Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – Jive

Kick, flick, kick, flick, kick, flick, kick, flick, kick, flick *epileptic seizure*


Invented in : America
Ballroom Or Latin? : Latin
Signature Moves : The kick, the flick, the mud-hole stomp, the tramp-killer, the drunken sailor, the kick-ball-change, the tie-fiddle, the ANTON
Is Iveta A World Champion In It? : Yes
Its Purpose On Strictly : to always be a little underwhelming compared to what you were expecting
Other Irrelevant Dance Style Most Likely To Be Shoe-Horned In For No Reason : anything that isn’t either kicking or flicking


6 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – Jive

  1. missfrankiecat

    One of my faves – Kristina and Simon’s Good Golly Miss Molly not even making the cut!

    1. Laura

      It only got 6s and 7s so that’s probably why – similar issue with Chris Hollins’ and Steve Backshall’s tangos, despite said dances being some of their best in the whole competition in my view.

    1. Peeve

      I agree, camis, but we have to factor in Saint Jill of the Halfpenny, whose jive is cited as the best EVAH, even by people who I suspect have never seen it.

      1. camis71

        Depends on your definition of best – technically and musically great or….Michael swinging an axe out of time and pushing Natalie in a wheel barrow while she collapses in a heap of laughter? No contest really!

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