Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – American Smooth

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NEW YORK! (And other parts of America)

American Smooth

Invented in : Before Series 8 – America ; After Series 8 – The Fevered Nightmares Of Evil Moira Ross
Ballroom Or Latin? : Before Series 8 – Ballroom ; After Series 8 – God only knows
Signature Moves : Before Series 8 – The Razzle Dazzle, the Pixie Kick, the Cane Tap, the Fred N Ginge Flair ; After Series 8 – the Waft, the Wave, the Flail, the Stomach-Cramp
Purpose On Strictly Come Dancing : Before Series 8 – To recapture the magic and style of the old Hollywood musicals of the period between the World Wars ; After Series 8 – To express the inner torment of an actor who is also a ghost trying to make it big in the tough world of the big city whilst dating a ballerina with lupus who turns into a locust at the end. In custard.
Is Iveta A World Champion In It? : Before Series 8 – no ; After Series 8 – no
Other Irrelevant Dance Style Most Likely To Be Shoe-Horned In For No Reason : Before Series 8 – he odd contempowaft ; After Series 8 – literally nothing is irrelevant to American Smooth any more. None.


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