Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – Paso Doble

We are ALL the cape.

Paso Doble

Ballroom Or Latin? : Latin
Signature Moves : The Cape Swish, The Spanish Lines, The Skirt Waft, The Backache, The Moo
Is Iveta A World Champion In It? : Yes
Its Purpose On Strictly : For men – to be the matador ; for women – to be the cape, the bull, the sword, the flamenco dancer, the audience, the sand, the guy running around making sure the matador doesn’t get gored in the balls, the PETA protestor outside, and the alien babe in a catsuit (thanks Iveta!)
Other Irrelevant Dance Style Most Likely To Be Shoe-Horned In For No Reason : the haka

6 thoughts on “Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – Paso Doble

  1. BeyonceCastle

    Ah balls, I might not have voted for Denise and James when I meant to. Or I might have voted twice. Sorry.

    1. monkseal Post author

      Unfortunately the early feminist pioneers are doomed not to be recorded fully by history. Poor the pink sparkly cape of yay.

  2. Agrippina

    Pixie and Trent will always be the best as far as I’m concerned. It was his weedy arms poking out of his pleather tanktop that did it for me.


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