Congratulations to Howard Middleton! Only the 7th greatest baker of his series, but champion of your heart forever. Well done also to Nancy for a well deserved runner-up slot, and also to Brendan, for saving you all from me photoshopping (/MS Paint’ing) John Whaite onto the podium mid naked selfie. Never mind, there’s always Tamal (GET ON IT TAMAL!)


17 thoughts on “BAKEOFFBLEDON!

  1. Isolde

    I never really think of these people as having surnames. And never ever think of lovely Rob as Robert. To me, he’ll always be Floppy-haired Rob Dropcake.

  2. Catherine

    Despite that I’ve watched every single series of this show, I still don’t know who half these f*ckers are. All that matters is that Howard wins. (And that James and John are joined together forever in holy gay matrimony, obviously.)

      1. Catherine

        I know I’m in the minority on this blog, but I never liked Brendan – he seemed to have quite a nasty streak underneath (which I know is why most of you like him) whereas Howard is just so hangdog but really self-aware. My love for him was clinched when he came on the Bakeoff talkshow thingie afterwards and was hilarious.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Howard’s still in, I was having a bugger of a time getting Group F to show up for some reason.

  3. Neio

    Is it bad that I partly voted for Iain Watters because he had a really cute bum in the Naked Issue of Gay Times?

    Even in a field of four I still couldn’t bring myself to vote for Debbie Downer Ruby though.


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