Strictly World Cup Of Dahnce 2015 – Argentine Tango

So here’s how it’s going to work…

Yes, you voted in your droves for the format of the Strictly World Cup where we try to work out what the best dance in Strictly history is, out of literally thousands (well…a thousand and a bit) of options. Well done. Now comes the difficult part.

1. For the next 15 days, a poll for a different Strictly Style will go up on the blog.
2. The polls will be multiple choice, with no limits on the number of boxes you can tick, in tribute to Strictly Supervoting Superfan and 2017 11th placer Pauline Quirke.
3. After 5 days the poll will close, and the top 8 dances in that genre at that point will advance to the tournament proper.
4. The 9th and 10th place dances from each genre will be placed in a repechage round, which will take place once all 15 genres have been voted on. The top 8 dances from this repechage round will go on to the tournament proper as well. This will make a total
5. The rest will go in the bin.
6. Each poll will consist of every dance in a particular style that scored at least one 8.
7. Particularly iconically crap dances will probably be added in anyway.
8. Each poll will be accompanied be a cut-out-and-keep guide the style to better inform you of your choice
9. Please do not try to cut-out-and-keep these guides as it will wreck your computer most likely.

First up?

Argentine Tango

Invented in : Argentina, out on the sweaty pampers
Ballroom Or Latin? : They never really did decide, did they? They’re hugging, so let’s say ballroom
Signature Moves : The Ball-Flick ; The Spinning Bird Kick ; The Hair Sniff (Rihanoff Variation) ; The Powerbomb (Windsor variant) ; The Dirty Gancho
Purpose On Strictly Come Dancing : For men – to stand as still as possible looking as manly and strong and not-gay as is currently feasible, seeing how much pomade your hair can take, pretending to be James Bond ; for women – rehearsing for a career in kickboxing, rehearsing for a career in being a dirty hoor, helping out the British tights industry
Is Iveta A World Champion In It? : No
Other Irrelevant Dance Style Most Likely To Be Shoe-Horned In For No Reason : Greek dancing apparently


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