by the looks of it, although she is leaning in HARD there, so girl obviously has her eyes on the prize for next year. If you’re interested in watching The Launch Show (ish) for Dancing With The Stars New Zealand, you can see it here (SPOILERS : the guy who is repeatedly called a NICE GUY and a TV LEGEND and THE LOVELIEST PERSON HERE wins in the end). (SPOILERS : the ditzy one at the end was apparently involved in something called Crotchgate and finished 2nd, so I’ve decided she is the NZ Chelsee Healey) Based on her twitter, Hayley Holt’s other current issues include campaigning on what the new New Zealand flag should be (she likes the swirly one), feminism, ending bullying, and anti-capitalism. I can’t wait to see what next year’s update will bring already!

32 (29). Hanna Karttunen – 3.83 (4.2)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish : Christopher Parker – Runner-Up

Yes, since the last pro poll the originator of the long and noble tradition of Long Suffering Partner To Strictly Joke Contestant got married! His name is Jone, the son of a former Finnish Chancellor, heavy metal rock star and judge on Finnish Idol. All of the other pro spouses just got a new bar set. Match *that* Mrs Brenda.

31 (26). James Jordan – 4.19 (4.98)

Most Common Score : 1
Best Finish : Denise Van Outen – Runner-Up

Sorry, it was just too easy. The most notable thing that happened in James Jordan’ year was his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother 14, wherein he entered into death feuds with Gary Busey, a transgender boxing promoter and most bizarrely of all, Audley Harrison, suggesting that backstage in Series 9 hadn’t all been sunshine and rainbow, even accounting for the presence of glamorous shit-tornado Nancy Dell’Olio. He managed to finish 3rd, which is better than Strictly pros manage on reality shows, albeit whilst playing the villain to the hilt. How much of this is the cause of his bumper drop in score. If you, despite all of this, want to follow James’ post-Strictly journey you can find him fulfilling the role of “Not At All Bitter Ex Pro” for the series in The Sun, where he is as usually blarting on about TELLING IN LIKE IT IS and how he MIGHT BE CONTROVERSIAL BUT JUST SAYING WHAT YOU’RE ALL THINKING whilst offering up blazing hot takes like “Jamelia seems to be a bit of a diva” and “Pasha is a very good dancer”

30 (NE) – Joanne Clifton – 4.36

Most Common Score : 5
Best Finish : Scott Mills – 10th place
Most 5s

Not quite the weakest performance by a new entry ever in a Pro Poll (Jared, Janette and Karen all started lower) this is none the less obviously a big disappointment  for someone who was feted as a pro due to their massive ballroom achievements and the potential for exciting drama with already established pros. Whether we’ll see Joanne retake the floor when the gender-balace-pendulum swings again next series or if this is where she’s going to stay is for now a mystery but hey, at least she still gets to live in 1960s Strictlyville eating Natalie Lowe’s burnt toast for the time being.

29 (25). Brian Fortuna – 4.69 (5)

Most Common Score : 5
Best Finish Ali Bastian – 3rd place

Most 4s

The higher the hair, the closer to God, right?

28 (27). Anton du Beke – 4.90 (4.85)

Most Common Score : 5
Best Finish Lesley Garrett – 3rd place

I’m kind of disappointed. I know his score’s gone up a tiny amount, and he’s more or less held on to his ranking, but if his heartwarming true-felt kinship with Judy Murray wasn’t enough to propel him above a 5 overall, I’m not sure what will do it. Still, this year the cast is so full of leggy attractive women with dance-promise that it was literally impossible to avoid giving Anton one so maybe that’ll help. I mean…some weeks aren’t going to be Party Latin, right?

27 (23). Nicole Cutler – 4.98 (5.17)

Most Common Score : Don’t Know
Best Finish John Barnes – 7th place

Last year in this very poll I mused that I felt like time was getting on because Nicole Cutler had come perilously close to having her most common score be “Don’t Know” and this year it finally happened, and not by a small margin. Who’s next to fall down the memory hole? Jared? Brian? Camilla? MATTHEW CUTLER? ONE OF THE BENNETTS? Get taking those fish oil tablets guys, I’m not losing another Strictly legend this time next year, we have to remember the old ways. And keep them holy.

26 (24). Karen Hauer – 5.10 (5.04)

Most Common Score : 6
Best Finish : Mark Wright – 4th place

/Clifton/whatever her birth name was, the Internet is silent on this matter. Karen last year had pretty much the definition of a mixed series of Strictly, managing to shepherd Mark Wright to the final despite his fairly middling amount of talent against tought opposition, but doing it via three dance-offs and a number of emotional breakdowns all culminating in that bizarre semi-final where they both weeped and clutched and snotted over one another to Fields Of Gold. Karen’s now passed through the cycle of “two contenders, one duffer” that all feted newbies seem to go through, and it’s time for her to find out what’s on the other side. A gangly radio presenter by the looks of it.

25 (17) – Ola Jordan – 5.63 (6.63)

Most Common Score :6
Best Finish : Chris Hollins – Winner

Biggest Faller (Score)
Biggest Faller (Positions)
Lowest Winner

As ever with Ola it’s hard to tell how much of her score declining is due to her, and how much is due to her association with James, although this is the first year where she’s slid faster down the scores than he has. Certainly she herself didn’t have the easiest year, between the tabloid campaign to smear her as a bully to her injuring herself training for The Jump and spending most of the last few months in plaster. And given that she’s just got partnered with someone who has only been able to train for three days, two whole weeks before the first live show of the season, it appears that her purdah might not be over yet. Still, she still has a job, and she still has her calendars, so she’s not doing too badly for herself.

24 (28). Janette Manrara – 5.80 (4.32)

Most Common Score : 6
Best Finish : Jake Wood – 5th place

Most 6s
Highest Climber (Scores)

Not quite an Iveta bounce for Janette, but she certainly went some way towards correcting everyone’s first impressions of her last year, as people now at least seem ready to accept she can do salsa. Now there’s just the other 14 dances in the Strictly catalogue to master, and she’s set!

23 (22). Robin Windsor – 5.81 (5.96)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : Lisa Riley – 5th place

I wonder if they ever have domestics over whether a 2nd on X Factor or a 5th on Strictly is worth more. Regardless, this year for Robin Windsor was really all about his relationship with Marcus Collins, as he was kept off Strictly by a bad back at first, and then indifferent producers at second. Still, he has that job on the newly REVAMPED It Takes Two to look forwards to, although one announced with a great deal less pomp and excitement than the one that they gave Joanne that looks very similar. Poor guy. Although hopefully it’s a step up from that skit where Nancy Dell’Olio molested him every week whilst he wafted a feather duster about.

22 (20). Aliona Vilani – 5.83 (6.09)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : Harry Judd – Winner

I’m slightly surprised here. I thought Aliona’s ICONICALLY miserable partnership with Gregg Wallace might have given her a boost in the poll, but it turns out you’re actually getting a little bit bored of Aliona’s role on Strictly as a vessel of intellectual ennui (and custard) and want her to do something else again, which hopefully Jay TheWanted will be able to facilitate for her. Either that or this is because of that whole Strictly “CURSE OF GOING ON FIRST” thing and you were setting a benchmark to follow on from, in which case well done, because only Ola, Robin and Janette were closer to this year’s average score – 5.72. I am afraid she is going to sue you for unfair treatment now though.

21 (19). Camilla Dallerup – 5.91 (6.23)

Most Common Score :6
Best Finish : Tom Chambers – Winner

God, imagine the steamy backstage scandal, I’m fanning myself already.

And now, at the halfway mark, we ask you to predict the future. As a reminder, this is where you predicted last year’s crop of newbies would land :

Tristan MacManus – 11th to 15th
Joanne Clifton – 16th to 20th
Trent Whiddon – 21st to 25th

So wrong about Joanne and Trent and yet to see with Tristan. Let’s see if you can do better with the new class

20 (21). Anya Garnis – 6.08 (6.07)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : Patrick Robinson – 5th place

That’s Anya with the two featured male dancers on Pasha’s tour there, which when I attended seemed very much to be Anya’s tour in that most of the dances seemed to be designed to showcase her the best rather than the guy who was nominally the main draw. Which makes me think that either Pasha is very good to his exs, or that Anya, despite her sweet exterior is an arch-manipulator of men, twisting provincial dance tours to her will via an iron will and sexual favours. Either, frankly, is good for me.

19 (NE). Trent Whiddon : 6.36

Most Common Score :7
Best Finish : Pixie Lott – 6th place

Highest One-Series-Wonder

Speaking of archly manipulative backstage forces, I also hope the rumour that Trent got ditched because Gordana bullied him into issuing an ultimatum that either she got made a proper pro or he walked was also true. Poor, sweet, easy-going Trent. Every other Antipodean pro has made it incredibly obvious in their first series just how ferocious they were about wanting to win – even Natalie spent her first run shark-eyed and laser-sighted on that glitterball trophy. Trent on the other hand was happy to just strum his guitar, do karaoke down the pub, slum along at fashion awards shows and choreograph routines that seemed to be based on things he’d thought up whilst smoking funny cigarettes.  And now he’s gone, and people will probably say it was because he “upset Len” by including too many illegal lifts (one) in a cha-cha? Never mind. I have faith that Gordana has a masterplan to get them both back in.

18 (15). Kevin Clifton – 6.38 (6.79)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Frankie Bridge/Susanna Reid : Runners-Up

The damned failure of the show to reveal 2nd and 3rd claims another victim, as it’s now impossible to tell whether Kevin had his best finish with the Saturdays singer or with the Breakfast Host. I mean, I know which I’d prefer it to be with, and judging from his dip in popularity this year so do you, but it’s just not fair to speculate. If I have to write “Frankie Bridge/Kellie Bright/Susanna Reid” on this thing next year, so help me…

17 (NE). Tristan MacManus : 6.39

Most Common Score : 6
Best Finish : Jennifer Gibney – 14th place

Just in case you were wondering how far it was possible to get in this poll solely on a pretty face.

16 (18). Kristina Rihanoff – 6.44 (6.33)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Simon Webbe – Runner-Up

What a controversial rollercoaster year for Kristina. Doing the best she’s ever done on Strictly, but tying Lisa Snowdon’s dance-off record whilst getting there. Getting tied up in an imbroglio involving a previously married man, and the galvanisation of both fans and hatahs that inevitably brings about. Raunchy photo shoots, tell-all memoirs, wars with the press, weird VTs with Simon Webbe where it was literally impossible to tell whether we were supposed to think they were dating, and now most amusingly of all, partnered with the most virginal man in all of the Isles. And yet here she is…more or less exactly the same sort of place and score she was last time. Funny how these things balance themselves out, huh?

15 (13). Darren Bennett – 6.53 (6.94)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : Jill Halfpenny – Winner

Now let’s all sit and ponder on nature’s most beautiful mystery and miracle. That Darren Bennett’s hair finally looks like it’s his own.

14 (11). Brendan Cole – 6.57 (7.33)

Most Common Score :8
Best Finish : Kerplunk – Winner

After his long slow four year crawl towards the top 10 in this annual ranking, from 16 to 15 to 12 to 11, Brendan takes a tumble this year, and I’m fairly sure that the reason lies in the picture above, as Brendan takes to the Blackpool floor banked by a bevy of ballroom beauties…and with Sunetra left at the edge stumbling over her own feet. Brendan’s ego has always been a major part of why he’s been so succesful and prominent over his years on the show, whilst other wispier male pros have faded away in the winds, but it’s always sad when it comes to bite him in the arse. Still…he won Flockstars I guess, so he’s still got something to keep him warm as we sail on past the point where it’s been over a decade since he touched the glitterball.

13 (16). Karen Hardy – 6.87 (6.69)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : When She Won With Ramps

No, seriously, I will always use that picture

12 (12). Katya Virshilas – 7.16 (7.24)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Gavin Henson – 5th

I’m using that picture rather than, say, one where she’s wearing a hat, just because despite mentioning it earlier I’ve only just realised what an odd pairing Katya and Jared is. I mean, I saw Katya live on tour with Pasha and half expect her to rip his head off, eat him, and lay her eggs in his corpse at any moment, so lord knows how their dynamic works on stage. Jared. Who came across as a little bit too weedy for Sarah-Lou from Corrie. I’m amazed.

11 (8). Lilia Kopylova – 7.25 (7.55)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Darren Gough – Winner

Definitely takes after her mother doesn’t she? Anyway let’s use this space to officially congratulate Lilia and Darren for adding little Valentina Bennett to the ranks of potential Strictly pros for 2037, along with Aurelia Cole, Ewan Boag, and…still probably Anton du Beke, let’s face it. To be honest, I’ve lost track of which countries Darren and Lilia are judging Strictly in nowadays, but I hope whichever continent they’re on, they’re happy.

10 (7). Artem Chigvintsev – 7.27 (7.88)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Kara Tointon – Winner

It’s always embarassing when you spill salsa on your pants when you’ve got a guy round with his rumba out isn’t it? Yes, this is where Artem’s American dream now stands, celeb-less, not even entirely sure of his dance troupe status, shilling pants, and dropping over half a point in this Pro Poll. Was it worth it Artem? For dreams of American glory? The show’s still waiting, and you’ll only have to perform two or three degrading and humiliating acts for Evil Moira Ross In A Rainbow Wig to be allowed back. Probably.

9 (9). Matthew Cutler – 7.32 (7.48)

Most Common Score : 7
Best Finish : Alesha Dixon – Winner

He’s looking more and more like the long-lost abandoned third (fourth? fifth?) Mitchell brother every day isn’t he? Maybe he can come back and be a wise mentor to shepherd Ben through his sexual crisis via the wisdom of age and experience and also maybe a cha cha to Love Machine.

8 (10). Vincent Simone – 7.38 (7.36)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Rachel Stevens – Runner-Up

A small boost for Vincent Simone this year sees his nuzzling a little bit more securely inside the list of the show’s ten greatest pros of all time. It’s almost as though, mystically, you all sensed an inferior knock-off version looming beyond the horizon…

7 (14). Aljaz Skorjanec – 7.70 (6.81)

Most Common Score : 8
Best Finish : Abbey Clancy – Winner
Most 8s
Most 7s
Highest Climber (Positions)

After being paired so closely together in their first series (not like that, keep your minds out of the gutter) I think the above picture shows in still form why Aljaz has soared up this pro poll whilst Kevin sank, despite the latter having a celeb with huge potential and the former…not. Unless you’re being snidely passive-aggressive about “huge potential” in a way that a surprisingly large number of misguided people think is cute. Because Aljaz, via camp, and comedy, and Cathy flying in through the window on a chaisse-lounge, and all-round undercutting his own hunk image, managed to come across as far more human and warm and goddamnit ALIVE, than he did when partnered with Waggy Clancy. Also his arse.

6 (6). Erin Boag – 7.92 (7.97)

Most Common Score : 9
Best Finish : Colin Jackson – Runner-Up

SO. EFFING. GLAM. Also Erin has officially been 6th place for three years in a row now so, you know…here comes Satan I guess.

5 (5). Iveta Lukosiute – 7.99 (8.12)

Most Common Score : 10
Best Finish : Mark Benton – 7th place

SHE’S OUT OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE. Apart from how I still follow her on twitter, which is quite something given that anyone who has twitter will tell you that following pro is inviting 100 RTd self-praises a day. Iveta had a bit of a rum year on Strictly as Thom Evans proved to be the most distinctly underwhelming rugby STAH ever on the show, cast entirely to be a pretty boy and with the personality to match (I have faith they have learned precisely nothing and are lining George Ford as we speak) and she proved incapable of dragging any spark out of him, despite her clear enfatuation with her TAHHHHHHHHHHM. Still, an early boot allowed her to blossom on It Takes Two, hosting leopardprint fashion parades and talking over all of the rest of the pros until they visibly wanted to smack her in the head. Then she got fired for whatever reason and we’ll probably never see her again. Still…one last time for the road.

4 (4). Flavia Cacace – 8.16 (8.13)

Most Common Score : 9
Best Finish : Louis Smith – Winner

Most 9s
Fewest 2s

Congratulations to Flavia, as she continues to grow her brand bost show with her By Flavia blog. Yes sorry sir, you DID mishear when they announced it, sorry to disappoint you, I know, I know. No videos. Not like that anyway. Flavia’s post Strictly life as a one woman beauty brand is an inspiration to us all, and is surely worthy the 30 minutes of solid riveting her face requires every morning to keep those dimples in place.

3 (1). Ian Waite – 8.51 (8.55)

Most Common Score : 10
Best Finish : Denise Lewis – Runner-Up

Fewest 1s
Highest Former Pro

DETHRONED! Still, congratulates to the above happy couple for getting engaged this year (apologies if that is not actually Ian’s husband-to-be, this entry involved literally 5 seconds of Googling, but hey, even if he isn’t, they look happy enough right?). I hope Ian appreciated the fact that he’s still capable of a podium finish, before this year’s inevitable war to see who is THE ONE TRUE QUEEN OF IT TAKES TWO between him, Robin, and Joanne gets out of hand and kills them all.

2 (3). Pasha Kovalev – 8.55 (8.28)

Most Common Score : 10
Best Finish : Caroline Flack – Winner

Highest Male Pro
Highest Winner

I can’t tell you how much to me that after nigh on 7 years as a Pasha fan to see him finally lift some sort of reality tv trophy, even if he didn’t seem to care that much. I was expecting more of a torrent to be honest, but any bursting of the dam is a bursting. Pasha’s rise to glory also sees him match his previous best placing in the Pro Poll and only miss out on the title of GREATEST STRILY EVER by a fraction of a portion of a point. Will showing another side of himself with Carol Kirkwood push him to the zenith of this poll next year? Or will going out in the first half of the series for a change dampen the Pasha sparkle?

1 (2). Natalie Lowe – 8.55 (8.51)

Most Common Score : 10
Best Finish : Ricky Whittle – Runner-Up

Most 10s
Fewest 5s
Fewest 3s
Highest Current Pro
Highest Female Pro

Speaking of sparkle….WHAT A MASSIVE STAR. It was either that or the picture of her wielding the paso fan like a weapon of war. Is there any greater sign of the Natalie magic than that she filled Tim Wonnacott so full of her own brand of demented optimism that he went and punched a producer in the face or whatever happened actually it’s still probably subject to lawsuit best not. Regardless, Natalie showed a chink in her armour for the first time last year, spending an entire episode bawling “WHAT BORING PEOPLE!” about the judges after they criticised…idk was it that Charleston where she kept on fumbling through Tim’s pockets looking for loose antiques? Whatever it was, that phrase is going into my Natalie Lowexicon, along with “THIT’S AMOYZING!” and “MAW BOOOBS!”. Congratulations Natalie, for the second time, you have been crowned the greatest.

And, as has been customary in these polls, here is your putative All-Stars made up of your favourite pros and your favourite celebs of those favourite pros, last I checked (excluding winners because that always makes an All Stars series weird)

Erin Boag & Austin Healey
Flavia Cacace & Matt Di Angelo
Iveta Lukosiute & Mark Benton
Karen Hardy & Bill Turnbull
Katya Virshilas & Gavin Henson
Kristina Rihanoff & Simon Webbe
Lilia Kopylova & Don Warrington
Natalie Lowe & Scott Maslen

Aljaz Skorjanec & Alison Hammond
Artem Chigvintsev & Holly Valance
Brendan Cole & Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Darren Bennett & Letitia Dean
Ian Waite & Zoe Ball
Matthew Cutler & Carol Smillie
Pasha Kovalev & Chelsee Healey
Vincent Simone & Rachel Stevens

I’d watch it.


26 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing Pro Poll 2015

  1. Louise

    Doing this alphabetically has shown that a first name beginning with H is a poor prognostic sign for my remembering you.

  2. PadsterMo

    Next time can we have a ‘0’ option as well? As in, I remember you but I don’t rate you at all and I’d like to express that as firmly and clearly as possible?


    1. monkseal Post author

      I’m too anal for that sadly, it’d ruin my comparison of scores between series to have a “0” option. Much as Craig is unable to go below 1, so you too have to suffer.

      1. Ross

        I like to think that if a 0 existed, the only times it would’ve ever been used would be for Quentin Wilson’s Cha-Cha, from Craig, and Nancy Dell’Olio’s Salsa, from Alesha (because there’s no way she’d be able to resist). ❤

  3. Agrippina

    Only three “Don’t Know” this time around – I’ve been as fair as possible but unfortunately have to confess to scoring Tristan highly because I fancy him, even though I think he’s a bit shit as a pro.

  4. Elsa

    Here’s Gleb being really happy (link) – and you know it’s true because he says so! Seriously folks (sorry for the Yankisms), I’m really happy because Glebswife is in London with him, at least for the past week or so, and hopefully the whole season, though I know that’s upsetting to a lot of folks (I think?) Well, in any case, that means he’ll not only hold himself together (though I bet they would be some offers to hold him if he couldn’t manage, am I right?) — but also his choreography will magically improve lightyears! Gordana Two! BTW, this is his 4th country to do Strictly/DWTS in and I don’t know why he’s ignoring one of his countries, unless it’s Oz where he went out first with a pageant queen or some such. Anyway, go Glebberita! Love your pants!!

    1. monkseal Post author

      Has Gleb been a One Series Wonder in THREE different countries? I’m scared we might never see him again after Anita gets eliminated when, Week 5?

      1. Elsa

        He was out first in the Oz show with a beauty queen. Out quickly (and first to the bottom two) in the USA show with Lisa Vanderpump (50ish Housewife or Rich & Famous and restauranteur). However, last year, on the Russian show, he and his ice-skater partner finished second. But that was his homeland when he could speak his native tongue – I think language may be an issue but here’s hoping! Anita looks good. So many “pretty good” women though – wow! The show will work hard to prop the ones they like and dump the rest – or even in the voting, they’ll be cancelling each other out imo.

      2. Huriye

        Probably more to do with Adelina Sotnikova, reigning Olympic Champion from Sochi (and Figure Skating is big in Russia) why Gleb came 2nd.

        I can’t believe Monkseal ‘s headlong lust into all things Gleb. You ditched Trent at a rapid rate of knots! I’m still wistful.

        I don’t remember Izabella Hanna ever looking as pretty as in your pic. She always had severe backcomb and set pensioner hair and fuddy duddy costumes.

  5. TDF

    Re Hanna and Andrew C.
    No they aren’t still together. She had a baby about 2 years ago and Andrew went off with anothe ballroom dancer (Natasha – something). They aren’t still together either (I think although not sure re that).

  6. Dancing cake

    Louise (first comment) you’re right – all those forgotten H-people. Wonder if it works the other way – is there a luckiest letter (as in, statistically you’re most likely to end up in the final if your name begins with …)? I’m always happy when I can find some tenuous link like that. Bring back the curse of the pink dress.

  7. KM

    Did that Tristan fansite from his DWTS days get wind of this poll by any chance? I rather suspect he’s going to do better than 11th to 15th if so….

    Despite her multi-faceted career as a reality TV contestant/life coach/author/panto queen/live tour judge since she left, I can’t believe it’s now been 7 years since Camilla competed on this show. Where did the years go etc.

  8. strictlydaniel

    Whoa didn’t expect Aljaz will pull a (slightly lesser) Iveta there. I remember giving him 8 or 9 so I’m pleased.

    Top five: Ian, Natalie, Iveta, Pasha, Flavia. Please in that order.


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